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Aliases: Ryan Frost
Age: 44
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 175lbs. (290lbs. in Cryo Suit)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: White
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Power Source: Science
Group Affiliation: The Freedom Five
Occupation: Adventurer, Former Janitor
First Appearance: Freedom Four Annual #2
Complexity: 3
Set: Enhanced Edition
Tactics Set: Sentinel Tactics: Flame of Freedom
Nemesis: Iron Legacy, Proletariat, and Chokepoint

Absolute Zero

HP: 29
Innate Power:
Thermodynamics - Absolute Zero deals himself either 1 Cold Damage or 1 Fire Damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may use a Power.
  • Select a Hero. Increase the next Damage dealt by that Hero by 2.
  • Destroy a Target with 1 HP.

Termi-Nation: Absolute Zero

HP: 25
Innate Power:
Violent Shivers - Until the end of your next turn, increase all Damage dealt to and by Absolute Zero by 2.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Play a Card.
  • Destroy an Ongoing Card.
  • Until the start of your next turn, reduce all non-Cold Damage by 1.

Freedom Five: Absolute Zero

HP: 28
Innate Power:
Pilot Light - Absolute Zero deals himself 2 Fire Damage. If he takes Damage this way, search your Deck for an Ongoing Card and put it into play. Shuffle your Deck.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • Destroy an Environment Card.
  • Each Target deals itself 1 Cold Damage.
  • Until the start of your next turn, increase all Damage dealt to and by Targets by 1.

Freedom Six: Absolute Zero

aka: Elemental Wrath Zero

HP: 27
Innate Power:
Elemental Wrath - Absolute Zero deals 1 non-Hero Target 2 Cold Damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Draw a Card.
  • One Target deals itself 1 Cold Damage.
  • Until the start of your next turn, Environment Cards cannot be played.

Sentinel Tactics: Absolute Zero

HP: 5
Actions: 2
Defense: 3
Movement: 4
Innate Powers:
Focused Apertures - Ongoing Ability - Absolute Zero has Reach +2.
Modular Suit - Ongoing Ability - You may have up to three Power Cards in play.
Cold Snap - Action Ability




Absolute Zero Original Standard Front.png

Twenty years ago, Ryan Frost was on the fast track to success. A recent college graduate, Ryan had everything he could want: a new apartment in the city, a beautiful fiancee, a dog, a car, and the promise of his dream job just over the horizon. Everything seemed to be going his way - until the night fate took it all away.

In the midst of an unreasonable fight about groceries, Ryan's fiancee walked out of their apartment. They'd had bigger fights before, and they both knew that this was just a bad moment. What neither of them knew was that it was their last.

While she was driving across town, a drunk driver ran a red light as she was driving through an intersection. The police said the other driver was probably doing around 110 when he hit her. Her car rolled six times, and she was dead before the emergency crews even got there. The other driver? He survived. His ribcage was crushed, and his leg was broken. But he survived. A repeat offender, he was sentenced to the maximum time possible: 15 years. With good behavior, he'd be out before Ryan's fiancee would have turned 40.

Ryan Frost died that night, too. His body lived on, but his spirit was torn apart. He would always blame himself for her death, questioning what he could have said to keep her from going, regretting fighting over something so stupid. Frost spiraled into a deep depression. Nights of drinking melted into weeks. When his dream job finally called him in for an interview, he never even showed up. When his money ran out, he took the first job he could find, becoming a janitor at the Pike Cryogenics Laboratory.

For five years, Frost labored in obscurity and depression until fate took another ugly turn. While waxing the floor of the cryolab, Frost was caught in the explosion of a malfunctioning sub-zero atomizer. Miraculously surviving the blast, his mangled body's core temperature was permanently dropped to nigh absolute zero. Temperatures warmer than liquid helium were as fire; room temperature air burned his body as if he were engulfed in flames. The shock of the explosion, combined with the drastic change to his biochemistry sent Frost into a coma. With no known cure for his condition, the lab placed him into stasis until a treatment could be found.

