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Aliases: Lillian Merle Corvus
Age: 17
Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: White with black streak
Eye Color: Blue, wears violet contacts
Birthplace: Rook City suburbs, next to the mall
Power Source: An Ancient Relic
Group Affiliation: Undead Poet Society
Occupation: Angsty Teenager
First Appearance: Freedom Four Annual #2
Villain Difficulty: 4
Villain Set: Rook City
Villain Nemesis: Tachyon


Group Affiliation: Dark Watch
Hero Complexity: ???
Hero Set: OblivAeon
Hero Nemesis: OblivAeon

The Matriarch


HP: 70
Title: Her Avian Majesty / Ruler of the FLock

The Harpy


HP: 26
Innate Power:
Arcane Blast - The Harpy deals 1 Target 2 Infernal Damage
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Play a card.
  • One Hero may use a Power.
  • One Environment Target deals 1 Target 1 Projectile damage.

Dark Watch: The Harpy

Hero Variant

HP: 27
Innate Power:
Refocus - Flip one Control Token. You may Play a card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero deals 1 Target 2 Melee damage.
  • One PLayer plays up to 2 Equipment cards.
  • One Player moves a card from their Trash to the top of their Deck.


Sentinel Tactics Character

Delayed Indefinitely

Innate Power:


Matriarch Original Standard Front.png

When Lillian Corvus was a little girl, her parents called her “Lily”. She was a bright, happy child who delighted in playing in the park and watching the clouds. Yet as she grew older, she began to long for more. For power. She did not want people looking at her and thinking, or even worse, saying, “Aw, how cute!” Lillian wanted to be feared and respected! Tired of hearing about “how a young lady should behave” and “you should behave more like your very successful cousin”, she rebelled. She began writing dark poetry and allied herself with a group of teenagers that called themselves The Undead Poet Society. When not lounging about in coffee shops or glaring at shoppers in the mall, she spent her time going from antique stores to flea markets, looking for exciting, shiny things.

During one of her outings, she bought an old feathered masquerade mask from a tiny curiosity shop. Upon donning the mask, she felt the ebon feathers ruffle against her face, and could instantly sense some great presence in the sky. Reaching out her hands, she attempted to pull the force towards her, and the sky erupted in a cacophony of caws and shrieks as ravens filled the air. Panicked, she flung her arms outward, and the birds responded, ringing out around her. She found she could control the birds, directing them wherever she wished. Reaching further still, she felt their thoughts, sensing through the birds the very world around them.

Lillian was no more - now, she was The Matriarch! Finally, she had the power she’d craved, and she would gain fear and respect through a reign of terror!

Harpy Original Foil Front.png


Hero Deck

See the Harpy's reveal during the ARG Event in the Odd Allies comic.

The Matriarch, after time in jail, was aided by NightMist in controlling her magical powers and now fights alongside Dark Watch, hoping to atone for her previous villainous ways.

As The Harpy, Lillian Corvus is a true hero, though she is haunted by her not-so-heroic past

Dark Watch: Harpy

Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $200k stretch reward.

The Harpy is now a full-fledged member of Dark Watch, and studies magic under the careful tutelage of NightMist.

Her powers are an excellent addition to the team, but they all keep their eyes (or in Expatriette's case, her eye) on young Lillian, as her power constantly threatens to get away from her.

Harpy Dark Watch Foil Front.jpg


Delayed: Part of the indefinitely delayed Battle for Broken City Core Set for Sentinel Tactics.

Legacyicon.png Legacy Wants to Remind You! This following information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

Pinion has proved her value to the Dark Watch, though the extent of her powers is still unknown. Her magical abilities have steadily increased; from learning of the nature of the mask she wears to studying alongside Faye Diamond, her powers have morphed from the tenuous ability to incense and direct the ire of flighted fowl to the ensnaring of any mortal and the runic control of eldritch forces. Still atoning for past sins, Lillian Corvus seeks to live up to the influence of her allies.

