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Villain Deck


Vengeance Style Deck



Aliases: Randy Burke, Rot Mouth
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’4” fully standing, usually crouching at under 5”
Weight: 320 lbs.
Hair Color: Mottled brown and grey, all over
Eye Color: Green
Birthplace: Rook City, rebirth as Plague Rat in the sewers of Rook City
Power Source: Mutation
Group Affiliation: None
Occupation: Drug Dealer, Urban Legend, RevoCorp Hunter/Killer (VotM)
First Appearance: Tome of the Bizarre #17
Villain Difficulty: 2
Vengeance Style Difficulty: 2
Set: Rook City, Villains, Sentinel Tactics: Battle for Broken City
Villain Nemesis: Chrono-Ranger
Vengeance Style Nemesis: Setback

Plague Rat

Villain Deck

HP: 85
Title": Plaguebearer / Filthy Vermin

Plague Rat

Vengeance Style Deck

HP: 29
Title: Chemically Leashed Pursuer

Sentinel Tactics: Plague Rat

DELAYED: Sentinel Tactics Character Panel

Innate Power:


Plague Rat Original Standard Front.png

From the Sentinels of the Multiverse Official Site

"These crazy stories about some monstrous, rat-like creature living in the Rook City sewers are obviously just urban legends. I've heard people say this 'Plague Rat' drags easy prey, like anyone who goes out at night alone, deep into the sewers! They say the Rat eats some of them; others he infects with some terrible Rat Plague, leaving them to go mad before their terrible death. Do you buy this? I tell you, I knew that some people will believe anything, but this is too much! Sure, the occasional disappearance goes unsolved, and the homeless all swear that entering the sewers is a death sentence, but unexplained disappearances and crazy homeless people are just a fact of life in a such a big city. All the smart people know there’s nothing down there. I mean, come on! How likely is it that a 7-foot-tall creature, half-rat, half-man, lives in the sewers? You and I both know these tales are nothing more than stories to scare kids! People these days. They’ll believe anything they hear!"

From the Rook City Official Rulebook

Many decades ago, a foul drug-dealer controlled large swaths of the Rook City drug market. He made his hideout deep in the Rook City sewers, keeping his stash safe from competitor and law enforcement alike. However, his criminal enterprise was worn down by a long battle with a new criminal organization taking control of the city. Over time, he was entirely ousted from the streets of Rook City, and lived in the sewers to survive. Years of handling the vile drugs he sold, mixed with the toxic waste from the industrial plants, slowly twisted and mutated the dealer into a giant, hideous, rat-like monster. Now, his last shreds of humanity all but eliminated, he takes the Rook City sewers in search of his next meal, infecting all he touches.

Plague Rat Team Villain Standard Front.png

Plague Rat

Vengeance Style Deck

Decades ago, a foul drug-dealer had a hideout deep in the Rook City sewers, keeping his stash safe from law enforcement and competitors. His criminal enterprise was worn down over time by the growing criminal empire known as The Organization, and he was eventually forced to call the sewers his home. Years of handling drugs and living in hazardous toxic chemicals from the industrial plants mutated the dealer into a hideous, rat-like monster who prowled the Rook City sewers, seeking to infect all he encountered.

The creature known as Plague Rat was recently captured by a RevoCorp Recon & Execute team, and has been a subject of much experimentation at the RevoCorp labs. After considerable chemical reprogramming of the monstrous creature, Plague Rat is now a part of the R&E teams on their missions, used as an amped up bloodhound to seek out and destroy key targets. In fact, Plague Rat is currently hot on the trail of a recent RevoCorp lab escapee...

Sentinel Tactics: Plague Rat

Delayed: Part of the indefinitely delayed Battle for Broken City Core Set for Sentinel Tactics.

Not-so-deep beneath the ruins of Rook City lurks a creature who has weathered the changes to the surface world. Plague Rat had finally gotten back to his nest just before the fall of Rook City. The sewers were flooded with chemicals from the destroyed Pike Industrial Complex, as well as other bizarre mixtures of unknown origin. These new chemicals interfered even more with Plague Rat's already corrupted system.

