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  • The silhouetted figure on "Living Rockslide" is the Chrono Ranger. This was vaguely foreshadowed on the Chrono Ranger card "By Any Means."


  • Akash'Bhuta is the largest playable villain in the Sentinels card game.
  • Akash'Bhuta has the most HP of any Sentinels villain.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page 30 - Akash'Bhuta, Akash'Thriya, and more!:
    • The Argent Adept episode mentioned that Akash'Bhuta first appeared in the Virtuoso of the Void book and that the Prime Wardens first formed in FFA #10 in the early-'80s but existed for a while before they got their own title, but in the Unity episode it was mentioned that FFA #11 was in the mid-'90s - does that mean that there's a whole decade without a Freedom Five Annual issue being published? Yes - as has been mentioned previously it's not an "every year" title, just "at most once a year". Gaps in publication happen (and even the numbering is weird in that sometimes it'll be published with the year instead of a sequential issue number that people would have to go back and count in order to figure out which number they're actually on).
    • Akash'Bhuta's first appearance is listed in several places as being Prime Wardens #1 which looks like a '90s comic, but how can this be given the timeline we were given in the AA episode? Is this a technicality in that she wasn't given a name or something until then or similar? Nope, this is a genuine mistake made by the guys - when they saw this question they went down the rabbit hole of information sources publicly available and even discovered that their internal documents has this error - it was never the case that PW #1 was her first appearance, it should be listed as Virtuoso of the Void #12. It's an even worse error in that PW #1-3 tells what's really the last Akash'Bhuta story given the next time we see her is when she's coaxed into becoming Akash'Thriya.
    • How long has she been around? 250,000,000 years.
    • Has she been around long enough to know who Gloomweaver was before becoming Gloomweaver? Yes, but she wouldn't care and hadn't been keeping track of humans because they didn't matter until the Virtuosos showed up in which case she only cared about them and then cared more about recent heroes - it's a change in her time-scale of attention that happened too recently for her to care about Gloomweaver.
    • Has she tangled with any of the other long-lived heroes (like Ra or Haka) in the past? No, she was generally slumbering/recovering.
    • Can she leave Earth? Akash'Bhuta could not (too tied to the Earth itself), but Akash'Thriya can (and does!) due to the intrinsic change she had to make to become Akash'Thriya.
    • Where'd the name come from? It was given to her by the ancient Sumerians.
    • What does the "Akash" part of the name mean? "Akash" isn't a word with a specific meaning, but has to do with consuming/devouring but also with the land itself.
    • Does she come into contact with Citizen Dawn (citing the dinosaurs on a card) and are they in a similar weight class? Akash'Bhuta and the Citizens of the Sun don't fight or really interact. Dawn is a little weirded out when Akash drains the life energy from the organisms there. They're not in the same weight class - although Akash is more powerful she's not at all ambitious like Dawn is. Dawn's lesser (although still impressive) power, her association with other powerful people, and her drive towards specific goals probably makes her a more dangerous villain, though.
    • We know that she takes on a few different forms/names - are there other, older names/forms we haven't been told about yet? "Akash'Bhuta" is her first name from the pages of Sentinel Comics - prior to humanity she had no name and didn't manifest in the familiar form we expect from the game materials. Going from void-spirit-guardian to the amalgamated nature spirit fighting the shadow creatures involved some major changes, but once the process settled down there wasn't really a manifested "form" to speak of until she started aping early humans' appearance.
    • What's going on in the card "Entomb"? The art implies that the heroes are being petrified (which would take them out of the fight) but the card just does damage and only even sticks around if somebody doesn't take damage, so what's really going on? It's not turning them to stone, it's turning them to wood - the process takes time (and is painful, thus the damage) and the heroes have to break out of it, which theoretically they do (which is why it goes away).
    • Akash'Bhuta seems to be an avatar of the Earth and a unique creature, why does she appear humanoid in the first place? Why female? She decided to do this - she probably doesn't see herself as female as concerns of "gender" are beneath her to begin with - as an expression of the fact that she embraced the "mother nature" label that ancient humans assigned to her.
    • How much free will does she have? Is her role of "destroyer" one that she has to play out? She didn't have much free will initially as a Void spirit, but she has plenty of it by the time she became known as Akash'Bhuta. She's represents the "chaos" of the natural world, but she's also a protector of it and therefore opposing OblivAeon is right up her alley. She does gain some measure of empathy in her transition to Akash'Thriya, but there's also a major amount of humbling that went along with that transition.
