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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Mr. Fixer

RC/IR Reprint Errata

  • Incap powers:
    • Unchanged
    • Changed from " Select a player. That player may draw a card now." to "One player may draw 1 card now."
    • Unchanged
  • Grease Monkey Fist: The first two sentences are now in the same paragraph. The text is unchanged.
  • Dual Crowbars: The first sentence now reads "Whenever Mr. Fixer deals damage, he may deal that damage to 1 other target as well."

Incapacitated - An image of Mr. Fixer's hat with a message in Kanji written above it



Charge (x3)
Mr. Fixer deals 1 Target 2 Melee Damage.
Art: Mr. Fixer punching the Operative in the face;
Flavor-text: "Their eyes beg me for mercy. I grant with my fist." - Mr. Fixer, Transmission of Honor #9
Meditation (x3)
Search your trash or your deck for a Style card and put it either into your hand or into play.
Art: Mr. Fixer sitting on a cliff in the mountains in a meditation. His Hat is hanging on a tree branch behind him;
Flavor-text: "Like a mountain, unmoving, unshakable. Like the ocean, deep, unfathomable." - The Visionary, Freedom Five Annual #15
Overdrive (x4)
You may use Mr. Fixer's "Strike" power twice this turn.
Art: Mr. Fixer giving a dragon an Uppercut with energy flowing behind his punch;
Flavor-text: "Strike a blow for freedom, and strike one for the land!" - Mr. Fixer, Mystery Comics #145
Salvage Yard (x2)
Move all Equipment cards from each Hero's trash into their Player's hands. If there is a copy of the card Overdrive in your trash, you may put it into play now.
Art: Expatriette holding a Tactical Shotgun at the back of van with weapons in it;
Flavor-text: "A trip to the junk yard is a journey to the past that makes way for the future." - Mr. Fixer, Transmission of Honor #1


Bloody Knuckles (x4)
Increase all Damage dealt to Mr. Fixer by 2. Increase all Damage dealt by Mr. Fixer by 2. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Mr. Fixer raising his left hand to strike. The bandages on the left hand have blood on them;
Flavor-text: "When Mr. Fixer strikes a blow, there's iron in his hand." - Fanatic, Freedom Five Annual #15

Ongoing, Limited

Harmony (x2)
When both a Tool card and a Style card are in play, increase Damage dealt by Mr. Fixer by 1.
Art: Expatriette shooting Blade Battalion members as they coming out;
Flavor-text: "Courage first; power second; technique third." - Black Fist, Mystery Comics #146

Ongoing, Style

Alternating Tiger Claw (x2)
Damage dealt by Mr. Fixer is irreducible. When this card enters play, destroy all other Style cards.
Art: Mr. Fixer in his Alternating Tiger Claw stance;
Flavor-text: No Retreat - No Surrender - Unattributed
Driving Mantis (x2)
The first time each turn that Mr. Fixer would be dealt 2 or less Damage, you may redirect that Damage to a Target of your choice. When this card enters play, destroy all other Style cards in play.
Art: Mr. Fixer in his Driving Mantis stance;
Flavor-text: Hard, But Not Stiff; Soft, But With Power; Fast, But Without Disorder - Unattributed
Grease Monkey Fist (x2)
Whenever Mr. Fixer deals Damage, you may choose the type of that Damage. Increase Damage dealt by Mr. Fixer by 1. When this card enters play, destroy all other Style cards in play.
Art: Mr. Fixer in his Grease Monkey Fist stance;
Flavor-text: Attack Suddenly; Attack Violently; Attack Without End - Unattributed
Riveting Crane (x2)
After Mr. Fixer Damages a Target, all Damage dealt to that Target is irreducible until the start of your next turn. When this card enters play, destroy all other Style cards in play.
Art: Mr. Fixer in his Riveting Crane stance;
Flavor-text: Out Maneuver; Out Distance; Out Last - Unattributed


Grease Gun (x2)
Non-Hero Targets cannot deal Damage. You may not use Powers. You may not draw cards. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.
Art: Mr. Fixer using his Grease Gun to cause ninjas to slip and fall;
Flavor-text: "Being an auto mechanic is not exactly a precise business." - Mr. Fixer, Engine Block Blues #2
Tool Box (x2)
When this card enters play, draw 2 cards. At the start of your turn, return this card to your hand.
Art: A green tool box with a rag, pipe wrench, screw driver, and hammer showing;
Flavor-text: "A toolbox is not a toy." - Mr. Fixer, Engine Block Blues #4

