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Minor Character: Anubis


Name: Anubis
HP: 20
Title: Lord of the Underworld
Found in: Tomb of Anubis
Nemesis: Ra

Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. found the Staff of Ra in a hidden temple to Ra. This ancient relic turned him into the mighty Ra, God of the Sun! Roderick Ward and his group of grave robbing adventurers found the Shrine of the Ennead, and within, the relics which transformed them into the powerful Egyptian pantheon!

However, not all tales of Egyptian gods are actually of relic-bearing heroes. In fact, one notable figure still exists: Anubis, Lord of Judgement! Anubis guards the gates of the underworld, judging those who pass from this life to the next, and manifesting in this world only when something upsets the balance of his scales. With so many new bearers of ancient Egyptian power making waves in this world, Anubis has been disturbed! He draws groups of powerful heroes and villains into his tomb to battle, and to be judged.

The Tomb of Anubis is filled with traps and trials, but also with treasure! Terrible mummies patrol the tomb, resetting the traps and assaulting any they come across. And, of course, Anubis himself judges all within. Do you dare to brave the Tomb of Anubis?!

Ra and Anubis have not had a good history. Sometime after Blake Washington decided to put away the mantle of Ra, his intern/apprentice Martin 'Marty' Adams is cursed while exploring a tomb with Blake. Blake, from his knowledge coming from Ra, knows what this curse means. After searching Ra encounters Anubis, and demands a release of his intern from the curse. Anubis offers a deal, the trade of Ra's soul for Anubis. Ra declines, arrogantly, and fights Anubis. Eventually Anubis gives in, but vows that Ra will pay for this one way or another.

Eventually, Anubis moves the shifting sands and reveals the Temple of the Ennead. He guides 13 grave robbers into it, 9 of whom survive and return with the nine objects that make up the Ennead. This is the payback to Ra, as they defeat Ra handily. When Ra comes to Anubis for more power to defeat them, Anubis informs him that there shall be no help as this is his payment.

During the OblivAeon event, Ra convinces Anubis (along with the Ennead) to fight OblivAeon. They crack his shield but are destroyed for their efforts. The Rod of Anubis, which now is an object like the Staff of Ra and holds the power and Knowledge of Anubis, is scattered to the wind with the other gods objects.

In the RPG, the Rod of Anubis is found and Anubis power returns, in the hands of Martin Adams!

Main Episode: Episode 27

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  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • The Tomb of Anubis description mentions that not all of the Egyptian "deities" are people empowered by Relics, calling out Anubis - if that's the case, what's his deal? Does he judge over all the dead, or only when there's Egyptian magic weirdness going on? Does he have it in for Ra or the others? What happens when he's incapacitated? He's not really the "god of the dead" as there really isn't one of those in the setting - he is are guardian of the gates of the underworld and there isn't necessarily only one gate (or even one underworld), but he tries to keep things in there from escaping and to keep people from going in and out. Similar to the other "deities", he's a powerful entity from ancient Egypt that was once a person, but unlike the others, he never died to pass his power into his Relic (until OblivAeon) - that is, he didn't acquire his power *from* a Relic like Ra or the Ennead did, but once he dies that process *begins* as the Rod of Anubis becomes the same sort of empowering artifact.
    • Did Anubis ever interact with the Cult of Gloom or Biomancer? How does his power level compare to Gloomweaver? Biomancer is not raising the dead and so doesn't really factor in to Gloomweaver's or Anubis' shtick. Goomweaver and Anubis are aware of one another, but only really interact in one issue of Ra's book where Gloomweaver tries to draw on Anubis' connection to the underworld to power more zombie shenanigans. Ra intervenes.

To Other Works

  • Like Ra and The Ennead, Anubis is a figure from actual Egyptian mythology. He's the god of cemeteries and of embalming - frequently shown overseeing the process of mummification. He was later also depicted as a psychopomp, guiding the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Part of this process involved an act of judgement; the heart of the dead would be weighed against the feather of truth. Failing this test would result in the heart being fed to Ammit and the soul being unable to proceed to the afterlife.