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Aliases: Paige Huntly
Age: 34
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Green
Birthplace: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Power Source: Training, Technology, Energy Fluctuation from Unstable Work Environment
Group Affiliation: Formerly F.I.L.T.E.R.
Occupation: Adventurer, former Royal Marine, former Field Agent, Rogue
Complexity: 1
Set: Vengeance
Nemesis: Progeny, Sergeant Steel, and Choke


HP: 30
Innate Power:
Energy Lance - K.N.Y.F.E. deals 1 Target 2 Energy damage.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may use 1 Power now.
  • One Player may Play 1 card now.
  • Destroy 1 Ongoing card.

KNYFE: Rogue Agent

HP: 29
Innate Power:
Infiltration - Reveal the bottom card of a Deck. Either put it into play or discard it.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may Use a Power now.
  • Each Target regains 1 HP now.
  • Reveal the top card of a Deck. Put it into Play or Discard it.


K.N.Y.F.E. Original Standard Front.png

Paige Huntly is K.N.Y.F.E., the Kinetic Neutralizer Yielding Flawless Execution. As ostentatious as her codename is, it was not at all a stretch by her superiors at FILTER, as it was a later addition to her already impressive resume.

After only half a decade in the Scottish Marines, she was recruited personally by Warden Hoeffle to head up The Block's Special Operations team. Her track record there was as impeccable as the rest of her official - and unofficial - records. However, spending over a decade around the The Block’s occupants and its temporal containment systems irrevocably altered her physiology, which took more of a toll on Huntly than it did most. She spent weeks in the neo-superhuman development wing of the infirmary as energy spikes erupted all over her body. Her recovery time was impressive, yet the power fluctuations managed to deal millions of dollars of damage to the surrounding sick bay, medical equipment, and a few unfortunate members of the medical staff.

The fortnight out of commission only steeled Huntly for more action. She re-entered the field, now armed with not only her highly customized FILTER power-suit which augmented her not-inconsiderable strength, but also an array of close-range energy projection powers. Eager for a challenge, the agent now known as KNYFE began taking assignments in more and more dangerous environs. However, the more assignments she successfully completed, the more she noticed a trend towards certain timelines and realities. An event was on the temporal horizon, and one specific reality seemed to be the crux of that event.

When she brought her concerns to her superiors at FILTER, she was admonished for considering interference. “We don’t mess with timelines ending or beginning: that’s too much trouble,” she was told. This was far from satisfactory, however. Paige Huntly had never been one to sit on the sidelines, and now, she was stronger than ever. Abandoning her post at FILTER, she began her search for the temporal crossroads which drew the lines of the Multiverse closer with each cosmic event.

K.N.Y.F.E. Rogue Agent Standard Front.png

KNYFE: Rogue Agent

Variant: Originally revealed from Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 3000 copies preordered.

First Appearance: Cosmic Concurrence #24


After leaving F.I.L.T.E.R., Paige Huntley sought more information on the cosmic zenith which loomed in the temporal horizon. She knew at least a little of what to look for, and digging into the research and observation files of some of the most brilliant minds and studied researchers brought her closer and closer to the inevitable conclusion: things were going to get worse. Much, much worse. In that time, the hero known as K.N.Y.F.E. had to refit her suit to fit her new goals. She focused on speed and stealth, rather than protection and damage.

As an infiltrator, K.N.Y.F.E. is just as dangerous, but in a different way. And good luck keeping your secrets from her hands - if you have information she wants, she is probably already on her way.

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Art References

  • "For the Greater Good" depicts Knyfe stabbing the villain Choke. This would be a key event in Choke's ascension into Chokepoint.
  • Knyfe is found combating villains in several of her cards. Proletariat on "Amplified Combatant", Fright Train on "Wrecking Uppercut", Major Flay on "Kinetic Neutralizer", a Celestial Executioner from The Celestial Tribunal on "Energy Burn", and Choke/Chokepoint on "For the Greater Good".
  • Knyfe's incapacitated art shows Citizen Dawn turning Knyfe's internal light against her, as was mentioned in Letters Page Episode 5 as an example of a hero who would not be able to take on Dawn one-on-one.