    • Her power comes from the Earth, but it's also said that she can take power from the Void, how strong is her connection to the Void and how does it differ from the connection of the Virtuosos? What happened when she became the Spirit of the Void and what did she give up to do so? What she "gave up" has kind of been discussed in that she became more like she was in her origin. She no longer has a connection to the Void since she severed her connection to the Nexus when she buried it/sealed it away. She can draw Void energy through a conduit (like from Franz Vogel), but she lacks the ability on her own for most of her existence.
    • It's been hinted that she's changing into something new; how does this affect the relationship between her and the Virtuosos? More discussion of this in the future section as the nature of the relationship differs between the reality.
    • On "Allies of Earth" we see her doing something to dinosaurs, what's going on? She wasn't killing the dinosaurs (and there are plenty of them on Insula Primalis anyway). [They don't actually specify what she was doing to them, but from the card effect I'm guessing that she is doing the life-force draining thing mentioned in the Citizen Dawn part earlier.]
    • During OblivAeon, she gives some of herself to the Void, the same source of energy as her nemesis - does this change how she looks in the future? Do we see a Sky-Scraper-sized avatar of the Void running around? No, because she dies. A lot of the impetus for this question is addressed earlier (her relationship to the Void in general).
    • It was mentioned that the Virtuosos of the Void have unique color signatures and Akash'Thriya's Spirit of the Void form looks a lot like Argent Adept's silver - are those related? Her Void form's color isn't coming from the Argent Adept, her form is coming from the Void itself and she looks a lot like she did at the beginning and the similar color is coincidental.
    • Does she come into being fully intelligent and knowing her purpose is to wreck up the place? How does the first Virtuoso defeat her? Does the rivalry start there or is it tied into her being? Most of this is covered - she came into being knowing that she needed to protect the Nexus and her personality developed more over the next 100 million years of war, leaving her with more desire for independence. The only reason she opposes the Virtuosos is because they're aligned with the force that wants her to return to her original state. The first was able to defeat her because he had direct access to the power that created her and was, basically, able to "blast her with herself".
    • Could she control a rain forest from Russia or is she restricted to her immediate area? She has a local "presence" and can't really control things that are too far distant. She can "travel" through the Earth to somewhere else very quickly, but that's not the same as controlling things remotely. She doesn't really need to manifest in order to "be" there.
    • Do her worshipers show up a villains at some point? No, that was a very long time ago in the pre-Virtuoso era.
    • What changes her from vines to lava forms? When she gets really angry. These different forms are related to the aspects of the spirits she consumed way back in the long war and she uses ones that are appropriate for what she's up to (she started as mostly "earth" but absorbed, like, a plant spirit and a lava spirit and so on).
    • Is she angry with Lifeline for trying to blow up 2/3 of the planet? Yes.
    • What city did she blow up in "Rejuvenating Entropy"? It's only a part of a city and she was doing a lot of destruction stuff as part of that Prime Wardens arc, but the specific one shown on the card is Dubai. It's not like when Atum blew up an entire city.
    • Will she still be fighting Virtuosos of the Void or are they cool now? That's another future question.
    • <ship>Akash/Naturalist?</ship> They can see a world, where OblivAeon stuff didn't happen, where it's possible that there could be a version of her that's more human where it could happen. Not in any of the canon timelines.
    • What is her motivation in destroying stuff? She represents nature overcoming the achievements of humanity over time, her personality is something of "fanatic purifier", she kind of resents all things man-made. She's not really out to "rule" the planet because she kind of is the planet.
    • It was mentioned that other planets don't have Akashes or Virtuosos, but do other planets have something like Akash? The only thing that's like her are Void Spirit guardians for the Nexus. In other realities there might be more things that followed a similar route to power (defending spirits consuming one another, etc.) but it was this weird confluence of events that led to her, specifically.
    • On "Disrupt the Field" we see her taking a swing at Young Legacy while Omni-X watches, what universe/timeline is this taking place in (is this one where Baron Blade killed Paul Parsons VIII and/or is this the one that Omnitron took over, etc.)? This card's art is from the universe leading to the Iron Legacy story as the comics showed scenes from both iterations of events (Blade killing Paul or Blade killing Felicia) that got there eventually. It's mostly just showing that, Hey, here's Felicia as Legacy fighting Akash in Megalopolis since these were all familiar people/concepts (that is, it's an isolated panel/a few panels rather than a major story). There is an Omnitron in this universe, but it's not the "same" as Omnitron X.
    • What's her motivation re: the Naturalist's backstory/initial transformation? She was sleeping - his company was damaging the environment and in her state of slumber she reached up into his dreams, threw a spark of magic at him, and went back to sleep. It took much less effort than manifesting would have.
