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Set: Rook City


Established: November 23rd, 1921
Founder: Jonathan Pike
Headquarters: Rook City
Revenue: $13.6 Million
Net Income: $1.2 Billion
Not Publicly Traded

Established 1921, the Pike Industrial Complex was the culmination of Jonathan Pike’s dream to push industrial progress to its limits. His plan involved both power processing and chemical experimentation in order to develop and synthesize the most advanced biomedical serums and elixirs. His goal was to both augment the human form and create new material-engineering techniques, revolutionizing the human experience through technology. However, these plans were cut short by his untimely demise in 1924, and Pike Industries was left in the hands of his 26-year-old son, Graham Pike.

Graham was not the humanitarian his father was, but was similarly scientifically minded. He went even further with his father’s goals, engaging in testing that was harmful for the subjects and experiments that left Rook City in worse and worse shape.

Pike Industries still claims Graham Pike as its CEO, though no one has seen the man in over 40 years. There is a tower in the Pike Industrial Complex which only select employees are allowed to enter, and the orders from Mr. Pike come from that building. The rest of the Industrial Complex is devoted to the creation of the stimulants and compounds that make Pike Industries such a successful chemical production company, and the testing of those chemicals on their various subjects.

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Art References


  • The flavor text of "Experimental Mutagen" hints that Bunker is phobic of rats.



  • Pike Industrial is similar in atmosphere and content to the Ace Chemical Plant of Batman lore. It was in one of Ace Chemical's buildings that a simple burglar fell into a vat and became the Joker (according to one version of the Joker's "multiple-choice past").

The Deck

Deck Information

Chemical Explosion (x3)
Destroy all Vat cards. Deal each Target X Toxic Damage, where X = the number of cards destroyed by this card plus 3. At the end of the Environment turn, destroy this card.
Art: A green blast of chemicals coming out of a Vat;
Flavor text: The hissing sound cut off abruptly. But before the heroes could breath a sigh of relief, the lab was rocked by a massive explosion!
Experimental Mutagen (x2)
When this card enters play, put all Rat cards from the Environment trash into play. Increase Damage dealt by Rats by 1. Reduce Damage dealt to Rats by 1. At the start of the Environment turn, if there are 2 or more Rats in the Environment trash, destroy this card.
Art: Multiple large mutated rats that have the bones in their back poking out;
Flavor text: "I think I just saw a rat!" shrieked Bunker, powering up his flak cannon. "Uh, I think it used to be a rat," Haka said with a shudder as he backed away.


Escaped Lab Rat [3] (x4)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the 2 non-Environment Targets with the lowest HP 1 Melee Damage each.
Art: A vicious looking rat with glowing red eyes;
Flavor text: The researchers quit trying to catch all the escaped rats long ago, turning most of the facility into an unintended testing area.


Biomemetic Plasma Vat (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, each Target regains 1 HP. Reduce all Damage by 1.
Art: Two tubes filled with a green chemical that have people in them that look similar to Spite;
Flavor text: The artificial plasma developed by Pike Industries would have significant medical applications. Of course, human testing is strictly prohibited…
Irradiated Cyclohexane Vat (x2)
Convert all Damage to Toxic Damage. Increase all Damage by 1.
Art: A large chemical vat with a warning label on it and a terminal in front of it;
Flavor text: As they entered the room, Mr. Fixer felt the hairs on his arms stand on end and twist towards the large orange box. "We need to move," he growled.
Supercooled Trisolvent Vat (x2)
Whenever a Player plays a Hero card, deal their Hero 1 Cold Damage. At the end of the Environment turn, deal each Target 1 Cold Damage, 1 Toxic Damage, and 1 Energy Damage.
Art: Steam coming off an open chemical vat;
Flavor text: An enforcer slipped as he rounded the corner. Upon hitting the ground, he shattered into thousands of icy chunks. Only Absolute Zero didn't flinch.

RC/IR Reprint Errata

  • Chemical Explosion:
    • Typo fixed
    • Each sentence is its own paragraph.
    • "Deal all targets" becomes "Deal each target". The second sentence now reads "Deal each target X toxic damage, where X = the number of cards destroyed by this card plus 3."


Fireside Chats

  • Supercooled Trisolvent Vat does not trigger on hero cards being played by other means than “the player.” For example, an effect like “play the top card of a hero deck” will not trigger the Vat’s response.
  • Chemical Explosion is updated to read: “Deal each target X toxic damage, where X = the number of Vat cards destroyed by this card plus 3.” This clarifies that it’s only about vats.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Supercooled Trisolvent Vat

  • At the end of the environment turn, this card deals each target 1 cold damage, 1 toxic damage, and 1 energy damage. This damage should be applied to each target in turn (player’s choice of order, as usual), with the target taking all instances of damage before moving on to the next target in line. For example, hero “A” will take 1 cold, 1 toxic, and 1 energy, then hero “B” will take 1 cold, 1 toxic, and 1 energy, etc. Supercooled Trisolvent Vat and How the Damage is Packetized