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Aliases: Devra Thalia Caspit
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Birthplace: Ofakim, Israel
Power Source: Ferro-kinetic power, Technopathy
Group Affiliation: The Freedom Five (Intern)
Occupation: Inventor, Intern, Lab Aide, Adventurer
First Appearance: Freedom Five Annual #11
Complexity: 2
Set: Mini Expansion, Sentinel Tactics: Uprising
Nemesis: Iron Legacy, Chokepoint, The Radioactivist, Magman


HP: 26
Innate Power:
Bot Hack - Destroy 1 Equipment Card. If you do, put a Mechanical Golem from your hand into Play.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may draw a card now.
  • One Player may play a card now.
  • The Hero Target with the lowest HP regains 2 hp.

Termi-Nation: Unity

HP: 27
Innate Power:
Reconfigure - Destroy a Mechanical Golem, then shuffle it into your deck. Move a Mechanical Golem from your Trash into Play. You may Draw a card.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero may use a Power now.
  • Destroy 1 Ongoing card.
  • Reduce Damage dealt to Non-Character cards by 2 until the start of your next turn.

Freedom Six: Unity

aka: Golem Unity

HP: 25
Innate Power:
Golem-Spawn - Unity deals herself 4 Energy damage. Put a Mechanical Golem from your hand into Play.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player draws 1 card now.
  • One Player may Play 1 card now.
  • Destroy a Non-Character card Device card.

Sentinel Tactics: Unity

HP: 4
Actions: 3
Defense: 3
Movement: 2
Innate Powers:
Volatile Parts - Ongoing Ability - If one of Unity's Bots would be incapacitated, that Bot first makes this attack:


Area Attack
Origin 1, Radius 1
"Go, Bots!" - Action Ability Unlimited - Unity chooses one of her Bots to take an Action.
Arcing Shock - Action Ability - Choose a Bot in Unity's line of sight. Unity makes this attack on each target in that line, ignoring range.




Unity Original Standard Front.png

Devra Caspit always had a knack for building things, even from a young age. However, her family was shocked when she began building and inventing things without even touching them. She could simply think about the components in front of her and begin assembling them in her mind, and the pieces would align themselves! She was a technopath - anything she could visualize, she could build, given the right parts.

By the time she was eighteen, she had already dropped out of three different universities, as she didn't have the patience for classes. She spent her time cobbling her pencils, paperclips, and other students' belongings into adorable mechanical golems which danced around the classroom, which did not go over well with anyone.

Recently, she received word from the Eaken-Rubendall Laboratories that there may be a position open for a person of her skills, if she would be interested in working with Dr. Stinson …

Unity Termi-Nation Standard Front.png

Termi-Nation: Unity

Variant: Originally released during the 2015 Holiday Season

Meanwhile, the heroes known as Bunker, Absolute Zero, and Unity are working to uncover the mystery behind the villain Chokepoint. How did she get so much power? And why was she locked up in a secret bunker in Fort Adamant? What is really going on here? Armed with some new tricks, the heroes have to get to the bottom of this, before it's too late…


Aliases: Devra Thalia Caspit
Height: 5’ 4"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Birthplace: Ofakim, Israel
Power Source: Ferro-Kinetic Power, Technopath
Group Affiliation: The Freedom Five
First Appearance: Freedom Five #768

Unity had been in contact with the Southwest Sentinels - an allied team of the Freedom Five - right until they'd gone silent. She had been excited to hear that they were working with some of Bunker's old compatriots in the Ironclad Project at Fort Adamant, but now, no communication was coming out of the Army base, and she was worried. She first approached Lt. Vance to see if he'd heard anything from the Army base. His lack of information was a growing concern, so the two of them, accompanied by Absolute Zero, went to Fort Adamant themselves to find out what was going on. There, they were handily defeated by a familiar and yet different foe, who now went by the name Chokepoint.

Regrouping at their headquarters, the three heroes developed new tech and tricks to take down this new threat. Unity goes into battle knowing that her creations can be easily compromised. However, her ability to recover and repurpose them is stronger than ever, given her focus and preparations.

Freedom Six: Unity

Variant: Originally revealed during Shattered Timelines Kickstarter as the $40k stretch reward.