    • She doesn't have a visible mouth, can she talk? She doesn't have any quote on game cards, but in the video game she has intro dialog, so is that a mistake? She can "talk", but it's not by forming a mouth and making sounds with those mouth parts, but she could cause vibrations in the environment to "make words happen". Progeny does not and cannot talk. She doesn't have any quotes on cards because she rarely has any reason to communicate with humans, but as Akash'Thriya she does so more often. It's not psychic communication, but it's not like "normal" hearing either - it's more that the vibrations she causes travel up your body and you hear it in your head.
    • Is she responsible for AA's original incap art? Are the skulls present from people she killed? It's a comic book cover and there's a long tradition of covers showing stuff that doesn't necessarily happen to get you to pick it up (and fake-out character deaths and whatnot).
    • What prompts her to grow/shrink or change her form? Taking a small form to caress a bound AA seems more of a human reaction and you'd think that the lava form would always be a good defense against heroes trying to smash her limbs so why not always be lava? Some of the form stuff was mentioned earlier and it's not like the vine form stuff is necessarily always going to be less damaging that lava, so she changes as appropriate for what she's trying to do at the time (plus there's a lot of artistic license reasoning going on - "which look is cooler for this image?"). Everything she's manifesting is "her" as much as any of the humanoid bodies. The size change stuff is likewise more for drama than anything - it's as much storytelling for comics purposes as anything else. She's smaller as Akash'Thriya because she's more limited in that form, but it's also easier to interact with people that way.
    • Is the change necessitated by the damage Professor Pollution was causing the first big change in her eons of existence? Pretty much already answered, but yes this is the first change to her in the pages of Sentinel Comics.
    • In the video game, the nemesis dialog with Argent Adept leading the heroes implies that she's devoured past Virtuosos; what are the consequences to the planet when she's victorious over the Virtuosos? The only two she devoured were Franz Vogel who she got sneakily after he defeated her by implanting that conduit between them as mentioned. The second was the would-be first American Virtuoso, the fiddler mentioned, who Akash was able to awaken earlier than usual and so got to her before she could even really get started (even though she wasn't a Virtuoso yet, Akash was still able to benefit through the natural Void connection present and so was able to "consume" at least something there).
    • How does a being made of earth and plant matter consume/devour anything? It's not the same as biological "eating", it's a matter of feeding on their energy and power, not their bodies.
    • What would the consequences to the world be if she were destroyed? She couldn't be "destroyed" as long as she was able to retreat into the world itself. Destroying the world would certainly do the trick. However, when she was in danger of being corrupted by Professor Pollution she chose to change her being into Akash'Thriya, a much more fragile form that lacked that safety net, but is more adaptable. However, the planet doesn't depend on her existence however - without her it goes on just fine.
  • Future:
    • The divergence of the two timelines happened before her doing the Akash'Flora thing and so the tree only exists in one of them - so therefore her trip to the Nexus and becoming the Spirit of the Void only happens in the RPG timeline. In Tactics she fights OblivAeon, takes a lot of damage, and winds up reverting to an older form - burrowing down into the Earth with an expectation that she'll be gone for centuries again while she regenerates. So...
    • Tactics - she winds up regenerating faster due to the acquisition of some OblivAeon shards. The place that she is resting happens to come into contact with a bunch of them, and this unstable power source changes her. She becomes even more unstable and dangerous. She becomes less a creature of nature and more one of pure destruction. She only really has three forms at this point. And you can see the recorded livestream of Adam doing art of Akash'Dharsha here. In this timeline, she's definitely still fighting the Virtuoso of the Void (and is particularly furious with him) and is straight-up a villain.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

  • The Void-Form of Akash'Thriya is dead, but it's not like Akash'Whatever has a brain, so the chunk of her that was used to make Akash'Flora is still her and Argent Adept is taking care of her and she is helping him find other instruments and communicating with him a bit. There's not much else going on, but they did get spoiler questions: Is the communication between them two-way or more like talking to your dog? It is two way, but it's not like it's happening with words. At first she's even kind of dumb since she's, y'know, a tree. Is it communication in a way that anybody else could even understand? He's the only one who can hear her at present. She could communicate with new Virtuosos if any show up. Could she communicate using any part of the tree? She can sense what's going on around her through any part of the tree, but the communication gets easier the closer you are to the trunk. Does she lose leaves in autumn and/or do the seasons effect her powers? 'Powers' are tricky because she's a tree - she looks like a deciduous tree, but she keeps her foliage year-round and doesn't grow like a tree would. You could cut it but it would be very difficult given how big and tough it is, but counting rings wouldn't tell you anything. Will she continue to fight Virtuosos? There's no animosity between them at this starting point.