As an even more frenzied creature, Plague Rat is rarely willing to leave the broken sewers. When he does, it's to find anything vaguely edible and drag it back down to his nest. The monstrous Plague Rat is even a greater threat than ever before!


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Art References

  • The card "Plague Locus" shows Plague Rat's nest. It is littered with various items from all over the Sentinels universe, including:
    • Chrono Ranger's poncho
    • Spite's hypodermics
    • A golden idol, most likely stolen from Dr. Blake Washington (Ra).
    • One of Gloomweaver's voodoo dolls, shaped like Legacy.
    • A can of soda/beer
    • Three hard to identify glowing orbs.
  • Aside from the title, header, and author credit, the text that makes up the newspaper on Plague Rat's card backs is pure gibberish (specifically [wikipedia:Lorem_ipsum Lorem Ipsum]).
  • * "Shadowy Ambush" features the Chrono Ranger's first appearance on a Sentinels card.


  • In the post-apocalyptic future depicted by The Final Wasteland, Plague Rat's descendants have become the dominant species.
  • It is hinted in his character bio that Plague Rat had an encounter with the Chairman.


  • Originally a man named Randy "Rot Mouth" Burke. (See Letters Page 26)
  • The rat creature that bit Chrono Ranger's arm off is likely a descendant of Plague Rat, explaining why they are nemeses. (confirmed in Letters Page 25)
  • Between his and Chairman's villain bios in the Rook City rulebook, it can be concluded that the criminal organization that forced him into the sewers was The Chairman's criminal empire. (confirmed in Letters Page 26)


  • As a mutated human who lives in the sewer, resembles an animal, and feeds on human flesh, Plague Rat is most similar to the Batman villain Killer Croc.
  • The flavor text for "Noxious Bite" is a reference to the video game Resident Evil 2

Incapacitated Images

The Deck

Deck Information

Villain Deck

RC/IR Reprint Errata

  • Plague Rat, Filthy Vermin: The first two sentences have been combined into a single paragraph. In the second sentence, "At the start of the villain turn" becomes "Then." It now reads "Then, if any active heroes are not Infected, flip Plague Rat's villain character cards."
  • Sewer Fiend: The second and third sentences have been combined into a single paragraph. Their text is unchanged.


Noxious Bite (x3)
Plague Rat deals the Hero Target with the lowest HP H-icon.png Toxic Damage. Search the Villain deck for a copy of the card Infection. Put it into play. Shuffle the Villain deck.
Art: A surprised Haka being bitten on neck by Plague Rat;
Flavor-text: "That guy's a maniac! Why'd he bite me?" - Haka, Rook City Renegades #11
Ravage (x3)
Plague Rat deals each Hero Target other than the Hero Target with the highest HP 2 Toxic Damage. Search the Villain deck for as many copies of the card Infection as Hero Targets Damaged this way. Play them. Shuffle the deck.
Art: Plague slashing into Absolute Zero and Mr. Fixer with the Visionary looking on highly concerned;
Flavor-text: "Even worse, its claws impart a deadly infection to any victim unlucky enough to survive." - Dr. Tremata, Rook City Renegades #9
Tooth and Claw (x3)
Plague Rat deals the Hero Target with the lowest HP 3 Toxic Damage. Plague Rat deals the Hero Target with the highest HP 5 Melee Damage.Search the Villain deck for 1 copy of the card Infection. Play it. Shuffle the Villain deck.
Art: Plague Rat holding an incapacitated Fanatic in his arms;
Flavor-text: The Wraith: "We have to save her!" -- Absolute Zero: "Yeah? And who's gonna save us? - The Wraith, Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #618
Vicious Onslaught (x2)
Plague Rat deals each Hero Target other than the Hero Target with the lowest HP 2 Melee Damage and 2 Toxic Damage.
Art: Plague Rat ripping armor off of Bunker;
Flavor-text: "He's on the move again. He's just overrun Bunker! There's no one left!" - The Wraith, The Last Hunt #5


