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  • From Letters Page Interlude 7 - Nemeses
    • Is Balarian an individual or a species (there's a few of them on an Argent Adept incap)? Both - this is a bizarre alien, extra-planar entity that has one identity spread out in multiple bodies, so there are a lot of them, but they are all Balarian. Kind of like a hive-mind without a central "core". The Prime Wardens only really interact with one or two Balarian at a time as they're mostly outside of our reality.

To Other Works

  • As a giant tentacled alien monster with a spherical "body" and one giant eye, Balarian has a passing resemblance to Robert E. Howard-created Marvel creature Shuma-Gorath. However, that loses out on the cheeky grin that Balarian has and there's no shortage of giant tentacled aliens in pulp magazines or comics.