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Art References

  • Compared to other villains, The Matriarch has made the fewest appearances in the card art of other decks. Outside of her own deck, she has only appeared on Parse's "Reveal the Flaws" and the Celestial Tribunal's "Character Witness." Notably, she is never seen fighting the heroes, though some are seen being attacked by birds which could have been under her control.
  • "Darken the Sky" had a digital error on its original printing, giving the picture and flavor text-bubble a pixelated look. The Rook City / Infernal Relics reprint box corrected this flaw.



  • The Matriarch is one of the only characters to receive an overhaul of their deck in future printings. During the Infernal Relics/Rook City combo set, The Matriarch's Fowl Cards had their 'Play another Fowl' kicker text moved to the Matriarchs character card, changing the interaction with some Heroes ability to kill the fowls before that card text activated.
  • There will never be a hero named "The Matriarch". * However, Christopher has said that there will be other villains that turn into hero decks, so she may receive a name change. Christopher on the Forums
  • The Mask of the Matriarch was previously owned by a powerful magic user of some type. When Lillian put it on, some of the personality of the previous magic user overtook her own personality. Gen Con 2016 Q&A
  • Lillian is naturally magically sensitive, which is why she got attuned to the Mask. As the Matriarch, she is not really in control. As The Harpy and Pinion, she has more control. Gen Con 2016 Q&A


  • The Matriarch's cohorts, Huginn and Muninn, are named after the mythological ravens that served Odin, the Norse father god. Their names mean "thought" and "memory" respectively. However, the Norse Gods are NOT represented in The Multiverse >G Forum Post
  • Most of the scenes depicted on the Matriarch's cards are references to the film The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.

Incapacitated Images

The Matriarch Villain Deck

RC/IR Reprint Errata

  • The Matriarch, Her Avian Majesty: Added "Whenever a fowl card is played from the villain deck, play the top card of the villain deck."
  • The Matriarch, Ruler of the Flock: Added "Whenever a fowl card is played from the villain deck, play the top card of the villain deck." In the first sentence, fowl is no longer in quotes.
  • All fowl cards: The above text has been removed from all fowl cards. The rest of their text is unchanged.
  • Horrid Cacophony changed "Deal each" becomes "The Matriarch deals each."
  • Darken the Sky: The art has been fixed.
  • Muninn: The first two sentences have been combined into one paragraph. The text is unchanged.



Darken the Sky (x3)
Put all of the Fowl cards from the Villain trash into play. If the card Mask of the Matriarch is in the Villain trash, put it into play.
Art: Flocks of birds gathering around the Matriarch;
Flavor-text: "The fowl rise! To o'erwhelm all the Earth! And pluck out men's eyes!" - The Matriarch, Freedom Five #690
Horrid Cacophony (x2)
Destroy H-icon.png Hero Ongoing cards. The Matriarch deals each non-Villain Target H-icon.png minus 2 Sonic Damage.
Art: Tachyon in toxic cloud holding her head as a few birds attack her;
Flavor-text: "Augh! Such torment!" - Tachyon, Freedom Five #691


Mask of the Matriarch [9] (x1)
The first time each turn a Villain card other than a Fowl card enters play, play the top card of the Villain deck. At the start of the Villain turn, The Matriarch regains 2 HP.
Art: The Matriarch putting the mask on her face;
Flavor-text: "Thus, I am the Matriarch! From the center to the sea, I rule as queen of the fowl!" - The Matriarch, A Murder: Most Fowl


Huginn [7] (x1)
Increase Damage dealt by The Matriarch by X. Decrease Damage dealt to The Matriarch and to Cohorts by X. X on this card = the number of Cohorts in play. At the end of the Villain turn, put Huginn from the Villain trash into play.
Art: A closeup of Huginn;
Flavor-text: "But these might fowl shall not go to their nest... " - The Matriarch, A Murder: Most Fowl
Muninn [7] (x1)
At the start of the Villain turn, destroy X Hero Ongoing and/or Equipment cards, where X = the number of Cohorts in play. At the end of the Villain turn, put Muninn from the Villain trash into play.
Art: A closeup of Huginn;
Flavor-text: "... until all the beasts are laid low in despair." - The Matriarch, Night's Plutonian Shore #2


