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Fireside Chats

  • Ambuscade’s trap cards can never enter play.
  • If a trap card is on top of the deck when a card is being played from the top of the deck, the trap’s effect happens first.
  • If a “reveal” operation is interrupted, e.g. by an Ambuscade trap incapacitating the revealing hero, the revealed cards go back where they came from in the order that they were before.
  • Targets that are in the process of being destroyed (e.g. Explosives Wagon, Sonic Mine, other devices via Charged Attacks) can still be targeted and take more damage. (Note: in the video game we plan to put such targets behind the “Show All Targets” button)
  • Cards that say “whenever a card is played” or “whenever a card enters play” do not react to Ambuscade's trap cards being flipped up and shuffled into the deck.
  • Since Ambuscade’s Trap cards never enter play, they are not affected by Fixed Point in any way.
  • The hero cards put in the villain deck from "What do you really know?" follow similar rules to Ambuscade's trap cards (i.e., the thing goes off even if it's part of revealing cards, etc).
  • When Liquid Nitrogen Rounds is used to destroy Sonic Mine, the damage from Sonic Mine is reduced by 1.
  • Ambuscade Challenge Mode: At the start of the game, the villain deck is shuffled until no traps are at the top of the deck, so that Ambuscade can't win the game before the start of his first turn.


  • Desert Eagle's text is updated to read "When this card enters play, it deals itself 3 psychic damage." The revelation that this card made it to printing without a damage type also dealt 3 psychic damage to Christopher.
  • Double Team works like Overwhelm the Mighty, where the target can change each time a new damage source is selected. It recalculates after the first damage.
  • Ambuscade’s card text says that each target next to a snare is dealt 3 melee damage. This does not count for targets in Concealed Pitfall’s play area, because it is not next to a target.
  • Glamour’s redirect the first time a nemesis card is dealt damage each turn applies once per nemesis.
  • Since the video game only shows nemesis icons on cards when another card with the same icon is in the game, the texts of Enticing Target and Hunting Pack have been altered slightly for the video game. Instead of “a villain target with a nemesis icon” they now read: "a villain character card or nemesis card." This does not affect the behavior of the cards.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

Charged Attacks

  • Just to be clear, the wording on the card is correct, and the damage dealt when a device is destroyed does in fact hit each target in play, including Ambuscade and his other Devices. It’s not unheard of for “Charged Attacks” to destroy a device, which destroys more devices, which destroy more devices in a cascade of damage.


  • Ambuscade’s trap cards can never enter play. If a trap card is on top of the deck when a card is being played from the top of the deck, the trap’s effect happens first. Fireside Chats Wraith’s “infrared eyepiece” reveals the top two cards of the villain deck. if one of the revealed cards is a face-up trap, it doesn’t count as one of the revealed cards since it’s technically already revealed, so you should resolve the trap card, then keep revealing cards until a total of two facedown cards have been revealed.