Ruins of Atlantis

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Set:Enhanced Edition


Location: Atlantic Ocean Floor
Depth: 3339 Meters (10991 FT)
Power Source: Atlantean Font of Power
Age: Several Thousand Years

Millennia ago, a race of ancient and mysterious beings built a great city on an island in the South Atlantic. After a series of wars rocked their civilization, the island was abandoned and eventually sank beneath the waves.

Now, thousands of years later, its ruins have been discovered on the ocean floor, and the rush is on to possess the secrets of Atlantis! This ancient city will once again be a battleground, as heroes strive to keep powerful, archaic weapons out of the hands of the most nefarious villains in the Multiverse!

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  • Atlantis is a location in both the DC and Marvel universe. In DC, it is the home of Aquaman. In Marvel, it is home to Prince Namor. Fittingly, the ocean-based hero of the Sentinels universe, Tempest, is tied to the city's history.

The Deck

Deck Information

Atlantean Font of Power (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, play the top card of the Villain deck. Play the top card of each Hero deck in turn order. If the played card is a Limited card already in play, discard that card and play the next card. At the start of the Environment turn, destroy this card.
Art: The Atlantean Font of Power;
Flavor text: In the middle of the expansive chamber stood a fountain, not flowing with water, but with some thick glowing liquid…
Hallway Collapse (x2)
When this card enters play, deal each Target 3 Melee Damage. At the end of the Environment turn, destroy this card.
Art: Legacy struggling to keep a hallway from collapsing on him;
Flavor text: With barely any warning, the low rumbling in the ceiling of the stone hallway turned to a roar as rocks began to fall around the heroes!
Leaking Room (x2)
Players cannot play Hero cards. Increase all Lightning Damage by 2. At the start of the Environment turn, destroy this card.
Art: The Visionary looking at water seeping in from a crack in the glass;
Flavor text: "Quick! Get to the exit!" yelled Tempest, arms outstretched against the fast approaching wall of water.
Mystical Defenses [15] (x2)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals each non-Environment Target 2 Energy Damage.
Art: An energy beam shooting out from the Mystical Defenses on a pillar;
Flavor text: Violet and emerald beams of energy blazed from concealed points in the elaborately carved walls, striking down everything they touched!
Phosphorescent Chamber (x2)
Increase all damage dealt by 1. Increase all HP recovery by 1. At the end of the Environment turn, each Player must discard a card. At the start of the Environment turn, each Player may discard 1 card to destroy this card.
Art: Tempest holding up a light in a room to see markings on the ceiling;
Flavor text: Upon entering the glowing chamber the heroes could feel the arcane energies coursing through their bodies…
The Pillars of Hercules (x1)
Players may play an additional card, use an additional power, and draw an additional card on their turns. At the start of every turn, play the top card of the Villain deck. At the start of their turn, a player may skip the rest of their turn to destroy this card.
Art: A silhouette of Legacy, Absolute Zero, Bunker, the Wraith, and Baron Blade standing before the Pillars of Hercules;
Flavor text: Radiating an eerie light, the giant crystalline pillars had stood beneath the ocean for centuries.
Toxic Seaweed (x2)
Whenever a Hero uses a Power, deal that Hero H-icon.png minus 1 Toxic Damage. At the end of the Environment turn, 1 Player may discard their hand to destroy this card.
Art: Closeup of the Toxic Seaweed;
Flavor text: The damp green leaves that clung to the ancient walls reeked of rotting flesh and bile, repulsing those who entered the room.


The Kraken [15] (x3)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the non-Environment Target with the lowest HP 5 Melee Damage.
Art: A tentacle breaking through a wall to grab Vyktor;
Flavor text: The mighty tentacle burst through the stone wall, knocking Tamar against a pillar as water began pouring in to fill the room.