Alternate Future from main timeline; Iron Legacy Variant

On her deathbed, Unity reached out to the medical robot she had built to try to repair her wounds. It was unable to save her, but it could still serve a purpose. Using the last of her energy, she altered the bot into a shape which echoed her own form, pouring all of her power into this new bot. The bot awoke, knowing that is needed to complete the transfer, but it was too late. Devra Caspit was no more, and this golem-spawn was all that remained of the hero known as Unity.

When Tachyon began scouring the earth, looking for heroes to stand up to Iron Legacy, she was surprised to be contacted by her former intern. Dr. Stinson had believed that Unity had not survived Legacy's initial attack on Freedom Tower. Now, she was faced with a very familiar face. Unity had returned, albeit with more metal pieces than before. Unity claimed that she rebuilt herself, but her allies knew there was something not quite fully the same person they remembered.

This new Unity never vocally acknowledged the truth of her existence, but she did visit the grave of her creator whenever she had a chance. She knew she had a responsibility to be the hero Devra Caspit always strived to be.

Unity Freedom Six Standard Front.png

Sentinel Tactics: Unity

Legacyicon.png Legacy Wants to Remind You! This following information is from Sentinel Tactics, one of two branching alternate timelines after the OblivAeon Event!

Devra Caspit has been thrilled to work alongside the Freedom Five as the hero Unity for many years now. After her internship with Dr. Meredith Stinson ended, Devra stayed on to both work in Tachyon's lab and fight villains with the rest of the heroes. So, when the Freedom Five went private, Unity was the first "employee" they hired to work in Freedom Tower.

In battle, Unity's technopathic abilities make her a force to be reckoned with - practically an army! She creates and controls multiple mechanical golems, each fighting with the abilities she imparts upon them. She has the ability to make pretty much anything she wants, but she tends to create robotic doubles of members of the Freedom Five, as well as a robotic dinosaur named Mr. Chomps, of whom she is particularly fond.

Devra added an "I" to the Freedom Five insignia on her belt, telling her teammates that it stood for "Intern", but the team knew she was pushing towards being a full-fledged member of the team. And that eventuality seems more and more likely each day.

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Art References

  • The card art for the golem versions of the Freedom Five is interconnected, with Turret Bot being on the far left and Champion Bot, Stealth Bot, Swift Bot, and Cryo-Bot following in order to the right.
  • **Golem Unity Promo** May be wearing Mr. Fixer's hat. It has been referenced that if Mr Fixer is seen without his hat, then he is dead. This may mean Mr Fixer is dead in the Shattered Timelines Iron Legacy Future. (Confirmed Letters Page 10)
  • The art on Unity's incapacitated side seems to be an homage to Magneto's plastic prison at the end of the X-Men movie. Both Magneto and Unity would need to be incarcerated in metal-free environments to deny their powers of anything to interact with.
  • Baron Blade looks annoyed as he encounters the "Platform Bot".
  • "Powered Shock Wave" displays the firepower of several Bee Bots as they attack The Radioactivist.
  • Magman encounters Stealth Bot in "Volatile Parts"


  • Cryo-Bot's flavor text may be reference to Absolute Zero's relative lack of popularity in the Sentinels fandom.
  • Raptor Bot's (aka "Mr. Chomps'") gameplay mechanics are very similar to those of the Raptor Packs from Insula Primalis, hinting that Unity based its design on them.
  • The flavor text of "Volatile Parts" seems to hint that the golems have a measure of self-awareness. That, or Unity simply sees them in that light.