He spent over ten years unconscious and alone in his frozen chamber, until the government took his situation over in the name of the Freedom Five Initiative. He was operated on under the extreme conditions of a cryogenically frozen operating room, designed by Dr. Meredith Stinson. When the procedure was finished, he regained consciousness, but could not leave the tiny cryo chamber. He was offered a choice. Dr. Stinson had created a mobility enhancing suit for him that was capable of maintaining internal temperature of absolute zero. He could have the suit and work to pay it off as the fifth member of the government's team of heroes, or he could spend the rest of his life locked inside his cryo chamber. Frost refused. "Better bored in here than dead out there," he told them. However, after two mind-numbing years, he reconsidered. Ryan Frost accepted the offer, becoming Absolute Zero and fighting for the good of mankind to pay off his debt and attempting to live as normal a life as possible.

Absolute Zero Termi-Nation Standard Front.png

Termi-Nation Absolute Zero

Variant: Originally released during the 2015 Holiday Season

The heroes known as Bunker, Absolute Zero, and Unity are working to uncover the mystery behind the villain Chokepoint. How did she get so much power? And why was she locked up in a secret bunker in Fort Adamant? What is really going on here? Armed with some new tricks, the heroes have to get to the bottom of this, before it's too late...


Aliases: Ryan Frost
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 220lbs. of Ice and Tech
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: White
Birthplace: Houston, Texas
Power Source: Science
Group Affiliation: The Freedom Five
First Appearance: Freedom Five #768

When Ryan Frost stepped into Vance's work bay, he could immediately tell something was bothering the two heroes working there. As opposed to the normally affable tinkering that took place when Vance and Caspit worked together, instead, the two were locked in conversation, both so concerned that they didn't even notice Absolute Zero enter the room. They were preparing to go on a reconnaissance mission to an army base that Vance used to be stationed at - Frost had nothing better to do and invited himself along, figuring he was signing up for a leisurely trip with a couple of friends. Instead, they were handily defeated by a familiar and yet different foe, who now went by the name Chokepoint.

Regrouping at their headquarters, the three heroes developed new tech and tricks to take down this new threat. Absolute Zero knows that his entire suit - the only thing that keeps him alive - is a weapon that is all too easily turned against him by their foe. He still had to have the Modules that allows his suit to operate, but rather than housing them in a metal suit, he covered them with a thick layer of ice. This amplified his power by putting his cold power out in the open. However, this ice suit also made him more vulnerable to damage than ever. Knowing that could only be a short-term solution, Absolute Zero is eager to end this fight quickly.

Freedom Five: Absolute Zero

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $1 Million stretch reward.

Ryan Frost thought this "hero" business was a bunch of nonsense. If he hadn't been so abysmally bored, he would have just stayed in the cryo-chamber and goofed around on the internet for the rest of his frigid life. He certainly didn't plan on staying around any longer than necessary.

But things have rarely gone how Frost thought they would. And now, Absolute Zero is one of the most resolute members of the Freedom Five. No matter how dangerous the foe or how hopeless the situation, he soldiers on, knowing that he has seen worse.

Absolute Zero Freedom Five Foil Front.png
Absolute Zero Freedom Six Standard Front.png

Freedom Six: Absolute Zero

Variant: Originally revealed during Shattered Timelines Kickstarter as the $40k stretch reward.

Alternate Future from main timeline; Iron Legacy Variant

In an alternate future, Tachyon began assembling a team to take down her former leader and friend, the first ally she turned to was Ryan Frost. She knew that he had hidden in the ruins of the Eaken-Rubendall Laboratories, as her former lab location was now completely frozen over. Absolute Zero's powers had run wild, turning any moisture in the air around him to solid ice.

With the help from Dr. Stinson, Frost was slowly again to regain control of his powers, and of the ice he created with each movement. He was eager to aid in the reformation of a team of heroes and in working to defeat the man they all used to look up to.