  • Knyfe’s military background and penchant for violence were popular tropes in 90’s comics.
  • Knyfe’s powers, attire, and the intentional misspelling of her name are tropes shared by many popular 90’s comic book characters. The power to manipulate nondescript energy was very common with 90’s superheroes, most notably ones from the now defunct Malibu Publications. Intentionally misspelled names were infamously prevalent at the time thanks to their overuse in the then-popular Image Comics; examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Dreadlox (Marvel)
    • Byrd (Image Comics)
    • Bloodwynd (DC)
  • Knyfe's powers in general are similar to those of Marvel's Psyloche.
  • The green, pointed eared enemy that Knyfe is fighting on “Energy Burn” is the Celestial Executioner, one of the AI's of the Celestial Tribunal.
  • The red-garbed ninjas on “Flawless Execution” somewhat resemble ninjas of The Hand, an evil organization in the Marvel Universe.
  • The scene pictured on “Infiltrate and Obfuscate” is a reference to a similar scene in the film “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.”
  • The surface that Knyfe is standing upon on “Primed Punch” has circle and line designs indicative of comic artist Jack Kirby.
  • The poses of Knyfe and Major Flay on "Kinetic Neutralizer" are a reference to the cover of X-Men #5 which depicts Wolverine fighting Omega Red in similar poses.
  • Knyfe's incapacitated side may be a reference to Marvel's X-Men #25 from 1993, which was itself the fourth entry of the six-part Fatal Attractions crossover. The climax of the issue was a full-page spread depicting the villain Magneto ripping away the adamantium coating from a still-living Wolverine's skeleton. Citizen Dawn and Knyfe are posed like Magneto and Wolverine respectively, with Dawn's light powers taking the place of the adamantium tendrils bursting from Wolverine's skin.

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

K.N.Y.F.E. Hero Deck

Incapacitated - Citizen Dawn is pulling out yellow energy from KNYFE


Amplified Combatant (x3)
KNYFE deals up to 3 targets 1 melee damage and 1 energy damage each.
Art: KNYFE attacking two Proletriat clones;
Flavor-text: "Ach, yer awful. At least failin' means yer playin'!" - KNYFE., Vengeance #4
Energy Burn (x3)
KNYFE deals 1 target 3 energy damage. Then, if that target has 10 or more HP, KNYFE deals it 2 energy damage.
Art: KNYFE impaling a green man;
Flavor-text: "Too close, ye dighted clanker!" - KNYFE, Freedom Five #471
For the Greater Good (x3)
KNYFE deals herself 3 psychic damage. If she takes damage this way, you may draw 1 card, play 1 card, and use 1 power now.
Art: KNYFE impaling Choke;
Flavor-text: "Ye seem like a nice lass. Next time, make good choices." - KNYFE, Vengeance #6
Incidental Contact (x3)
KNYFE deals each target 1 energy damage. KNYFE may deal any target dealt damage this way an additional 1 energy damage.
Art: KNYFE putting her left hand on the ground causing multiple energy blades to come up out of the ground;
Flavor-text: "Bunchin' up for me? This might hurt a wee bit, team." - KNYFE, Freedom Five Annual #30
Wrecking Uppercut (x4)
KNYFE deals 1 target 3 melee damage. Discard the top card of the villain deck.
Art: KNYFE uppercutting Fright Train knocking off the Pilot on his face;
Flavor-text: "Enough with the train haverin', a'right?" - KNYFE, Vengeance #6


