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  • If the environment trash is empty and something reshuffles the trash into the deck, Akash’bhuta still flips.


  • You may discard cards one at a time for Rapid Growth, and stop discarding at any time up to 6 cards.
  • As The Earth Turns does not react to a villain card being put into play.
  • If hero cards cannot be played, then a Primordial Seed on top of the environment deck would not be played on the environment turn, effectively nullifying the card play of the environment turn that turn. If environment cards cannot be played, that does not prevent the play of a primordial seed card from the top of the environment deck.
  • Suppose Akash'Thriya has Paragon of Sentience next to her, and a Primordial Seed is on top of the environment deck. Akash'Thriya is incapacitated. Since her cards are immediately removed from the game, Paragon of Sentience does not play the primordial seed.
  • Suppose Inconceivable Obstruction is in play and a primordial seed is on top of the environment deck. When Kismet would be dealt damage, the seed is revealed and is a target, so it is put into play and the damage redirected to it. The "when this card is played from the environment deck" text on the seed takes effect before the damage. This applies to certain environment cards too, like Partial Omni-Drone.
  • With Akash'Thriya: Spirit of the Void's power, the seeds may individually choose their targets
  • Deadline's Calculated Orogenesis plays the top card of the environment deck, then has "that environment card" deal damage. If it plays a Primordial Seed, it's not an environment card, so the damage fizzles.

Spiff's Clarifications

Mountainous Carapace

  • This card says, “reduce damage dealt to akash’bhuta by 1. when this card is destroyed, Akash’Bhuta deals herself 11 energy damage”. when “Mountainous Carapace” is destroyed, the card’s damage reduction is still in play because cards remain in play while activating any text that triggers upon their destruction. so the damage that “Mountainous Carapace” deals upon its destruction is reduced by 1. Mountainous Carapace damage on destruction