Sentinels Tactics: Absolute Zero

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

Maia bought out the rest of Absolute Zero's government contract on his suit, allowing him to go free and do as he pleased. When Ryan Frost was informed of his freedom, he stood silently, unmoving. Dr. Stinson reassured him that she would provide regular suit maintenance for him and that they would help him find a way to live that would make him most comfortable. "I am..." the normally frigid man said after a moment, a hint of emotion betraying his reaction. "I am most comfortable with you - my family." And thus, Absolute Zero remained a full-fledged member of the team.



  • "Frostbound Drain" has the character Char in its artwork. Char is found in The Block environment deck.
  • "Coolant Blast" has several clones of Proletariat in the background.
  • "Fueled Freeze" seems to take place in Insula Primalis.
  • "Glacial Structure" has Akash'Bhuta trapped in ice.
  • "Impale" shows Absolute Zero attacking Omnitron.


  • Prior to the release of the Wager Master deck, Absolute Zero was the only hero whose face hadn't been fully revealed in any Sentinel Comics merchandise; at that point, his face had gone unseen for nearly four years.
  • "Anyway, in the Iron Legacy future, Absolute Zero's (Elemental Wrath Promo) cold powers have begun to manifest physical ice-shields to protect himself, both augmenting and replacing the suit as the ice-shields grow. You can see on the front of his card that his helmet and chestplate mostly remain, as well as other small armor bits, but he's encased in ice and uses this new ice-armor to protect himself from heat and from attacks. However, his powers are fundamentally attempting to protect him from any heat whatsoever, and he is using all of his strength and will to maintain control. On his card back, Absolute Zero is incapacitated due to combat - he has lost control of his powers, and they have run amok! Ryan Frost is entirely encased in meters of ice. He cannot move, but he is safe from heat. And his powers are doing everything they can to keep him safe forever."[1]
  • Baron Blade during the Mad Bomber story goes to the Freedom Five HQ with the intention to kill Legacy with the death ray while the other heroes are dealing with the bombs, but Absolute Zero dives in the way and takes the shot - one of the first times that AZ displays the selfless "hero" quality.[2]
  • His relationship with Tachyon is the closest friendship within the Freedom Five. [3]

To Other Works

  • Absolute Zero's suit bears a passing resemblance to the Iron Man armor.
  • Absolute Zero's pun-based secret identity (Ryan Frost), origin, and powers are all very similar to DC villain Mister Freeze.


  1. Christopher comments in GTG forum thread "Nightmist Incapacitated Side"
  2. The Letters Page for Baron Blade
  3. The Letters Page for Legacy

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

Absolute Zero Hero Deck

Incapacitated - Shows Ryan Frost attempting to reach his suit, card in red and the partial words for 'System Failure' cut off in the upper left corner.


Frost-Bound Drain (x3)
Absolute Zero deals 1 non-Hero Target 3 Cold Damage. Absolute Zero deals himself 3 Fire Damage.
Art: A frozen Char behind Absolute Zero;
Flavor-text: "Too cold? Welcome to my life." - Absolute Zero, The Ice-Man Cometh #7
Fueled Freeze (x2)
Destroy up to 3 Ongoing cards. Absolute Zero deals each non-Hero Target X Cold Damage, where X = the number of Ongoing cards destroyed by this card.
Art: Absolute Zero blasting something with ice, probably on Insula Primalis;
Flavor Text: "Time for all of you to cool down!" - Absolute Zero, The Freedom Five #201
Hoarfire (x2)
Absolute Zero deals 1 Target 2 Cold Damage. Absolute Zero deals a second Target 2 Fire Damage. Absolute Zero deals himself 1 Cold Damage and 1 Fire Damage.
Art: Absolute Zero blasting ice from his right hand and fire from his left;
Flavor-Text: "This is gonna hurt you so much more than it will hurt me!" - Absolute Zero, Science & Progress One-Shot
Modular Realignment (x4)
Select 1 Equipment card from your trash and put it either into your hand or into play. Absolute Zero deals himself 1 Fire Damage and 1 Cold Damage.
Art: Absolute zero with Yellow light instead of blue, bending over slightly;
Flavor-Text: "Aw, hell. Don't shut down on me now!" - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #392
Onboard Module Installation (x4)
You may draw a card. Search your deck for a Module card and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck. You may play a card.
Art: Absolute Zero with choices of armor, partially uncovered, probably in his Cryo Chamber;
Flavor-text: "What to wear, what to wear..." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five Annual #4