Equipment, Tool

Dual Crowbars (x2)
Whenever Mr. Fixer deals Damage, he may deal that Damage to 1 other Target as well. Increase Damage dealt by Mr. Fixer by 1. When this card enters play, return any other Tool cards in play to your hand.
Art: Mr. Fixer holding his two crowbars over his head;
Flavor-text: "Yup, one for each hand. Just in case, you know?" - Mr. Fixer, Engine Block Blues #1
Hoist Chain (x2)
Whenever Mr. Fixer deals Damage to a Target, reduce all Damage dealt by that Target by 1 until the start of your next turn. When this card enters play, return any other Tool cards in play to your hand.
Art: A bloody Mr. Fixer has his Hoist Chain wrapped around the neck of a Granite Oni;
Flavor-text: "It's a good old chain. Held up many a block in its day." - Mr. Fixer, Transmission of Honor #6
Jack Handle (x2)
Whenever Mr. Fixer would deal Damage to a Target, he deals that much Damage to all non-Hero targets. When this card enters play, return any other Tool cards in play to your hand.
Art: Mr. Fixer hitting multiple thugs with his Jack Handle;
Flavor-text: "Never know when you'll need an extra long lever." - Mr. Fixer, Mystery Comics #146
Pipe Wrench (x2)
Increase Damage dealt by Mr. Fixer by 1. Reduce Damage dealt to Mr. Fixer by 1. When this card enters play, return any other Tool cards in play to your hand.
Art: Mr. Fixer hitting Zhu Long in the head with his Pipe Wrench;
Flavor-text: "Good forged steel! Not like those modern cast aluminum ones." - Mr. Fixer, Freedom Five #617
Tire Iron (x2)
All Damage dealt by Mr. Fixer is Projectile Damage. After Mr. Fixer Damages a Target, if that Target has 2 or fewer HP, destroy it. When this card enters play, return any other Tool cards in play to your hand.
Art: Mr. Fixer throwing his Tire Iron;
Flavor-text: "He threw a what at you?!" - The Fence, Justice Comics #634


Charge (HMRF03 x3)
Draw 2 cards.
Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 4 melee damage.
Art: Black Fist lands a punch to the face of a man in a suit who has a Thompson submachine gun. The blow knocks the man's hat off and he has dropped the gun.
Flavor-text: "You thought you'd play your games on my streets? You picked the wrong player!" - Black Fist, Black Fist: Grandmaster of the Streets Volume 1 #1 (September, 1972)
Full Throttle (HMRF06 x2)
Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 1 melee damage.
You may play a Style card or a Tool card.
Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 1 melee damage.
You may play a Style card or a Tool card.
Art: Mr. Fixer punches Agitator in the face. Agitator already shows a black eye and bloody mouth and Mr. Fixer's fist trails blood. Agitator's hands glow with a blue/white energy.
Flavor-text: "Their eyes beg me for mercy. I grant it with my fist." - Mr. Fixer, Dark Watch Volume 1 #89 (November, 2006)
Life Worth Living (HMRF11 x3)
You may shuffle your trash into your deck.
Draw 2 cards.
One ally regains 4 HP.
If that ally is a Hero, they may use 1 power.
Art: Mr. Fixer makes a placating gesture while standing between a child and Mr. Jitters.
Flavor-text: "Like a mountain, unmoving, unshakable. Like the ocean, deep, unfathomable." - NightMist, Freedom Five Annual Volume 1 #15 (September, 1997)
The Manifold Path (HMRF12 x3)
You may shuffle your trash into your deck.
You may discover 1 Style card.
You may discover 1 Tool card.
Mr. Fixer regains 3 HP.
Art: Mr. Fixer strikes Bloodsworn gladiator Provocator Tarnis in the face with a pipe wrench. Setback is on the ground being attacked by Soulslayer Perith in the background.
Flavor-text: "I don't know how you keep track of everything you're doing. I get overwhelmed with the idea of fighting with both of my hands!" - Setback, Rook City Renegades Volume 1 #126 (February, 1994)
Zen Maintenance (HMRF17 x3)
Salvage any number of Tool and/or Style cards.
Collect 1 Tool or Style card.
Collect 1 Limited card.
You may play 1 card.
Art: Mr. Fixer kneels in meditation in the center of 2 concentric rings of neatly-laid-out tools and automotive parts.
Flavor-text: "A trip to the junk yard is a journey to the past that makes way for the future." - Mr. Fixer, Transmission of Honor #1 (October, 1996)