Battlefield Experience
Power: KNYFE deals 1 target 2 melee damage and 2 energy damage, then destroy this card.
When this card is destroyed, you may draw 1 card and play 1 card.
Art: KNYFE in camo geat with two others getting ready to attack a camp;
Flavor-text: "Keep formation. No firearms. By the book. Let's go." - KNYFE, Out of Time #1
Primed Punch (x3)
At the start of your turn, KNYFE may deal 1 target 4 melee damage. If she deals damage this way, destroy this card.
Power: KNYFE deals 1 target 1 melee damage and 1 energy damage.
Art: KNYFE with a charged fist about to bust into what appears to be a spaceship;
Flavor-text: "We'll be finishing this, one way or another. I prefer my way!" - KNYFE, Freedom Five #671

Ongoing, Limited

Flawless Execution (x2)
Whenever damage dealt by KNYFE reduces a target to 1 HP, destroy that target.
Art: A silhouette of KNYFE in front of a room with three ninjas incapacitated;
Flavor-text: "Huntly to HQ. Situation: handled. Get me outta here." - KNYFE, Out of Time #5
Inflitrate and Obfuscate (x2)
The first time KNYFE would be dealt damage by an environment target each turn, you may redirect that damage to the villain target with the second highest HP.
Art: KNYFE staring down two men in a FILTER building;
Flavor-text: "Ah'm back! Didja miss me?" - KNYFE, Out of Time #6
Kinetic Neutralizer (x2)
Increase damage dealt by KNYFE to the villain target with the highest HP by 1.
Art: KNYFE engaged in a fight with Major Flay;
Flavor-text: "Ye wanna dance? Pure dead brilliant." - KNYFE, Vengeance #2
Overdo It (x3)
At the start of your turn, you may play a card. At the end of your turn, KNYFE may deal herself 2 psychic damage. If she does not take damage this way, destroy this card.
Art: KNYFE ready to punch the metallic figure she is on top of;
Flavor-text: "And that!" *huff* "is the last" *huff* "we'll see o' ye!" - KNYFE, Freedom Five Annual #29


Focusing Conduit-Blade (x4)
Increase energy damage dealt by KNYFE by 1.
Power: KNYFE deals 1 target 3 energy damage. Destroy this card.
When this card is destroyed, you may play an equipment card.
Art: KNYFE holding an energy blade in her left hand;
Flavor-text: "Sometimes, it's nae correct to cross swords. Most times, it is." - KNYFE, Out of Time #6
Overcharged Null-Shield (x2)
Reduce damage dealt to KNYFE by the villain target with the highest HP by 1.
Power: Draw 2 cards. Destroy this card.
Art: KNYFE holding up an energy shield against a giant fist coming down on it;
Flavor-text: "Oof, yer a big one! I'll thank ye to back off!" - KNYFE, Freedom Five #511
Prototype Servo-Gauntlet (x2)
Increase melee damage dealt by KNYFE by 1.
Power: KNYFE deals 1 target 2 melee damage. If that target is destroyed, you may destroy an Ongoing card.
Art: KNYFE examining the Prototype Servo-Gauntlet on her right arm;
Flavor-text: "First thing she did with it was arm-wrestle Bunker! In the suit!" - Tachyon, Freedom Five #670


Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

  • Incidental Contact
    • This card says, "K.N.Y.F.E. Deals each Target 1 Energy Damage. K.N.Y.F.E. may deal any Target dealt Damage this way an additional 1 Energy Damage". This card works in a similar way to Tachyon's "Hypersonic Assault", in that the second sentence isn't meant to be a separate step, it just acts to modify the first sentence. So the proper way to deal with this card is to deal each target 1 energy damage, and each time you do, decide whether or not to deal an additional 1 energy damage before moving on to the next target.[1] However, the "additional 1 energy damage" K.N.Y.F.E. may deal doesn't double the first instance of damage; the first bit of damage and the second bit of damage are separate instances of 1 energy damage each.[2]
  • Infiltrate and Obfuscate
    • This card allows K.N.Y.F.E. to redirect damage to the villain target with the second highest HP. If there is no villain target with the second highest HP (i.e., if there's only one villain target in the game at the moment), then the redirection cannot take place.[3]


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