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  • "Frostbound Drain" has the character Char in its artwork. Char is found in The Block environment deck.
  • "Coolant Blast" has several clones of Proletariat in the background.
  • "Fueled Freeze" seems to take place in Insula Primalis.
  • "Glacial Structure" has Akash'Bhuta trapped in ice.
  • "Impale" shows Absolute Zero attacking Omnitron.


  • Prior to the release of the Wager Master deck, Absolute Zero was the only hero whose face hadn't been fully revealed in any Sentinel Comics merchandise; at that point, his face had gone unseen for nearly four years.
  • "Anyway, in the Iron Legacy future, Absolute Zero's (Elemental Wrath Promo) cold powers have begun to manifest physical ice-shields to protect himself, both augmenting and replacing the suit as the ice-shields grow. You can see on the front of his card that his helmet and chestplate mostly remain, as well as other small armor bits, but he's encased in ice and uses this new ice-armor to protect himself from heat and from attacks. However, his powers are fundamentally attempting to protect him from any heat whatsoever, and he is using all of his strength and will to maintain control. On his card back, Absolute Zero is incapacitated due to combat - he has lost control of his powers, and they have run amok! Ryan Frost is entirely encased in meters of ice. He cannot move, but he is safe from heat. And his powers are doing everything they can to keep him safe forever."[1]
  • Baron Blade during the Mad Bomber story goes to the Freedom Five HQ with the intention to kill Legacy with the death ray while the other heroes are dealing with the bombs, but Absolute Zero dives in the way and takes the shot - one of the first times that AZ displays the selfless "hero" quality.[2]
  • His relationship with Tachyon is the closest friendship within the Freedom Five. [3]

To Other Works

  • Absolute Zero's suit bears a passing resemblance to the Iron Man armor.
  • Absolute Zero's pun-based secret identity (Ryan Frost), origin, and powers are all very similar to DC villain Mister Freeze.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