Ongoing, Style

Alternating Tiger Claw (HMRF01 x2)
After this card is played, destroy all other Style cards.
Damage dealt by Mr. Fixer is irreducible.
Reaction: Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 2 melee damage.
Art: Mr. Fixer takes a tiger claw kung fu stance. Calligraphic 虎 character and drawing of an automotive alternator provide decoration.
Flavor-text: "Hard, but not rigid. Soft, but with strength. Fast, but without disorder." - Master Shuen Zhang, Mister Fixer One-Shot (May, 1986)
Driving Mantis (HMRF04 x2)
After this card is played, destroy all other Style cards.
After you use a power, draw 2 cards.
Reaction: Use 1 power.
Art: Mr. Fixer takes a praying mantis kung fu stance. Calligraphic 螳 character and drawing of a semi truck provide decoration.
Flavor-text: "Learn to accept the world as it is, not as you want it to be. Then, and only then, can you bring about change." - Mr. Fixer, Mister Fixer One-Shot (May, 1986)
Grease Monkey Fist (HMRF07 x2)
After this card is played, destroy all other Style cards.
After 1 of your cards is destroyed, Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 1 melee damage.
Reaction: Discover 1 Item card.
Art: Mr. Fixer takes a monkey fist kung fu stance. Calligraphic 猴 character and drawing of an automotive oil can provide decoration.
Flavor-text: "Fighting and fixing cars aren't all that different. Sometimes you use a wrench as a hammer. Sometimes what starts as a punch, ends as a kick." - Mr. Fixer, Mister Fixer One-Shot (May, 1986)
Riveting Crane (HMRF14 x2)
After this card is played, destroy all other Style cards.
After you discard a card, Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 1 melee damage.
Reaction: Discard up to 3 cards.
Art: Mr. Fixer takes a white crane kung fu stance. Calligraphic 鶴 character and drawing of a rivet gun provide decoration.
Flavor-text: "Even the mightiest mountain can be overwhelmed by mere drops of water, if the water stays true to its course." - Master Shuen Zhang, Mister Fixer One-Shot (May, 1986)

Ongoing, Limited

Bloody Knuckles (HMRF02 x3)
+2 damage dealt to and by Mr. Fixer.
▶ Start Phase: Destroy this card
Art: Mr. Fixer in the rain cocks his left fist back to deliver a punch. The wraps around his hand shows blood across the knuckles.
Flavor-text: "Slow down there, gramps. I'm supposed to be the edgy one. Looks like you could use some of that inner peace you're always going on about." - Expatriette, Rook City Renegades Volume 1 #60 (August, 1988)
Harmony (HMRF08 x3)
+1 damage dealt by Mr. Fixer if there is a Tool card and a Style card in play.
▶ Start Phase: You may play 1 Style card or Tool card.
Art: The Operative attempts a flying kick to Mr. Fixer's back. He reaches behind him to block the kick with a crowbar.
Flavor-text: "Your weapon is an extension of your body. Your movements are without flaw. I must admit, you have surpassed even what I am capable of." - The Chairman, Transmission of Honor #6 (March, 1997)
Overdrive (HMRF13 x2)
Whenever Mr. Fixer deals damage, you may choose the type of that damage.
■ End Phase: You may use the power on your character card up to 2 times. If you do so at least once, destroy this card.
Art: Mr. Fixer attacks three ninjas (snapping one's arm, striking one in the throat with a staff, and kicking one in the face) while 5 more ninjas move in to attack.
Flavor-text: "Oh ho! So powerful! I knew you had learned much from your master, but even now you still don't realize the extent of what you could do…" - Zhu Long, Dark Watch Volume 1 #17 (November, 2000)