Carrion Fields [15] (x2)
At the start of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the highest HP 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: Birds picking at bodies in a field;
Flavor-text: "That these fowl shall salt the Earth itself, leaving all groaning for burial!" - The Matriarch, Freedom Five #691


Building of Rooks [1] (x3)
At the start of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the highest HP 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: It looks like a silhouette of Tachyon standing in front of a windmill with a swarm of birds around it;
Flavor-text: "Feel the fury of the skies, scorned!" - The Matriarch, Night's Plutonian Shore #2
Clattering of Jackdaws [1] (x3)
At the start of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target 1 Projectile Damage.
Art: A large group of birds shown outside a window with one perched on the windowsill. The man inside looks worried;
Flavor-text: "A most pestilent congregation of horrid, flighty creatures." - Fanatic, Night's Plutonian Shore #2
Kettle of Vultures [1](x3)
At the start of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the lowest HP 2 Projectile Damage.
Art: A closeup on a vulture with a few flying in the sky above;
Flavor-text: "There is no path which the vulture's eye hath not seen... " - The Matriarch, Night's Plutonian Shore #2
Murder of Crows [1] (x3)
At the start of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target except the Hero Target with the highest HP 1 Projectile Damage.
Art: Multiple crows descending from the sky;
Flavor-text: "Fowl of the air! Rain down on all who creepeth upon the earth!" - The Matriarch, Night's Plutonian Shore #2
Unkindness of Ravens [1] (x3)
At the start of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target except the Hero Target with the lowest HP 1 Projectile Damage.
Art: A murder of ravens on a swing set with two more in the sky in the background;
Flavor-text: "The ravens themselves are hoarse, croaking thy fatal exit!" - The Matriarch, Night's Plutonian Shore #2

The Harpy Hero Deck

Not Yet Released

Sentinel Tactics: Pinion Power Cards

Not Yet Released


Fireside Chats

  • Suppose Hair-trigger Reflexes is in play and The Matriarch plays a Fowl card. Expatriette may choose to deal damage to the Fowl card before the top card of the villain deck is played. Note: this is not yet fixed in the video game, but will be in a later update.
  • Hairtrigger Reflexes + Forced Deployment (or Darken the Sky) cannot cause an infinite loop. All of the minions are first selected and removed from the trash, and played. New minions entering the trash during Forced Deployment’s effect are not returned.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Expatriette’s Hairtrigger Reflexes vs. Fowl cards

  • Expatriette’s “Hairtrigger Reflexes” says, “whenever a non-hero target enters play, Expatriette may deal that target 1 projectile damage.” this seems to mean that with “Hairtrigger Reflexes”, Expatriette could essentially keep the Matriarch’s fowl cards from ever fully entering play, thereby stopping the Matriarch from ever activating her ability which triggers upon the destruction of a fowl card, as well as stopping the fowl cards from activating their text which calls for another villain card to be played when a fowl card is played from the villain deck. However, that is not the correct order of resolution. when a fowl card enters play after being played from the villain deck, another villain card will be played. then “Hairtrigger Reflexes” can destroy the fowl card, which will activate the Matriarch’s ability which causes the hero with the highest hp to either destroy one of their equipment or ongoing cards or take some damage. Future printings of the fowl cards have moved the text about how you play the top card of the villain deck if a fowl card is played from the villain deck from the fowl cards themselves to the Matriarch’s villain character card, to make it even clearer that destroying the fowl card will not stop another card from being played. Hairtrigger Reflexes VS Fowl

Horrid Cacophony

  • The original version of this card doesn’t explicitly state this, but it should: the source of damage from this card is the Matriarch herself. Later printings of the card have fixed this. What's Dealing the Damage

Mask of the Matriarch

  • The first paragraph on this card reads “the first time each turn a villain card other than a fowl card enters play, play the top card of the villain deck”. All cards “enter play” when they are played, so any non-fowl card will trigger this ability, even one-shots.