Coolant Blast (x2)
Power: Absolute Zero deals 1 non-Hero Target X Cold Damage, where X = the amount of Fire Damage that has been dealt to Absolute Zero since the end of your last turn.
Art: Absolute Zero hitting the ground with ice erupting behind him, sending one Proletariat clone flying, and others reeling back;
Flavor-Text: "Once in a while, you just gotta improvise!" - Absolute Zero, The Ice-Man Cometh #3
Glacial Structure (x2)
Power: Draw 3 cards. Destroy this card.
Art: Absolute Zero freezing Akash'bhuta in place;
Flavor-Text: "It's always nice to take a moment for quiet reflection." - The Argent Adept, Freedom Five #641
Impale (x2)
Play this card next to a non-Hero Target. At the start of your turn, Absolute Zero deals that Target 2 Cold Damage. If the Target leaves play, destroy this card.
Art: Absolute Zero standing under Omnitron, with a giant pillar of ice impaling him;
Flavor-Text: Legacy: "You're out of line, Frost!" -- Absolute Zero: "I'm just getting started." - Legacy, Absolute Zero, A Day In the Life: Absolute Zero
Sub-zero Atmosphere (x2)
Any Villain card which would act at the end of the Villain turn instead acts at the start of the Villain turn.
Art: Absolute Zero obscured in a blizzard;
Flavor-Text: "What's the matter... cold feet?" - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #142

Ongoing, Limited

Cold Snap (x2)
At the start of your turn, Absolute Zero deals each non-Hero Target 1 Cold Damage.
Art: Absolute Zero blasting a ray of ice;
Flavor-Text: "This is just like whack-a-mole, but with stupider targets." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #247
Thermal Shockwave (x2)
Power: Absolute Zero deals up to 3 Targets 1 Cold Damage each. Absolute Zero deals himself X Fire Damage, where X = the total amount of Cold Damage dealt by Absolute Zero this turn.
Art: Absolute Zero hitting the ground in the middle of a shockwave of ice;
Flavor-Text: By opening all of the apertures in his suit to let in the scorching air, Absolute Zero can produce quite a chilling effect. - Unattributed

Equipment, Limited

Cryo Chamber (x2)
Cold Damage dealt to Absolute Zero is increased by 1. Fire Damage dealt to Absolute Zero is reduced by 1.
Power: Absolute Zero deals himself 5 Fire Damage. Destroy this card.
Art: Absolute Zero, possibly without a suit, exiting/entering a sub-zero chamber;
Flavor-Text: "Better bored in here than dead out there." - Ryan Frost, Freedom Four Annual #2

Equipment, Limited, Module

Isothermic Transducer (x4)
When Absolute Zero is dealt Fire Damage, Absolute Zero deals 1 Target that much Cold Damage.
Art: Fire behind Absolute Zero;
Flavor-Text: Tachyon: "But the laws of thermodynamics have more to do with-" -- Absolute Zero: "Look lady, all I know is fire gets all weird around me." - Tachyon, Absolute Zero, Freedom Four Annual #7
Null-point Calibration Unit (x4)
When Absolute Zero would take Cold Damage, he regains that many HP instead.
Art: Absolute Zero with his chest-piece glowing blue;
Flavor-Text: Cold is all a matter of perspective. - Unattributed

Sentinel Tactics: Absolute Zero Power Cards

Impaling Structure
Action: Place three impaling structure markers in adjacent hexes on the map, one of which must be within radius 1 of Absolute Zero. Impaling Structure markers raise a hex's elevation by 1 and generate hazard spaces.