  • Many of Unity's flavor texts hint at her seeing Tachyon as a quasi-maternal figure. She seems to have programmed Swift Bot with a humorously simplified version of Tachyon's personality, or perhaps she has simply programmed it to repeat things indicative of her.
  • Notes from Letters Page 9:
    • Unity gathers up the remains of X and wants to rebuild. The rest of the Freedom Five are starting to deal with the precursor events to OblivAeon and Tachyon want her to just help with that as it's "more important". This is the first time that there's been real conflict between the two of them and Unity really lets Tachyon have it before rebuilding the chassis in only the way that Unity can (pink bits and whatnot). When it's powered up it's just another of her bots. She keeps Omnibot around, but keeps *trying* to correct how it behaves to be her friend and not just a facsimile. This lasts for quite a while and is really a tough time for her - finally deciding that she needs to stop deluding herself. She takes it to the ruins of the Omnitron IV factory for "burial".
    • Unbeknownst to Unity, the rest of the heroes, and comics readers, the Omnitron IV battle never actually ended. In a deep software layer, the Omnitron IV and X softwares had continued to fight. The return of a compatible chassis to the area, and one that X recognizes as having Unity's signature present, allows X to latch onto it. This edge allows X to finally win out over IV. Oh, and it also lets him return as Omnitron U. Cue the tearful reunion between Unity and her robot friend, followed closely by the first appearance of Chokepoint as she bursts through the wall.


  • Unity's unusual powers, pragmatic attire, and underused ethnicity are all traits commonly found in the characters of the Wildstorm universe.

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.


Unity Hero Deck

Incapacitated - Unity sitting on the floor of a large box she has been isolated into. Two people are looking at here from a window.


Brainstorm (x4)
Draw 2 cards. Unity deals up to 3 Targets 1 Lightning Damage each.
Art: A silhouette of Unity with her hands to her head as she uses her powers to summon metal to her for creation of a bot;
Flavor-text: "The stuff I make up is way better than most actual facts." - Unity, Freedom Five Annual #11
Flash Forge (x2)
Discard any number of cards. Search your deck for X Mechanical Golems and/or Equipment cards and put them into your hand, where X = the number of cards you discarded. Shuffle your deck.
Art: Unity in process of generating a bot;
Flavor-text: "I think I can do better than this - hold on." - Unity, Justice Comics #604
Hasty Augmentation (x2)
One Hero may use a Power now. If that Power deals Damage, increase that Damage by 2.
Art: Abolute Zero with his left arm covered by components from Unity that has lightning arcing at the tip;
'Flavor-text: "What?! Young lady, you are seriously testing my nonexistent patience." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five Annual #12
Inspired Repair (x2)
You may draw a card. You may play a card. Each Mechanical Golem regains 3 HP.
Art: Unity learning against a wall revealing two Bee Bots, Platform Bot, Champion Bot, Turret Bot, Cryo Bot, and Stealth Bot;
Flavor-text: "So, do you think you're ready to meet the whole gang?" - Unity, Freedom Five #541
Powered Shock Wave (x2)
Unity deals each Villain Target X Lightning Damage, where X = the number of Mechanical Golems in play plus 1.
Art: Arcs of Lightning coming off Bee Bots and hitting Radioactivist;
Flavor-text: "All together now!" - Unity, Mystery Comics #391
Robot Reclamation (x2)
Move up to 5 Mechanical Golems from your trash to the top of your deck. Draw a card.
Art: Unity talking to a Champion Bot in the middle of being rebuilt;
Flavor-text: "Yeah, you're right, champ. It's been a long day." - Unity, A Day in the Life: Unity


Construction Pylon (x3)
Power: Put up to 2 Mechanical Golems from hand into play and destroy this card.
Art: A silhouette of Unity leaning against a pylon with arcs of energy coming off it;
Flavor-text: "Ha ha! I need about a dozen more of these!" - Unity, Freedom Five #542
Modular Workbench (x2)
Power: Discard 1 card. If you do, put 1 Mechanical Golem from hand into play.
Art: A mobile workbench hovering with blueprints, a computer screen, and tools on it;
Flavor-text: "of course I built it myself! I mean, Tacky helped... but still!" - Unity, Freedom Five #541
Scrap Metal (x2)
At the end of your turn, either take 1 Mechanical Golem from play back into your hand, or destroy this card. At the start of your turn, you may play a card. If you do, destroy this card.
Art: Unity using a blowtorch as she is repairing Turret Bot;
Flavor-text: "Alrighty, big fella. We'll get you back into action soon enough." - Unity, Justice Comics #604
Supply Crate (x3)
When this card enters play, draw a card. At the start of your turn, you may destroy this card to draw 2 cards.
Art: Unity opening a large supply crate;
Flavor-text: "Spare parts?! Awww, you shouldn't have!" - Unity, Freedom Five #540
Volatile Parts (x2)
Whenever a Mechanical Golem is destroyed, Unity deals the non-Hero Target with the lowest HP 2 Fire Damage.
Art: Stealth about to explode on a confused magma man;
Flavor-text: "What? Don't look at me that way! Look, I can always rebuild you." - Unity, Mystery Comics #391

