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Aliases: Anthony Drake
Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160lbs.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthplace: Whittier, California
Birthday: February 15th
Power Source: Song and Magic
Group Affiliation: Prime Wardens
Occupation: Musician, Magician (formerly bartender)
First Appearance: Toll of Destiny #1
Complexity: 3
Set: Infernal Relics
Nemesis: Akash'Bhuta, Ruin, and Balarian

The Argent Adept

aka Virtuoso of the Void

HP: 24
Innate Power:
Vocalize - Activate a Perform text.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Hero regains 1 HP.
  • One Hero may use a Power.
  • Select a Damage Type. Until the start of your next turn, increase all Damage of that Type dealt by Hero Targets by 1.

Prime Wardens: Argent Adept

HP: 25
Innate Power:
Conduct - Put the bottom Card of your Deck into play. You may activate an Accompany text.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Draw a Card.
  • Destroy an Environment Card.
  • Redirect the next Damage that would be dealt to a Hero Target to another Target.

Kvothe Six String

aka Dark Conductor Argent Adept

HP: 23
Innate Power:
Sympathy (or Dark Dynamics) - Reveal the top Card of any 2 Decks. Put 1 Card into play and the other into the trash.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • One Player may Draw a Card now.
  • One Player may Play a Card now.
  • Destroy a Target with 2 or fewer HP.

XTREME Prime Wardens: Argent Adept

HP: 26
Innate Power:
Rebel Yell - The Argent Adept deals 1 Target other than himself 2 Sonic Damage. If a Hero is dealt Damage this way, they play a Card and use a Power.
Incapacitated Powers: Choose one each turn
  • Up to 2 Hero Targets deal 1 Target 1 Sonic Damage each.
  • One Hero may use a Power now.
  • Destroy an Ongoing Card.

Prime Wardens: Argent Adept

Sentinel Tactics Character Panel

Innate Power:


Argent Adept Virtuoso of the Void Standard Front.png

As long as human cultures have existed, there has always been a Virtuoso of the Void. A master musician who holds back the tide of chaos and destruction through their connection to the primal forces of the natural world. There is only ever one Virtuoso of the Void at a time, and each of these druidic songsmiths faced down the avatar of annihilation known as Akash'Bhuta as she rose time and time again to break all order in the world.

The Virtuosos of the Void always passed on their chosen instruments. The new Virtuoso would learn their fate when handed the instrument, the artifact itself imparting the title and the knowledge that order must be preserved. When a young bartender named Anthony Drake happened across an ancient Chinese bell in a cultural arts museum, he learned more about the ways of the world, as well as his own destiny, than he ever could have imagined. He was the newest Virtuoso of the Void and should have already been training in the ways of the Void, but Akash'Bhuta had disrupted the cycle early. She, over time, learned to destroy the instruments of the Virtuosos, and she had broken the fiddle of the previous Virtuoso of the Void before it could be passed on to his successor.

Anthony Drake set out, leaving his mundane life behind him. He sought the remaining instruments of past Virtuosos in order to learn to channel his new-found power. Calling himself The Argent Adept, he fights as an agent of order and restoration against the discord sewn by all manner of vile beings.

However, Akash'Bhuta is already aware of this newest Virtuoso, and she knows that the sooner she destroys him, the sooner she will be able to break the cycle of the Virtuosos entirely, leaving the world her domain to do with as she pleases...

Argent Adept Prime Wardens Standard Front.png

Prime Wardens: Argent Adept

Variant: Originally received from the Wrath of the Cosmos preorder event for 100 copies preordered.

A team that was formed to aid a neophyte Virtuoso of the Void against Akash'Bhuta, the Prime Wardens were led by The Argent Adept in that conflict.

After a terrible loss to Akash'Bhuta - nemesis of all Virtuosos of the Void - Anthony Drake knew that he was not prepared to take on the force of Nature's Chaos. Without allies, Akash'Bhuta would end the line of Virtuosos with the death of Drake, and the world would be in great peril.

Calling out to those heroes he'd fought alongside, the Argent Adept assembled a team to face Akash'Bhuta. Each who joined him in the fight brought their own skills, abilities, and considerable powers to bear, but without the entire team, they would not have defeated the Avatar of Creation and Destruction. The Argent Adept, Captain Cosmic, Tempest, Haka, and Fanatic joined in battle, though even they would been lost if not for the momentary appearance of an unknown figure with a broad-brimmed hat and a six-shooter.

