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Set: Villains
Nemesis: The Prime Wardens: Argent Adept, Captain Cosmic, Fanatic, Haka, Tempest


HP: 12
Title: Nemesis
Found In: Miss Information


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Balarian is an xtra-planar entity that has one identity spread out across multiple bodies. There are thousands of them in their plane, but luckily only a few ever cross into our dimension. Any more than one or two at a time would spell doom for us all!

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  • As a giant tentacled alien monster with a spherical "body" and one giant eye, Balarian has a passing resemblance to Robert E. Howard-created Marvel creature Shuma-Gorath. However, that loses out on the cheeky grin that Balarian has and there's no shortage of giant tentacled aliens in pulp magazines or comics.