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Core Game Heroes

Absolute Zero

  • Chill Out - Reduce Omnitron to 0 or Fewer HP Using Impale
  • Below Zero - Incapacitate Proletariat using Coolant Blast
  • Cold Shoulder - Destroy 4 Proletariats in one turn


  • Sundown - Destroy three Citizens in one turn using the Grenade Launcher
  • Last Stop - Incapacitate Fright Train using the Flak Cannon
  • Derailed - Drop Fright Train from full HP to incapacitated in one turn


  • All Eyes on Me - Use Divine Sacrifice on 3 Blade Battalion
  • Judge and Jury - Reduce Apostate to 0 or fewer HP using Wrathful Retribution without him ever flipping.
  • Divine Executioner - Destroy The Seer using Final Dive


  • Avatar of Tumatauenga" - Destroy at least 5 Drones with one Rampage card
  • Impervious Warrior - Prevent at least 10 damage from Ambuscade in one game
  • Superior Combatant - Destroy The Hippo using Elbow Smash



  • The True Sun God - Reduce Citizen Dawn to 0 or fewer HP using Drawn to the Flame
  • Grave of the Underlord - Destroy Anubis using Scorched Earth
  • Hard Boiled - Destroy Calypso without Calypso being dealt damage of any type other than fire damage


  • Target Rich Environment - Destroy 3 Blade Battalions with one Accelerated Assault
  • An Explosion of Feathers - Deal damage to at least 20 different targets in one turn
  • Still the Fastest - Reduce Friction to 0 or fewer HP by redirecting Frictions damage back at her.


  • Allies of Earth - Reduce at least 6 damage dealt to Visionary using Shielding Winds in one game
  • No Further - Reduce Grand Warlord Voss to 0 or fewer HP using Grievous Hail Storm
  • Successful Rematch - Destroy Vyktor using Vicious Cyclone

The Visionary

  • Controlled Burn - Play 2 Twist the Ether Cards on Citizen Hammer
  • Risky trepidation - Destroy the Toy Master using Demoralization
  • Fortunate Ploy - Major Flay destroys Decoy Projections

The Wraith

  • Even a Live Fish - Have at least 12 Equipment cards in play at once
  • The Kitchen Sink - Reduce Spite to 0 or fewer HP using Inventory Barrage
  • Outspend - Play 3 Trust Fund cards in a game against Ermine

Rook City Heroes


Mr. Fixer

  • One and Done- Destroy a Thief with a Tire Iron without reducing it to 0 HP
  • Final Lesson - Incapacitate The Operative using Charge
  • Fight the Dragon - Hit Zhu Long with the Pipe Wrench twice in the same turn

Infernal Relics Heroes

The Argent Adept

  • Double Barline - Use Xu's Bell to destroy a spaceship
  • Accompaniment - Let another hero reduce Akash'bhuta to 0 or fewer HP on your turn.
  • Song of Serenity - Destroy Ruin using Scherzo of Frost and Flame


  • Banishment - Use Mistbound on Grand Warlord Voss and then reduce him to 0 or fewer HP in one turn.
  • Preserve the Fabric of Eternity Reduce Gloomweaver to 0 or fewer HP using Oblivion
  • Masterful control - Destroy Man-Grove with Man-Grove's own damage

Shattered Timelines Heroes


  • Armed Across Time - Have at least 6 equipment cards in play at once
  • Bount Hunted - Reduce Plague Rat to 0 or fewer HP while there are at least 3 Bounty Cards on him
  • Down for the Count - Use Eye on the Price and then Terrible Tech Strike on Doc Tusser


  • Adaptive Reaction - Deal at least two types of Damage using Reactive Plating Subroutine in one Turn
  • Broken Timeline - Reduce Omnitron to 0 or fewer HP using Self Sabotage
  • Destroy the Aberration - destroy Omni-Blade using Singularity

Vengeance Heroes


  • Best at what she does - Deal at least 30 Energy damage in one turn
  • Purpose Served Reduce Progeny to 0 or fewer HP while Overdo it is in play
  • Minor Speedbump


  • Solitary Menagerie - Have each of the three form cards in play over the course of one turn
  • Center of Attention - Be dealt at least 20 damage by Deadline in one turn and survive that turn
  • Assassination Attempt - Be the target of damage from Equity but take no damage


  • High Priority Target Increase damage dealt to Citizen Truth by at least 4
  • One Plus Two Plus Two Plus One? - Destroy at least 3 Clue Cards in one turn
  • Two Smart - Put Highbrow on the bottom of Friction's deck

The Southweste Sentinels

  • Teamwork - Have all 4 Signature cards in play at once
  • Miracle Workder - In one game, have each of The Sentinels be incapacitated and then win the game with all of them active
  • Bitter Enmity - Have two of The Sentinels take all the damage dealt by The Crackjaw Crew in one turn


  • Triple Dare - Win the game with exactly 3 times as many tokens in your Unlucky Pool as Setback has current HP
  • Unlucky Number 7 - Have 7 villain cards in your play area at once
  • Severance Package - Destroy Revenant by redirecting damage to Revenant using Wrong Time and Place

Wrath of the Cosmos Heroes

Captain Cosmic

  • Cosmic Jurisdiction - Deal at least 20 energy damage in one turn
  • Fallen Brothers - A hero other than Captain Cosmic reduces Infinitor to 0 or fewer HP using a Cosmic Weapon while Infinitor has a Vitality Conduit
  • Threat Assessment - Destroy Empyreon in one turn from full HP


  • Infiltration Expert - Play at least 10 cards in one turn
  • Gladiatorial Champion - Reduce Kaargra Warfang to 0 or fewer HP while Sky-Scrapper has at least 2 Title Cards
  • Smackdown - Destroy Tantrum using sonic damage while Huge

Mini Expansion Heroes


  • All the Best Stuff! - Win the game with 8 Limited cards in play
  • Did You Really Think I'd Fall For It? - Win by redirecting damage to Guise from The New Deal to Wager Master
  • Extinguisher! Get it? - Destroy Argentium using cold damage

The Scholar

  • Life and Death - Be dealt at least 20 damage in one round and regain at least 10 hp in the same round.
  • False Truths - Destroy at least 4 of Biomancer's Homunculus in one turn
  • Rival Powers - Destroy Hermetic without being dealt any damage while Hermetic is in play


  • Mister Chomps Chomps - Have one Raptor Bot deal at least 15 damage in one turn
  • Legacy vs Legacy - Have Champion Bot Survive being dealt damage redirected by Iron Legacy's Superhuman Redirection
  • Recursive Loop - Destroy The Radioactivist with damage caused by Bee Bot's destruction as a result of damage dealt by The Radioactivist