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SCRPG Aeon Girl.png
Hero Name Alias
Aeon Girl Windy Farrum
Physical Attributes
Gender Female Age A Few Months Height 5’5” (usually)
Eyes White Hair Silver Skin Metallic
Build Impressionable
Costume/Equipement Aeon Girl’s dark metallic skin and silvery hair speak to her cosmic origins, though her innate orange and yellow outfit and signature blue energy make her look eerily similar to a minion of OblivAeon, as opposed to her own person.
Background Blank Slate Power Source Higher Power
Archetype Blaster Personality Naive
Principle of Levity
Principle of Cosmic Energy
During Roleplaying During Roleplaying
You keep your positive outlook even when all hope is lost. Your spirit is nearly impossible to break. You have an affinity with cosmic energy. You can interact with cosmic energy with ease.
Minor Twist Minor Twist
Who did you offend by making light at the wrong time? What other energy/element is currently causing your powers to go on the fritz?
Major Twist Major Twist
What has occurred to finally break your good spirits? What source of energy/element is currently dampening all your powers?
Powers Die Type Qualities Die Type
Absorption (d8) Alertness (d10)
Cosmic (d10) Cosmic Progeny (d8)
Density Control (d8) Ranged Combat (d8)
Flight (d10)
Infernal (d8)
Teleportation (d10)
Status Dice Health Range
Green D6.png 35-27
Yellow D6.png 26-13
Red D12.png 12-1
Icon Name Type Game Text
  Cosmic Nature I At the start of your turn, remove any -1 penalties on you.
(rpgAttack) Inevitable Blast A Attack using Cosmic. Ignore all penalties on this attack, ignore any Defend actions, and it cannot be affected by Reactions.
(rpgAttack)(rpgHinder) Withering Blast A Attack using Infernal. Hinder a target with your Min die.
(rpgOvercome) Principle of Levity   Overcome a dire situation where your jokes prevent demoralization. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
(rpgOvercome) Principle of Cosmic Energy   Overcome a challenge involving cosmic energy. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgBoost) Energy Battery A Boost yourself using Absorption. Then, remove a penalty on yourself or recover health equal to your Min die.
(rpgBoost)(rpgHinder) Internal Cataclysm A Attack all nearby opponents using Infernal. Hinder any targets damaged by this ability with your Min die. Hinder yourself with your Max die.
(rpgRecover) Cosmic Form R If you would take damage from Cosmic energy, recover that amount of health instead.
(rpgAttack)(rpgBoost) Fly Interference A Attack using Flight. Use your Max die. If you choose another hero to go next, Boost that hero with your Mid die.
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgRecover) Reconstitution I Once per issue, if you would go to 0 Health, roll you Absorption, Alertness, and Red status dice. Your health becomes he sum of that roll.
(rpgAttack) Unleashed Oblivion A Attack using Cosmic and at least one bonus. Use your Max+Mid+Min dice. Destroy all of your bonuses, adding each of them to this attack first, even if they are exclusive.
  Interposing Jaunt R When multiple allies are Attacked, you may take all the damage instead. If you do, roll your Teleportation+Red status die and reduce the damage by that much.

Hinder an opponent using Cosmic.