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  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • Ammit doesn't seem to get out much (especially outside of Ra stories) - what's she doing in Bugbear's deck? She's in Bugbear's story operating in her wheeling-and-dealing of power mode - finding people with power who don't necessarily understand or appreciate their power (and Bugbear fits this to a T). In the story involving Nightmist he winds up banished from reality and Ammit made a deal with him previously that resulted in this (deals with bad consequences being a common theme with her). More on Bugbear later, but keep this in mind.
    • What is Ammit (how does she fit into how the other Egyptian-themed characters operate)? She's a monster. Not a "god" like Ra or the Ennead (or an old entity like Anubis). She kind of started out as a pet of one of the entities that they had summoned ages ago and she acquired power over the ages, but she never drew the attention of anything that would try to destroy her and so she stuck around. She's very cunning and good at flying under the radar and is only just now starting to make a more overt play. I'm sure nothing will come of/could go wrong with this.

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  • Like Ra and The Ennead, Ammit is a figure in actual Egyptian mythology. She fills the role of "eater of the dead" - when Anubis weighs the heart of the dead against the feather of truth, if the scales don't balance the heart is fed to Ammit. This results in the soul of the deceased to be restless for all time as they are unable to continue to the afterlife.