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Fireside Chats

  • If Guise has "Yeah, I'm That Guy!" in play, and then uses "I Can Do That Too!" on the Argent Adept, the Perform texts on AA's songs should also be on "Yeah, I'm That Guy!". While this is technically correct, it's unnecessary and so is not implemented in the digital version.
  • If "Cedistic Dissonant" is used to destroy the instrument that allowed it to be performed, it prevents the "Accompany" part of that instrument from occurring.
  • If Guise uses an instrument to activate a song, all the decisions and effects from the song belong to Guise. For example, with "Cedistic Dissonant", Guise decides which card to destroy, and he discards and draws cards.
  • One-Shots are not considered or counted as "cards in play". That means "Into the Stratosphere" or "Cedistic Dissonant" cannot destroy one-shots that are currently being played.
  • Spite: Agent of Gloom has new text added on both sides of his character card: "Face-down Villain Cards are Indestructible." This prevents "Cedistic Dissonant" and "Into the Stratosphere" from affecting those cards.
  • You must perform the actions listed on "Arcane Cadence" in order. If there are fewer than 5 cards in the deck for Arcane Cadence to reveal, you miss out on the actions from the end of the list.
  • With Dark Conductor Argent Adept's power, the actions occur in order - first, a card is played. Then, a card is put into the trash. The second card does not count as a discard.
  • If Xtreme Prime Wardens Argent Adept uses his power to give another hero a card play, and that card play incapacitates Argent Adept, the other hero still gets to use a power. If the card play causes the Argent Adept to be removed from the game, the other hero does not get to use a power.

Spiff's Clarifications

  • Performs and Accompanies aren't powers
    • Because Performs and Accompanies are not powers, they may be activated more than once in a single turn if some power or ability allows it. This is stated in the "Infernal Relics" rule book but is easy to overlook.
  • Infinite Loops?
    • Argent Adept has a wide range of abilities which interact in complex ways, some of which may seem to introduce an infinite loop. For example: The power on "Telamon's Lyra" lets you activate a Perform and Accompany text. The Accompany on "Syncopated Onslaught" says Argent Adept deals 1 target 1 sonic damage, and the perform text on "Inspiring Supertonic" says one player may use a power now. If you use "Inspiring Supertonic" on Argent Adept and he uses the power on "Telamon's Lyra" again, what's to stop you from repeating that loop over and over, defeating the villain 1 sonic damage at a time? Remember, unlike Performs and Accompanies, you can't activate the same power more than once per turn, so no infinite loop is possible.
  • Prime Wardens Argent Adept has this incapacitated ability: “Redirect the next damage that would be dealt to a hero target to another target.” There is no difference if this ability is used once or multiple times before a hero target would be dealt damage. It all still happens on the next instance of damage.
  • The text “look at” is changed to “reveal” on these cards: Extrasensory Awareness, Gauge, Updated Intel, and Inventive Preparation. “Reveal” activates Shinobi Assassin but “look at” does not (this will be important for certain cards in the future).