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Biomancer Original Standard Front.png



Difficulty: 3
Set: Villains
Nemesis: Scholar


Vengeance Style Deck

HP: 18
Title: Flesh Moulder


Not much is known about the villain known as Biomancer. There are records which show evidence of his work centuries ago, but surely, they must be mistaken.

His powers allow him to create living flesh. He builds skeletons for the flesh to adhere to. The flesh then animates the skeleton, pulling it haphazardly to effect movement. His creations mindlessly follow his commands, though he can exact more precise control to get them to mimic specific people or act in particular ways. For the most part, his homunculi are hard to tell apart from "real" people, though if they sustain much damage or encounter situations which they do not have specific instructions about, they easily revert to more shambling states.

Biomancer's control over living matter is rather disgusting, but it has allowed him to survive the ages by animating his own flesh and replacing parts as necessary. His self-powered immortality comes at the cost of his moral compass. Biomancer sees every living being as a potential test subject. After all, the skins that people wear could be so much more in the hands of a master.

Are you prepared to deal with the inhuman horror of Biomancer? He has great plans for you. And those nearest you - anyone you call friend - could be one of his clever homunculi. Who knows whose skin his creations are wearing? Only Biomancer knows.

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  • Much like Scholar has references to Full Metal Alchemist so does Biomancer since he creates Homunculus. The Homunculi were the main antagonists in that series.

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The Deck

Deck Information

Vengeance Deck


A New Creation (x3)
Biomancer deals the Hero target with the highest HP 3 psychic damage. Reveal cards from the top of Biomancer's deck until a Fleshchild is revealed. Put it into play. Discard the other revealed cards.
Art: Flesh being applied to a robotic body;
Flavor text: "Your flesh shall serve me, and thereby serve itself. A new life, divorced from your own." - Biomancer, Prime Wardens #27
Friend or Foe? (x3)
The Hero target with the lowest HP deals the Hero target with the highest HP 3 melee damage.
Art: A fleshchild version of Tachyon kicking Haka in the chin;
Flavor text: "She was the Meredith I knew, right up until she was very much not." - Haka, Prime Wardens #28
Twist of Flesh (x3)
Biomancer deals each Hero target 2 psychic damage. Biomancer and each Fleshchild regains 2 HP.
Art: Biomancer holding his hands out to recreate flesh on a Homunculus;
Flavor text: "Flesh is needy. Flesh is hungry. It cards not what sustains it. It just seeks to live." - Biomancer, Lightspeed #8


Mass Rebirth (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, move each Fleshchild from Biomancer's trash into play. Then, destroy this card. When this card is destroyed, Biomancer regains 10 HP.
Art: Biomancer surrounded by Fleshchild versions of Citizen Dawn, Citizen Autumn, Fanatic, and Tempest;
Flavor text: "The truth is horrifying. There is not a thing you can trust. Especially not me." - Biomancer, Freedom Five #704


The Carbon Adept [5] (x1)
At the start of Biomancer's turn, destroy 2 Hero Ongong cards.
Art: The Carbon Adept summoning a baton to his hand;
Flavor text: "The twisted melodies are jarring. This creature is horribly out of tune." - The Argent Adept, Virtuoso of the Void #27
Clone-Ranger [5] (x1)
At the end of Biomancer's turn, this card deals the 3 Hero targets with the highest HP 1 projectile damage each.
Art: Clone-Ranger stepping out of a bank vault with a bad in hand;
Flavor text: "You're not Jim! You can't be in here! Wait, what are you doing? Stop!" - Con, The Last Hunt #6
Duplexpatriette [5] (x1)
At the end of Biomancer's turn, this card deals the 2 Hero character cards with the highest HP 2 projectile damage each.
Art: Duplexpatriette which doesn't have an eyepatch shooting two pistols as it bounds away;
Flavor text: "The new and improved model, I take it? Binocular vision and everything." - Expatriette, Tome of the Bizarre #39
Homunculus [7] (x3)
Reduce damage dealt to this card by 1. At the end of Biomancer's turn, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP 2 melee damage.
Art: The Homunculus standing in the sewer as sewage drips on him;
Flavor text: "I don't know what you are, but you're a problem." - Tachyon, Lightspeed #8
Mr. Facsimile [5] (x1)
If this card would be dealt exactly 1 damage, redirect that damage to the Hero target with the highest HP. At the end of Biomancer's turn, this card deals the Hero character card with the lowest HP 1 melee damage.
Art: Mister Fixer looking at Mr. Facsimile who is smoking a cigar;
Flavor text: "You see? He is even more of a living person than you are! Which is not saying much." - Biomancer, Tome of the Bizarrer #39
Repli-Blade [5] (x1)
At the start of Biomancer's turn, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP X energy damage, where X = the number of cards in Biomancer's trash.
Art: Repli-Blade with his back turned towards Legacy;
Flavor text: "The truth is horrifying. There is not a thing you can trust. Especially not me." - Repli-Blade, Freedom Five #703
Tempersonation [5] (x1)
At the end of Biomancer's turn, this card deals each Hero target 2 lightning damage.
Art: Tempersonation destroying the reactor of Omnitron IV;