Hazard Attack
Radius 0,
Art: Absolute Zero Impaling Omnitron-V with ice structure;
Flavor-Text: "BRRRZZZZZT! Tertiary ocular input feed lost terrain unpredictably hazardous" - Omnitron-V, Freedom Five #16
Coolant Blast
Action: Add one die to this attack roll for each point of health Absolute Zero is missing.


Art: Absolute Zero blasting Zhu Long with ice;
Flavor-Text: "Gaah! Imposs-ss-ssible! You were almost dead!" - Zhu Long, Return of the Dragon One-Shot
Action: Roll four dice. Absolute Zero regains one health for each die that rolls a 5 or a 6.
Art: Absolute Zero harnessing Cold energy;
Flavor-Text "Cold getting you down? Too bad. Turns out, this is my favorite weather!" - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #4
Fueled Freeze
Ongoing: Expand the radius of Absolute Zero's area attacks by one.
Ongoing: Whenever you place markers on the map, you may place one additional marker of the same type.
Art: Absolute Zero standing over frozen terrain as ship crashes in the distance;
Flavor-Text: "Fully open your continuous aperture-lines; your ice will cover a lot more ground at impressive speds." - Tachyon, Stinson-Montgomery Labs #2
Sub-Zero Atmosphere
Ongoing: Absolute Zero and his allies do not trigger hazard spaces within radius of 1 of Absolute Zero.
Art: Absolute Zero walking among frozen terrain;
Flavor-Text: "When the Ice you walk on is warmer than your bones, it tends to give you... perspective." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five Annual #2
Approaching Zero
Ongoing: Whenever Absolute Zero deals damage to a target, reduce that target's move value by 1 for each point of damage dealt. (Move value cannot be reduced to below 1.)
Art: Absolute Zero freezing The Operative in place;
Flavor-Text "Do you know how hard it is to not make a cold joke about this?" - Absolute Zero, Sentinel Sagas #6
Thermal Shockwave
Health Ability:


Area Attack
Origin 0, Radius 2
Art: Absolute Zero releasing cold blast from his suit at surrounding enemies;
Flavor-Text:" "Freezing cold?! Hah! You don't know the half of it." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #36


Fireside Chats

  • Sub-Zero Atmosphere affects Heroic Infinitor's character card. It moves Heroic Infinitor's "Deal 1 Manifestation 2 Melee Damage" to the start of the villain turn.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

  • Sub-Zero Atmosphere
    • "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" causes villain cards which would act at the end of the villain turn to instead act at the start of the villain turn. So now the Villain end-of-turn actions happen first? No. Each villain's start-of-turn action is always listed before their end-of-turn action on their card. "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" reassigns end-of-turn actions as start-of-turn actions but does not rearrange the order of the abilities on the card. Thus, using "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" will not cause end-of-turn actions to happen before start-of-turn actions, it just causes them to happen, for example, before the villain plays a card.
    • Further, if "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" is destroyed after the villain start phase but before the villain end phase, any end-of-turn abilities which had been moved to the start-of-turn phase will return to their normal end-of-phase position, and so will trigger again once you reach the villain end phase. Unfortunately, there is no rule mandating that abilities may only activate once per turn. When "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" leaves play, its effect cancels immediately. This means that if, for example, an effect which deals damage to each hero target at the end-of-turn phase, but which is triggering during the start-of-turn phase due to "Sub-Zero Atmosphere", incapacitates Absolute Zero (which causes all of his hero cards to be removed from the game), any remaining hero targets will not take damage from the effect because "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" is no longer causing the effect to trigger early. However, when the end-of-turn phase comes around, that same effect will trigger again, targeting each hero target as normal, including any which had been targeted earlier.
    • So, why would you ever want to change end-of-turn actions to become start-of-turn actions? To buy the heroes more time. Many villain cards have effects which take place at the end of the turn. when one of those is played during the villain phase, its ability will usually take effect that same turn, during the end-of-turn phase. but if "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" is in play, the ability won't take effect until the following start-of-turn phase. This gives the heroes a full turn to deal with the card before its abilities will affect them.