    • What character has evolved the most during the creative process? This would be Absolute Zero - when they were first drafting out the characters and stories for the game one of the characters was one called Absolute Zero who had cold powers. He was just kind of a "blaster" - like a cold version of Ra. Over the course of development they decided that his story was more interesting than that backstory (as was his suit) and so needed more interesting mechanics to match. They fully scrapped his story and mechanics at one point - retaining the name because it's cool [heh], but also developing his personality around that - how much his life is just a series of rock-bottoms and who sees himself as "nothing". How uninteresting the Golden Age AZ was is a reflection of this design process and how boring the first iteration of the character was.
    • How do his mechanics match up with the comics world? When he's dealing himself fire damage, that's just because he's letting warm air into his suit and the reaction that has near his skin sets off a chain reaction that lets him blast a lot of cold outward. There's no understandable scientific reason for this to work - their own brilliant scientist character can't figure out how his powers work - "Look lady, all I know is fire gets all weird around me."
    • If room-temperature air is "like fire" to him, how does he survive having his suit blown up as it seems to in most major stories? The guys are really mean to him story-wise. He does learn how to patch the suit with ice, or cool the air around him. He also learns to take the damage and just deal with it, not giving up. They also do an art review before recording to see what stuff they need to talk about and even they noted just now many of his appearances deal with his stuff getting broken. He's handy from a comics storytelling standpoint in that you can show violence towards him without gore (tearing up his suit instead of his body).
    • His bio mentions that he spent 2 years in the cryo-chamber before joining the fight; assuming this is the same room as in Freedom Tower, do people just not talk about the guy hanging out in the cold room all the time? Was it set up elsewhere? Not the same cryo-chamber - this would have been back in the old FF HQ days that predated Freedom Tower. This was a military/medical facility. After he joined up, they had a bunch of cryo-chambers set up for his use (emergencies, etc.).
    • Is there a reason he doesn't have a major nemesis of his own? Touched on earlier in that he doesn't have a lot of solo-heroics going on in which he could develop a nemesis.
    • How does he spend his down time? What sort of entertainment options does the cryo-chamber have/how big is it? Did Tachyon have to develop special equipment that could operate at those temperatures? Does Ryan put the suit on occasionally just to get out for fun? He puts on the suit for fun a few times, but it's by no means a common thing. Tachyon builds a record player that can output into the cryo-chamber directly (no speakers system) so he can listen to his vinyl collection without wrecking it. He writes a lot, too - journal-style. He's probably their most introspective character. A lot of the later AZ stories are about him as somebody intrinsically disconnected from the world.
    • In the Baron Blade episode it was mentioned that he took the death-ray blast for Legacy and that his super-cooled state kept the blast from having any effect; since he's in such a state, does he need to eat? Does he miss simple stuff like that? Did he feel awkward at Legacy's cookout? He doesn't eat, he doesn't breathe, doesn't really sleep (although can go into something like a coma to recover his energy after a fight). He misses all of this stuff. Later he comes to appreciate his friends and purpose in the world, but definitely misses "being a person". He has a greater appreciation for the stuff he still can do, though (like reading or listening to music). He doesn't feel comfortable in social situations (like the cookout), but he still likes to (occasionally) take part in some of them - not without his normal grumbling, though.
    • Biographical discrepancies! In the digital version of the game bios one lists his hair and eyes as white, others black hair and brown eyes, but he's often shown as having no hair in the game art. Can he even grow hair at this point? They should definitely show white for both. He still has eyebrows and he is capable of growing hair, but only very slowly (and what does grow is very wispy and brittle). He can just run his hands over his head/face to break the hair off so as to not have to deal with it.
    • The flavor text on "Impale" mentions a comic A Day in the Life: Absolute Zero where he and Legacy are arguing, what's going on in this one-shot and what are they arguing about? It's a fairly late comic in his story. There are a bunch of "Day in the Life" issues, mostly surrounding Freedom Five-related characters. This one involves a big fight against Omnitron and AZ putting lots of big ice structures across sections of Megalopolis - this is doing a good job containing Omnitron and its drones, but also endangers bystanders that Legacy then has to go save (causing the argument). Late in the fight, AZ just wants to leave - he already had plans for that afternoon and had already told everybody that he was busy. He thinks that the team has things well in hand and just leaves (Tachyon intervenes with Legacy telling him that it's a rough day for Ryan). AZ goes to a second-hand store that employs ex-cons in a work-release thing and asks a guy if he remembers Christine O'Neil. The guy (the drunk driver who killed her) sputters a bit and Ryan calms him, just wanting to talk about how its been 30 years since she died [that seems like a long time in "comic book time" to me, we get a rundown of around 17 years between the her death and when he started being a hero - 5 as a janitor, 10 in a coma, 2 in the cryo-chamber - but whatever] and how much things have changed, and to tell him that he's glad that he's getting back on his feet and making peace with him in general.
    • It seems harsh to make him "pay" for the suit by being a hero, why couldn't they have worked out some other way for him to pay for it or why couldn't Tachyon just chalk it up as an experiment? Any other of this kind of morally-gray, semi-coercive things the FF has done? It's not the Freedom Five extorting him, but it's part of the government (kind of an extension of the same programs running the Ironclad project and Fort Adamant). The other members of the FF want the best for him and they aren't the ones doing the coercing.
    • Would AZ count as "powered" in Citizen Dawn's accounting of things? Yes. She probably wouldn't bother trying to recruit him, but if he showed up on her doorstep wanting to sign up she'd take him. The suit isn't his power, it just allows him to more readily use his innate power.
    • Has anybody bothered studying why fire gets all weird around him? If not, is it out of respect for his privacy? Tachyon definitely spends a lot of effort studying him and it's one of earth's greatest scientific mysteries. At first he just wants to leave him alone, but as they become friends he helps out more.
    • In the ARG Event, we see him talking to his therapist about Writhe as a person outside his "super" persona; is AZ more social than he seems, making a point to get to know the others as people or was that just Writhe in particular? He really is that standoffish loner that he seems to be, but he saw a kindred spirit in Writhe and how people react to them (and both are middle-aged, a lot of the Sentinels cast skews older than "normal" in comics) and that got them talking to one another about life.
    • What was his dream job mentioned in his bio? He has always loved music, writing, and writing about music and he has a degree in journalism and the dream job was (in the '70s) getting a column in Rolling Stone covering blues and jazz and the influence of those in the music world.
    • Has he ever had the opportunity to interact physically with somebody without the suit since he got his powers? No - he's too cold, any physical contact would give frostbite immediately.
    • Has he tried dating again since his fiancée died? He hasn't had any romantic storylines throughout the Multiverse era until the near the end, after he's become a bit more personable, he's getting out there in online dating. He's got to be up-front about who he is and the limitations inherent there, though. He's not so much looking for a "romantic" partner as he wants more human connections.