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Sentinel Tactics: Beacon Power Cards

Focused Blast
Action: After checking Range for this attack, remove each die which rolled higher than the target's range. For each die removed this way, add two dice that show the target's exact range.

Flavor text: "Let's see how you feel after getting hit by the brunt of my power, rock-beast!" - Beacon, Beacon #26
Ongoing: Surge: Gain a Defense+1 token.
Ongoing: When defending, you may reroll one of your Defense dice.
Flavor text: "She's not stopping! Why won't you just die?!" - Riot Ray, Beacon #29
Head-On Collision
Action: If Beacon deals damage with this attack, also Push that target spaces equal to the amount of damage dealt.

Flavor text: "Alright, Mister Growls and Bites. Let's see if we can make a positive attitude change here." - Beacon, Sentinel Sagas #16
Action: Draw Line of Sight from Beacon along one of the six cardinal hex directions. Beacon makes this attack against each target in that line, ignoring Range.

Flavor text: "Out of the way, drones! Or, I mean, please do stay in the way! Look, just line up for me, OK?" - Beacon, Freedom Five #17
Next Evolution
Ongoing: Whenever Beacon makes an attack for the first time each turn, that attack may attack two different targets. At least one of those targets must be adjacent to Beacon.
Flavor text: "Gosh, she's not very nice, is she? She seems to cheerful, but then it's all fists and lasers!" - Citizen Spring, Beacon #41
Piercing Eye-Beams
Ongoing: Beacon's attacks skip checking Line of Sight. (The Line of Sight check on "Kree-Oww!!!" still applies.)
Flavor text: "I've had just about enough of your nonsense, you little creep. No more games!" - Beacon, Beacon #30