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Impaling Structure
Action: Place three impaling structure markers in adjacent hexes on the map, one of which must be within radius 1 of Absolute Zero. Impaling Structure markers raise a hex's elevation by 1 and generate hazard spaces.

Hazard Attack
Radius 0,
Art: Absolute Zero Impaling Omnitron-V with ice structure;
Flavor-Text: "BRRRZZZZZT! Tertiary ocular input feed lost terrain unpredictably hazardous" - Omnitron-V, Freedom Five #16
Coolant Blast
Action: Add one die to this attack roll for each point of health Absolute Zero is missing.

Art: Absolute Zero blasting Zhu Long with ice;
Flavor-Text: "Gaah! Imposs-ss-ssible! You were almost dead!" - Zhu Long, Return of the Dragon One-Shot
Action: Roll four dice. Absolute Zero regains one health for each die that rolls a 5 or a 6.
Art: Absolute Zero harnessing Cold energy;
Flavor-Text "Cold getting you down? Too bad. Turns out, this is my favorite weather!" - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #4
Fueled Freeze
Ongoing: Expand the radius of Absolute Zero's area attacks by one.
Ongoing: Whenever you place markers on the map, you may place one additional marker of the same type.
Art: Absolute Zero standing over frozen terrain as ship crashes in the distance;
Flavor-Text: "Fully open your continuous aperture-lines; your ice will cover a lot more ground at impressive speds." - Tachyon, Stinson-Montgomery Labs #2
Sub-Zero Atmosphere
Ongoing: Absolute Zero and his allies do not trigger hazard spaces within radius of 1 of Absolute Zero.
Art: Absolute Zero walking among frozen terrain;
Flavor-Text: "When the Ice you walk on is warmer than your bones, it tends to give you... perspective." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five Annual #2
Approaching Zero
Ongoing: Whenever Absolute Zero deals damage to a target, reduce that target's move value by 1 for each point of damage dealt. (Move value cannot be reduced to below 1.)
Art: Absolute Zero freezing The Operative in place;
Flavor-Text "Do you know how hard it is to not make a cold joke about this?" - Absolute Zero, Sentinel Sagas #6
Thermal Shockwave
Health Ability:

Area Attack
Origin 0, Radius 2
Art: Absolute Zero releasing cold blast from his suit at surrounding enemies;
Flavor-Text:" "Freezing cold?! Hah! You don't know the half of it." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five #36