Mayor Overbrook

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Set: Villains
Nemesis: Wraith

Mayor Overbrook

HP: 6
Title: Nemesis
Found In: Zhu Long's Operative


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  • From Letters Page Episode 2:
    • The Overbrook family has been running the Rook City since its founding (as implied by the original name, Overbrook City).
    • Mayor Overbrook was a target for The Operative upon her resurrection by Zhu Long and return to Rook City. He enlisted the aid of the Wraith to protect him on the condition that he would leave town for good (implicitly ending his family's part in the city's corruption and his support for The Organization). After she defeated the Operative, the mayor tried to renege on the deal, but the Wraith had already sent an incriminating recording of their previous conversation to the authorities and the Organization, successfully blackmailing him into leaving town anyway.