Mechanical Golem

Bee Bot [1] (x3)
This card cannot be played during your play phase. When this card is destroyed, Unity deals 1 Target 2 Projectile Damage, and you may destroy 1 Ongoing or Environmental card.
Art: A close up on the Bee Bot;
Flavor-text: Tachyon:"Technically, it's more of a hornet-" - Unity: "Bee Bot is more fun to say!" - Tachyon, Unity, Science & Progress One-Shot
Champion Bot [8] (x1)
This card cannot be played during your play phase. Increase Damage dealt by Unity and by Mechanical Golems by 1.
Art: A close up of Champion Bot who is modeled to look like Legacy;
Flavor-text: "Let's go save the world, Champion Bot!" - Unity, Freedom Five Annual #12
Cryo Bot [7] (x1)
This card cannot be played during your play phase. This card is immune to Cold Damage. Whenever this card is dealt Damage, it deals each non-Hero Target 1 Cold Damage.
Art: A close up of Cryo Bot who is modeled to look like Absolute Zero;
Flavor-text: "Don't be sad, Cryo Bot! Everyone loves you!" - Unity, Freedom Five Annual #12
Platform Bot [3] (x3)
This card cannot be played during your play phase. Reduce Damage dealt to this card by 1. At the end of your turn, this card deals 1 Target 3 Energy Damage.
Art: Platform Bot attacking an annoyed looking Baron Blade;
Flavor-text: "Pew pew! Lasers! Just like the real thing, right?" - Unity, Vengeance #2
Raptor Bot [2] (x3)
This card cannot be played during your play phase. At the end of your turn, this card deals 1 Target X Melee Damage, where X = the number of Mechanical Golems in play plus 1.
Art: Closeup of Raptor Bot;
Flavor-text: "Hi there, Mr. Chomps! Where are all your friends?" - Unity, Freedom Five #540
Stealth Bot [5] (x1)
This card cannot be played during your play phase. Reduce Damage dealt to this card by 1. Whenever a Hero Target would be dealt Damage, you may redirect it to this card.
Art: Closeup of Stealth Bot who is modeled to look like the Wraith;
Flavor-text: "So sneaky! Go get 'em!" - Unity, Freedom Five Annual #12
Swift Bot [5] (x1)
This card cannot be played during your play phase. You may play an additional card during your play phase. You may draw an additional card during your draw phase.
Art: Closeup of Swift Bot who is modeled to look like Tachyon;
Flavor-text: "I am uptight about science and hate explosions in the lab." - Swift Bot, Freedom Five Annual #12
Turret Bot [9] (x1)
This card cannot be played during your play phase. At the start of your turn, this card deals 1 Target 3 Projectile Damage.
Art: Closeup of Turret Bot who is modeled to look like Bunker;
Flavor-text: "Budda budda budda!" - Turret Bot, Freedom Five Annual #12

Sentinel Tactics: Unity Power Cards



Fireside Chats

  • Hasty Augmentation increases the damage on Omnitron-U’s innate power.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Unity’s golem cards

  • Unity’s Mechanical Golems all have the same text on them which reads in part, “this card cannot be played during your play phase”. However, if an ability or other game effect allows Unity to play a card when it’s not her play phase and she wants to play a Mechanical Golem (for example, if an incapacitated hero uses an ability to let unity play a card while it’s still the incapacitated hero’s turn), that’s perfectly legal. the only restriction on unity’s ability to play Mechanical Golems is during her own play phase. If she can manage to play a Mechanical Golem when it’s not her play phase, there’s nothing preventing that. Further, she can destroy any equipment card in play to bring out a Mechanical Golem, not just her own equipment cards. of course, it’s considered polite to ask permission from the player whose equipment card unity plans to destroy, but even that’s not strictly required... the equipment card being destroyed must (of course) be one that’s already in play. You can’t destroy a card from someone’s hand to bring out a Mechanical Golem.