Afflicted Frenzy (x3)
At the start of each Hero turn, if the Hero is Infected, they deal X Melee Damage to the Hero Target with the highest HP, where X = the number of Infected Heroes.
Art: Ra with fanged back teeth and greenish saliva coming out of his mouth as a concerned Wraith looks at him;
Flavor-text: Ra: "Wraaaah!!" -- The Wraith: "Er, you should get that checked out... " - Ra, The Wraith, Tome of the Bizarre #18
Bestial Vitality (x1)
Reduce Damage dealt to Plague Rat by 1. At the end of the Villain turn, Plague Rat regains 3 HP.
Art: Plague Rat emerging from toxic water;
Flavor-text: "It seems highly unlikely that any creature could survive in such a toxic environment." - Tachyon, Freedom Five #617
Infection (x5)
When this card is played, if all active Heroes are Infected, discard this card and play the top card of the Villain deck. Play this card next to an active Hero who is not Infected. That Hero is Infected. At the start of that Hero's turn, they deal themselves 1 Irreducible Toxic Damage.
Art: Legacy, Tachyon, and Haka looking rather feral with fanged teeth and greenish saliva;
Flavor-text: "Th' worst monsters bring out th' monster in you." - Chrono-Ranger, The Last Hunt #2
Sewer Fiend (x2)
Plague Rat is Immune to Toxic Damage. Whenever Plague Rat would be dealt Damage by an Environment card, redirect that Damage to an Infected Hero. If there are no Infected Heroes, prevent that Damage instead.
Art: Plague Rat with toxic looking water running over his shoulders;
Flavor-text: "Something does live down here. And it's gross." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #617
Shadowy Ambush (x2)
Whenever Plague Rat deals 5 or more Damage to a single Target, play the top card of the Villain deck.
Art: Plague Rat in the shadows above an unsuspecting Chrono-Ranger;
Flavor-text: "Heads up, team! He could be anywhere." - Legacy, Freedom Five #617


Plague Locus [13] (x1)
Increase Damage dealt by Plague Rat and all Infected Heroes by 1. At the end of the Villain turn, Plague Rat regains X HP, where X = the number of Infected Heroes.
Art: A nest containing voodoo doll of Legacy, Chrono-Ranger's poncho, a beer can, a syringe, and a golden idol;
Flavor-text: "What a wretched hive... " - Fanatic, Tome of the Bizarre #18

Vengeance Deck: Villains of the Multiverse


Chemical Frenzy (x3)
Plague Rat deals each target 1 toxic damage. Any target dealt damage that way deals itself 1 melee damage.
Art: Setback and the Naturalist are gagging at gas cloud coming off Plague Rat;
Flavor text: "He seems a natural creature. Clearly, he is anything but." - The Naturalist, Tome of the Bizarre #33
Let Loose (x3)
Destroy the Handler with the highest HP. Plague Rat deals the hero target with the highest HP X melee damage, where X = 5 minus the number of Handlers in play.
Art: Plague Rat pouncing onto Absolute Zero who has fallen over;
Flavor text: "Didn't he have a team of babysitters? Not that they were any more friendly." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #701
Revocorp Backup (x3)
Reveal cards from the top of Plague Rat's deck until 2 Handlers are revealed. Put them into play. Discard the other revealed cards.
Art: A Revocorp Handler yelling into a Walkie Talkie as Plague Rat is lost in a toxic cloud in the background;
Flavor text: "Aaahhh!!! Who are we going to call?!" - Revocorp Handler, Tome of the Bizarre #33
Seek and Destroy (x3)
Plague Rat deals the hero target with the most cards in play 3 melee damage. That hero's player either discards 2 cards or destroys 1 of their equipment cards.
Art: Plague Rat slamming K.N.Y.F.E. into a wall;
Flavor text: "Ach, git yer mitts offa me. Yer manners are as awful as yer breath." - KNYFE, Freedom Five #705


