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Fireside Chats

  • Sub-Zero Atmosphere affects Heroic Infinitor's character card. It moves Heroic Infinitor's "Deal 1 Manifestation 2 Melee Damage" to the start of the villain turn.
  • Supersonic Response does no extra damage on Tachyon's first turn, since she hasn't had a "last turn." The same applies to Coolant Blast.

Spiff's Clarifications

  • Sub-Zero Atmosphere
    • "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" causes villain cards which would act at the end of the villain turn to instead act at the start of the villain turn. So now the Villain end-of-turn actions happen first? No. Each villain's start-of-turn action is always listed before their end-of-turn action on their card. "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" reassigns end-of-turn actions as start-of-turn actions but does not rearrange the order of the abilities on the card. Thus, using "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" will not cause end-of-turn actions to happen before start-of-turn actions, it just causes them to happen, for example, before the villain plays a card.
    • Further, if "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" is destroyed after the villain start phase but before the villain end phase, any end-of-turn abilities which had been moved to the start-of-turn phase will return to their normal end-of-phase position, and so will trigger again once you reach the villain end phase. Unfortunately, there is no rule mandating that abilities may only activate once per turn. When "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" leaves play, its effect cancels immediately. This means that if, for example, an effect which deals damage to each hero target at the end-of-turn phase, but which is triggering during the start-of-turn phase due to "Sub-Zero Atmosphere", incapacitates Absolute Zero (which causes all of his hero cards to be removed from the game), any remaining hero targets will not take damage from the effect because "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" is no longer causing the effect to trigger early. However, when the end-of-turn phase comes around, that same effect will trigger again, targeting each hero target as normal, including any which had been targeted earlier.
    • So, why would you ever want to change end-of-turn actions to become start-of-turn actions? To buy the heroes more time. Many villain cards have effects which take place at the end of the turn. when one of those is played during the villain phase, its ability will usually take effect that same turn, during the end-of-turn phase. but if "Sub-Zero Atmosphere" is in play, the ability won't take effect until the following start-of-turn phase. This gives the heroes a full turn to deal with the card before its abilities will affect them.