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Fireside Chats

  • Rules of Malediction is updated to read: “After this card is destroyed” instead of “When this card is destroyed” to simplify timing issues. Similar updates will be made to other cards in the future.
  • Apostate’s front side is updated to read: “If Apostate would be destroyed…”
  • Apostate’s flip mechanics work as follows.
    • On the front side, suppose he would be destroyed and there is a villain relic in play. The destruction is cancelled, the lowest HP villain relic is destroyed, and he flips. He’ll end up at 20 HP due to the text on his back side.
    • On the back side, suppose he would be dealt damage that would bring him to 0 HP or less and there is a villain relic in play. The damage is cancelled, the highest HP villain relic is destroyed, and he flips. This leaves him at the same HP he was before he flipped.
  • If Runes of Malediction is destroyed and there are more demons in the trash than H, the players get to choose which cards come into play, and the order in which they come into play. This works differently from Forced Deployment where ALL minions come into play. If players are selecting a set number of things to return, they can pick the order, but not when ALL are returned.
  • When Apostate's Tome of the Unknowable and Ammo Drop are both in play, Ammo Drop is still able to trigger the Tome's "play a card" effect when the Tome is destroyed. This is due to cards being in play during their own destruction.
  • On Apostate's flip side, the "reduced to 0 HP" check occurs before Apostate would be destroyed. This means that Unforgiving Wasteland cannot trigger in this case.
  • While Fixed Point is in play, Aegis of Resurrection still takes effect immediately when Fanatic is reduced to <= 0 HP. Same thing with Apostate on his back side, or any other cards that still have “reduced to 0 or less HP.”
  • Relic Spirit’s text is updated to read: “At the end of the Villain turn, each Relic regains 1 HP. The first time a Relic Spirit is destroyed each turn, move (H) minus 1 Relic cards from the villain trash into play.”
  • Suppose Challenge Apostate's deck is empty (all demons in trash) and Runes of Malediction is destroyed. Runes of Malediction moves one demon at a time, so in this case it would move one, then the top card of the deck is played (triggering a reshuffle), and then the trash is empty so it stops.

Spiff's Clarifications

Flipping Apostate

  • Apostate’s flip mechanism can be confusing (especially on his back side), so here’s a walkthrough: On the front side, his card says that if he would be reduced to 0 or fewer hp, destroy a relic and flip him. on the back, it says to restore him to 20 hp when he’s flipped to that side. the important phrase in all of this is “would be”, which means that instead of destroying him, you do the other things. So, if he would be destroyed, instead you flip him and then bring him to 20 hp. On the back, it says that if apostate would be reduced to 0 or fewer hp, you destroy a relic and then flip him back. The “would be” here means that if he takes enough damage to destroy him, instead of taking that damage, you destroy a relic and flip him to his front side. Apostate will still have however many hp he had before he would have taken the hit that would have destroyed him, since there’s no mechanism for him to restore hp on his front side. An example: Apostate has 10 hp on his front side and takes a 15-point hit from Bunker’s “Omni-Cannon” that would be enough to destroy him, but instead he destroys a relic and flips to his back side. his hp are then restored to 20 hp. Next, the heroes burn apostate down to 5 hp and then Ra deals him an 8 point shot, which would be enough to destroy the villain. Instead, Apostate destroys a relic and flips to his front side, still with the 5 hp he had before he would have taken Ra’s lethal shot. Of course, with only 5 hp, it won’t be long before Apostate will be making another trip to his back side, where he’ll restore back to 20 hp and repeat the cycle.