Now, that team still stands firm against threats from this world and others. Known as the Prime Wardens, the five heroes protect our world from otherworldly opponents and beings from beyond the known cosmos. However, their greatest challenge is still yet to come...

Kvothe Six-String

aka: Dark Conductor Argent Adept

Variant: The Kvothe version of this card was originally announced by author Patrick Rothfuss on his blog in November 2014. The character Kvothe is originally from Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles books, and Christopher has stated that Argent Adept was originally developed as a direct reference to Kvothe. "Dark Conductor" replaced that card in the Variant Pack due to Rothfuss owning the Kvothe card rights.

All sale proceeds from the card are donated to Heifer International, a charity that helps people raise themselves up out of poverty and starvation by promoting education, sustainable agriculture, and local industry all over the world.

If you wish for a copy of Kvothe, please support the charity, and do not print and play that version of the card.

Argent Adept: Dark Conductor is the replacement in the Ultimate Variant Pack. He has the same power as Kvothe.

Argent Adept Kvothe Six-String Standard Front.png
Argent Adept XTREME Prime Wardens Foil Front.png

XTREME Prime Wardens: Argent Adept

Variant: Originally received from the OblivAeon Kickstarter.

The XTREME Prime Wardens were first revealed during the ARG Event in the Time vs. Time comic.




  • Confirmed by Christopher during a Q&A session: The Argent Adept is a direct reference to the character Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. In the the book Kvothe is described as having fiery red hair, and a major scene involves him playing his lute to earn an honorific, one that includes a set of "silver pipes." (A small brooch showing a pair of silver pipes, representing his talent as a musician.) A Kvothe promo card for the Argent Adept was displayed at the Vengeance release party, with the lowest starting HP (23) of any hero excluding The Sentinels.
  • Dr. Blake Washington, the alter-ego of Ra, is featured in the flavor text of "Xu's Bell."
  • This was the hero deck that required the most effort by Christopher.[1]
  • Virtuosos of the Void whose names, place of origin, titles, and instruments are known:[2]
    • Akpunku, a woman in Africa, The Amber Accompanist, Drum (AA's deck)
    • Telamon, ancient Greece, The Cerulean Sorcerer, Lyra (AA's deck)
    • Xu Li-hua, Han-dynasty China, The Jade Jinx, Bell (AA's deck)
    • Eydisar Ragnarsson, Scandinavia, The Sallow Skald, Horn (AA's deck)
    • Tomasina Musaragni, a nun in Renaissance Italy, Sister Saffron, Harp (AA's deck)
    • Anthony Drake, bartender from California, The Argent Adept, Pipes (AA's deck, but this is AA himself)
    • Franz Vogel, Germany, The Crimson Conductor, a conductor's Baton carved with rose thorns (the Carbon Adept in Biomancer's deck, plus the "Dark Dynamics" variant of AA's character card - Franz got involved with Blood Magic).
    • Ruairí O'Ceallaigh (pronouned Rory O'Kelly), Ireland, The Chartreuse Chanteuse, Fiddle (Tactics)

To Other Works

  • "Inspiring Supertonic" portrays Mr. Fixer fighting a robotic version of Baron Blade. This "Blade-bot" is likely a reference to the "Doombots", the robotic doppelgangers of Marvel Comics villain Dr. Doom.
  • Kvothe Six String from The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss.
  • The art on Argent Adept's Virtuoso of the Void original incapacitated side is an homage to Wolverine crucified in a similar manner on the cover of Uncanny X-Men #251.
  • The Argent Adept has some similarities with Marvel's Doctor Strange, as well. Both have alliterative titles representing a position held: Virtuoso of the Void vs. Sorcerer Supreme, both wear long capes and are often shown hovering around a conflict, both use collections of older relics to aid them, and when using their power there is often glowing effects around their hands.


  1. GTG forum user Arenson9 transcribes a Q&A Christopher & Adam gave at GenCon 2016 in a post in GTG forum thread "GenCon 2016"
  2. The Letters Page Episode 29 - The Argent Adept

Incapacitated Images

Variant Pack New Artwork

The All Heroes Variant Pack released with OblivAeon contains new artwork for the heroes and their variant cards.

Argent Adept Hero Deck

Special Rules

The Argent Adept features a multi-layered mechanic involving Instrument Cards which can activate the Perform and Accompany text of three types of Ongoing cards: Melodies, Harmonies, and Rhythms.