Revocorp Analyst [4] (x2)
The first time Plague Rat is dealt damage each turn, play the top card of Plague Rat's deck. At the start of Plague Rat's turn, shuffle Plague Rat's trash into his deck.
Art: The Revocorp Analyst running his meter at the window where Plague Rat is held;
Flavor text: "Interesting. The subject responds negatively to, well, pretty much everything." - Revocorp Analyst, Tome of the Bizarre #32
Revocorp Neutralizer [6] (x2)
Increase damage dealt by Plague Rat to hero targets by 1. At the start of Plague Rat's turn, this card deals the hero target with the highest HP 2 lightning damage.
Art: The Revocorp Neutralizer holding what looks similar to a cattle prod;
Flavor text: "Alright, buddy. You can do this. That rat thing is going to behave. No big deal." - Revocorp Neutralizer, Tome of the Bizarre #32
Revocorp Restrainer [5] (x2)
Reduce damage dealt by Plague Rat to villain targets by 1. At the start of Plague Rat's turn, Plague Rat regains 5 HP.
Art: The Revocorp Restrainer looking at his tablet with Plague Rat looking on;
Flavor text: "Here's the deal, Ratty. You're going to stop biting us. Yeah, it's not much of a deal." - Revocorp Restrainer, Tome of the Bizarre #32
Revocorp Tanker [7] (x2)
Reduce damage dealt to Plague Rat by 1. At the start of Plague Rat's turn, this card deals each hero target 1 toxic damage.
Art: The Revocorp Tanker is hitting Plague Rat with toxic sludge;
Flavor text: "Whoa! Probably don't douse our furry friend with toxic sludge. He likes it!" - Revocorp Tanker, Tome of the Bizarre #32

Sentinel Tactics Power Cards


Fireside Chats

  • If Infection is played while all active heroes are infected, and Fixed Point is in play, then Infection stays in play in Plague Rat’s play area.
  • Infection’s text is adjusted to say “When this card is played, if all active heroes are Infected, move this card to the Villain trash and play the top card of the Villain deck.” This clarifies that the card is not destroyed or discarded, just moved.
  • The wording on Infection is changed to read: “Play the top card of the villain deck. Then, discard this card.”
  • Afflicted Frenzy text is adjusted to say “if that Hero target is Infected...” This clarifies that incapacitated heroes do not deal damage because of Afflicted Frenzy.
  • Infection cannot enter play if there are no valid targets for it. It moves to the trash and then the top card of the villain deck is played.
  • If I’m That Guy copies the text of Infection, and all heroes are infected (including Guise), then it would trigger a discard of “Uh, yeah, I’m that guy” and play the top card of the villain deck, as per the first line of Infection. “Uh, yeah, I’m that guy” goes to Guise's trash. Barring ultimate shenanigans (which Guise is always shooting for, unfortunately) cards try to go to their specific trash - it is very rare and usually specifically pointed out if a card should go to a trash other than the one they are associated with.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Additional powers for infected heroes on Plague Rat’s “Filthy Vermin” side

  • Plague Rat’s “Filthy Vermin” side has text which indicates that infected heroes have a new set of powers. These powers are in addition to their usual powers (i.e. they do not replace the hero’s usual powers). Furthermore, these additional powers are only available while Plague Rat is on his “Filthy Vermin” side. They go away if he flips back.

Infection on incapacitated heroes

  • When a hero is reduced to 0 hp, the rules say to flip their character card to its incapacitated side and remove all of the hero’s cards in play. but “Infection” isn’t one of the hero’s cards and shouldn’t be removed when a hero is incapacitated. Its effects will continue on an incapacitated hero unless removed somehow, as usual.

Noxious Bite

  • Plague Rat’s “Noxious Bite” card says to “search the villain deck for a copy of the card ‘infection’. Put it into play. Shuffle the villain deck.” If there are no “Infection” cards in the deck to find, just shuffle the deck and proceed with the game.

Sewer Fiend

  • This card makes Plague Rat immune to toxic damage and whenever Plague Rat would be dealt damage by an environment card, that damage is redirected to an infected hero. However, if the environment were to deal Plague Rat some toxic damage, the fact that he is immune to toxic damage means that he takes no damage from the attack, and therefore nothing will be redirected. Answers to Debated Questions