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Set: Sentinel Tactics: For Profit
Nemesis: Haka

The Hippo

Mini Nemesis

HP: 14
Title: Nemesis
Found In: Friction


DELAYED: Sentinel Tactics Character Panel



DELAYED: Character from the now delayed indefinitely For Profit expansion for Sentinel Tactics

he career of the man known as The Hippo was a long list of failures. It seemed to him that every time he donned the hippo suit and tried to rob a bank or punch his way into an armored truck, it happened to be at the same time as a hero was nearby. He had been punched through a wall by Haka more times than he could count, which probably had as much to do with the concussions as his innate lack of math skills. However, he recently had a bit of a lucky break! His scientist great-aunt died, leaving him her nuclear research laboratory. Not really having any clue as to what to do with the lab, he offered it all to a major research corporation, on the condition that they made a special, nuclear-powered suit for him. Now, stronger than ever before and able to emit semi-controlled bursts of radioactivity, Hippocalypse joins the ranks of For Profit, needing money to keep his suit going. Plus, of course, who doesn't like a nice fur coat?

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  • As a large, burly villain who dresses like a large, burly animal, the Hippo is a clear homage to the Rhino, a Spider-Man villain.

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