Instrument Cards have powers which can activate certain Ongoing cards.
Melody cards have Perform abilities, which are particularly strong.
Harmony cards have Perform and Accompany abilities.
Rhythm cards have Perform and Accompany abilities.

Perform and Accompany abilities are different from powers in that they must be activated by either an Instrument card or The Argent Adept's Innate Power. However, they are also more versatile as they can be used multiple times per turn, if there are multiple ways of activating them in play.


Incapacitated - Shadowy image Anthony Drake crucified on an X.


Arcane Cadence (x4)
Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck. Put 1 of them in your hand, 1 on the top of your deck, 1 on the bottom of your deck, 1 in your trash, and play 1.
Art: A stylized version of the Argent Adept;
Flavor-text: "Time for a little improvisation!" - The Argent Adept, Virtuoso of the Void #21
Instrumental Conjuration (x4)
Search your deck or trash for an Instrument card and put it into play. If you searched your deck, shuffle your deck. You may draw a card.
Art: The Argent Adept bringing the instruments out another dimension;
Flavor Text: "Virtuosos of the Ages, lend me your strength!" - The Argent Adept, Mother Earth One-Shot
Polyphoric Flare (x2)
The Argent Adept deals himself 2 Energy Damage. If he takes Damage this way, you may use a Power now.
Art: Siege-Breaker grabbing the Argent Adept from behind;
Flavor-Text: "Augh!" - Siege-Breaker, Vengeance #4
Silver Shadow (x2)
Activate an Accompany text. You may either draw a card or play a card now.
Art: A picture of the Prime Wardens;
Flavor-Text: "Now is the time for bold actions!" - The Argent Adept, Prime Wardens #1
Vernal Sonata (x4)
Each Hero Target regains 1 HP. Each Player may take 1 card other than Vernal Sonata from their trash and put it on top of their deck.
Art: Tempest petting a dog with the Argent Adept in the background;
Flavor-Text: "Our allies come in all shapes and sizes." - Tempest, Prime Wardens #6

Ongoing, Melody

Rhapsody of Vigor (x2)
Perform: Up to 5 Targets regain 1 HP each.
Art: The Argent Adept giving help to the Visionary and the Idealist;
Flavor-Text: "Prepare yourselves. The worst is yet to come." - The Argent Adept, Freedom Five Annual #10
Sarabande of Destruction (x2)
Perform: Destroy 1 Ongoing or Environment card.
Art: The Argent Adept fighting Akash'Bhuta;
Flavor-Text: "Your base machinations shall fail!" - The Argent Adept, Ra: God of the Sun #179
Scherzo of Frost and Flame (x2)
Perform: The Argent Adept deals 1 Target 1 Cold Damage, then deals 1 Target 1 Fire Damage.
Art: The Argent Adept fighting Ruin with ice and fire;
Flavor-Text: "A touch of the elements to keep foes at bay." - The Argent Adept, Prime Wardens #17

Ongoing, Rhythm

Counterpoint Bulwark (x2)
Perform: Select up to 2 Targets. Until the start of your next turn, reduce Damage dealt to those Targets by 1.
Accompany: One Player may draw 1 card now.
Art: The Argent Adept protected from the Arachnoid;
Flavor-Text: "Once again, evil mindlessly strives for nothing." - The Argent Adept, Virtuoso of the Void #17
Inventive Preparation (x2)
Perform: Each Player may look at the top card of their Hero deck, then replace it or discard it.
Accompany: One Player, other than you, may play 1 card now.
Art: The Argent Adept playing his horn to help the Visionary;
Flavor-Text: "He's noisy, but effective." - The Visionary, Burying the Blade #5
Syncopated Onslaught (x2)
Perform: Select up to 2 Targets. Until the start of your next turn, increase Damage dealt by those Targets by 1.
Accompany: The Argent Adept deals 1 Target 1 Sonic Damage.
Art: The Argent Adept emitting energy while surrounded by robots;
Flavor-Text: "To me, heroes! We shall win this day!" - The Argent Adept, Freedom Five #629

