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  • In his "Infernal Emissary" form, Apostate has only one scar, which is visible on his torso. In his "Dark Corruptor" form he has numerous glowing scars all over his body.
  • All of Apostate's cards show him smiling, as opposed to Fanatic, his nemesis, who is always frowning.
  • Apostate's "Condemnation" and "Apocalypse" cards mimic Fanatic's "Absolution" and "End of Days" cards respectively.
  • "Remorseless Provocation" Features forum user pwatson1974 as the poor mook being stabbed.


  • Despite having a blade for an arm, the "Relic Spirit" has no offensive capabilities, card mechanically

To Other Works

  • Apostate's status as a demon and his physical appearance paint him as an homage to the demonic villains that were popular in 90's comics.
  • The "Orb of Delirium" may be a reference to the "Orb of Confusion" from the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon series.
  • The Flavor text of the card 'Fallen Angel' is the lyrics to Dio's song Fallen Angels - Similarly Fanatic's Holy Nova is from Holy Diver