Ongoing, Harmony

Alacritous Subdominant (x2)
Perform: One Player may play 1 card now.
Accompany: You may use a Power now. If you do, destroy this card.
Art: The Argent Adept is playing his harp to help Tachyon;
Flavor-Text: "Whoa! I'm keeping you around!" - Tachyon, Virtuoso of the Void #4
Cedistic Dissonant (x2)
Perform: Destroy an Instrument. If you do, destroy any 1 card in play, other than a Character card.
Accompany: Discard 2 cards. Draw 3 cards.
Art: The Argent Adept breaks his bell to rip apart a spaceship;
Flavor-Text: "Power for power. Be no more." - The Argent Adept, NightMist #61
Inspiring Supertonic (x2)
Perform: One Player may use a Power now.
Accompany: The Argent Adept regains 2 HP.
Art: Mr. Fixer destroying a Blade-Bot;
Flavor-Text: "Strike swiftly!" - The Argent Adept, Burying the Blade #5

Equipment, Instrument

Akpunku's Drum (x1)
Power: Activate the Accompany text of a Rhythm card and the Perform text of a Melody card.
Art: An African drum in the Savannah;
Flavor-Text: "How can this mere mortal counter my despair?!" - Gloomweaver, NightMist #21
Drake's Pipes (x1)
Power: Activate the Perform text of up to 2 different Melody cards.
Art: Silver double pipes resting on a tree;
Flavor-Text: "Ah, the pipes! My specialty!" - Anthony Drake, Toll of Destiny #3
Eydisar's Horn (x1)
Power: Activate the Perform text of a Melody card and the Accompany text of a Harmony card.
Art: An ornate silver horn on a wood stand;
Flavor-Text: "The call which heralds your destruction!" - The Argent Adept, Mother Earth One-Shot
Musaragni's Harp (x1)
Power: Activate the Perform text of a Harmony card and the Accompany text of a Harmony card.
Art: A harp sitting on a table;
Flavor-Text: "Its strings can play as quietly as a mouse, or as loud as a lion!" - The Argent Adept, Prime Wardens #2
Telamon's Lyra (x1)
Power: Activate the Perform text of a Harmony card and the Accompany text of a Rhythm card.
Art: An antique lyra resting on a pillar;
Flavor-Text: "I only hope that more virtuoso instruments have survived the ages..." - Anthony Drake, Toll of Destiny #4
Xu's Bell (x1)
Power: Activate the Perform text of a Rhythm card and the Accompany text of either a Rhythm card or a Harmony card.
Art: An Oriental Bell on a table;
Flavor-Text: "Hey, you can't touch that! It's a priceless artifact!" - Dr. Blake Washington, Toll of Destiny #4

Sentinel Tactics: Argent Adept Power Cards

Not Yet Released


Fireside Chats

  • If Guise has "Yeah, I'm That Guy!" in play, and then uses "I Can Do That Too!" on the Argent Adept, the Perform texts on AA's songs should also be on "Yeah, I'm That Guy!". While this is technically correct, it's unnecessary and so is not implemented in the digital version.
  • If "Cedistic Dissonant" is used to destroy the instrument that allowed it to be performed, it prevents the "Accompany" part of that instrument from occurring.
  • If Guise uses an instrument to activate a song, all the decisions and effects from the song belong to Guise. For example, with "Cedistic Dissonant", Guise decides which card to destroy, and he discards and draws cards.
  • One-Shots are not considered or counted as "cards in play". That means "Into the Stratosphere" or "Cedistic Dissonant" cannot destroy one-shots that are currently being played.
  • Spite: Agent of Gloom has new text added on both sides of his character card: "Face-down Villain Cards are Indestructible." This prevents "Cedistic Dissonant" and "Into the Stratosphere" from affecting those cards.
  • You must perform the actions listed on "Arcane Cadence" in order. If there are fewer than 5 cards in the deck for Arcane Cadence to reveal, you miss out on the actions from the end of the list.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

  • Performs and Accompanies aren't powers
    • Because Performs and Accompanies are not powers, they may be activated more than once in a single turn if some power or ability allows it. This is stated in the "Infernal Relics" rule book but is easy to overlook.
  • Infinite Loops?
    • Argent Adept has a wide range of abilities which interact in complex ways, some of which may seem to introduce an infinite loop. For example: The power on "Telamon's Lyra" lets you activate a Perform and Accompany text. The Accompany on "Syncopated Onslaught" says Argent Adept deals 1 target 1 sonic damage, and the perform text on "Inspiring Supertonic" says one player may use a power now. If you use "Inspiring Supertonic" on Argent Adept and he uses the power on "Telamon's Lyra" again, what's to stop you from repeating that loop over and over, defeating the villain 1 sonic damage at a time? Remember, unlike Performs and Accompanies, you can't activate the same power more than once per turn, so no infinite loop is possible.