Item, Tool

Dual Crowbars (HMRF05 x2)
After this card is played, destroy all other Tool cards. Then, Mr. Fixer deals up to 2 targets 1 melee damage each.
+1 damage dealt by Mr. Fixer.
-1 damage dealt to Mr. Fixer.
Art: Mr. Fixer wielding a pair of crowbars, striking a pair of assailants.
Flavor-text: "Wait, did you say the attacker was carrying crowbars? Seems the old man is done hiding. We're going to need more enforcers." - The Operative, Mystery Comics Volume 2 #189 (May, 1989)
Hoist Chain (HMRF09 x2)
After this card is played, destroy all other Tool cards. Then, either destroy 1 Ongoing card or draw 2 cards.
After Mr. Fixer deals damage to a non-Hero target, -1 damage dealt by that target until your Start Phase.
Art: Mr. Fixer wraps a hoist chain around the neck of the Agent of Gloom incarnation of Spite, pulling the chain tight from behind the villain. An open grave and a row of headstones are behind them.
Flavor-text: "Be careful! That monster could consume what little life force you have left! Don't let him get his hands on you, no matter what." - The Harpy, Dark Watch Volume 2 #10 (October, 2015)
Jack Handle (HMRF10 x2)
After this card is played, destroy all other Tool cards. Then, Mr. Fixer deals up to 5 targets 1 melee damage each.
Change any game text that says "Mr. Fixer deals 1 target" to "Mr. Fixer deals up to 5 targets".
Art: Mr. Fixer wields a jack handle to fight off a mob of skeletons that attack him in a graveyard.
Flavor-text: "A good deal heavier than a traditional bo staff, but I can make it work." - Mr. Fixer, Tome of the Bizarre Volume 3 #63 (June, 1993)
Tire Iron (HMRF15 x2)
After this card is played, destroy all other Tool cards. Then, Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 3 melee damage.
After Mr. Fixer deals damage to a target, destroy that target if it has 3 or fewer HP.
Art: Mr. Fixer strikes a Granite Oni with a tire iron, shattering a portion of it.
Flavor-text: "I've fought things like you before. You move like a man and fight like a demon, but, in truth, you have no spirit within you." - Mr. Fixer, Nightmare World #3 (September, 1990)

Item, Limited

Toolbox (HMRF16 x2)
▶ Start Phase: Either draw 1 card or collect 1 Style card.
■ End Phase: You may discard 1 card. If you do, collect 1 Item card.
Art: An open toolbox with a variety of tools is open on the ground. In the background we see Slim reaching into the open engine compartment of an automobile.
Flavor-text: "It's like a memory. If you keep it to yourself, only you know what's in it. Open it and use what's inside? You can learn a lot and get more done." - Mr. Fixer, Mystery Comics Volume 2 #145 (May, 1986)

Fixericon.png Complexitytwo.png

Aliases: Harry Robert Walker - “Slim” Walker

Age: 85

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 160lbs
Hair: grey

Eye: brown

Birthplace: Rook City

Power Source: Martial Arts Training
Occupation: Adventurer, Mechanic

First Appearance: Justice Comics #129 as Black Fist, Mystery Comics #145 as Mr. Fixer

Group: Dark Watch

Nemesis: The Chairman
Nemesis: The Operative

Nemesis: Zhu Long

Nemesis: Heartbreaker


For Profit

Sentinel Tactics: Mr. Fixer


A ctions
D efense
M ovement
H ealth

I nnate Powers

Wraith Reminds You From the Shadows!

From the Delayed Indefinitely For Profit expansion to Sentinel Tactics

Not Yet Released

Meta: Mr. Fixer


Main Episode: Episode 10

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  • Fixer is fighting the Dreamer's Granite Oni projection on the card "Hoist Chain."
  • The scar on Dark Watch:Mr. Fixer promo card is the same place that The Operative is striking Mr Fixer on the card 'Undivided Attention'
  • The villain on the back of DWMF striking him is called Heartbreaker, and he will be part of another deck. Christopher on the Forums (he wound up appearing in the Vengeance-style Miss Information deck).
    • The scene shown is during the Vengeance events when Heartbreaker ambushes Mr. Fixer while Dark Watch is busy fighting Proletariat clones.



  • The Kanji on Mr. Fixer's Incapacitated Side reads "Owari", or 'End'. The other is a signature block, and is written in katakana, a Japanese phonetic syllabry that is typically used for foreign words. It reads "Adamu Rebotaro", i.e., Adam Rebottaro. In addition to his Nemesis symbol (to fix/mend), the other Kanji on his cards is on the style cards; they may be for the appropriate animals Forum Post by dpt
  • Mr Fixer has Always been Blind >G Forum Post
  • Dark Watch Mr. Fixer's "Bitter Strike" power still counts as a "strike." Forum post
  • DWMF In Progress - Photo taken at Origins 2013. Overheard Adam speaking that the scar is from where The Operative hit him on the card Undivided Attention and that his beard would have less grey in it due to him 'Coming back' - Mr. Fixer is killed by the Operative, but he is reanimated by Zhu Long (Letters Page 10).
  • Due to the fact that he and The Operative are nemeses, as well as certain commonalities in their back-stories, it can be assumed that the martial arts school The Operative attended as a child was the same one that Mr. Fixer used to run (Confirmed Letters Page 10).


  • The dragon that Mister Fixer is punching on "Overdrive" is the villain Zhu Long transformed. Zhu Long was later made into a Nemesis card in Baron Blade's Vengeance deck. His human form is portrayed on "Pipe Wrench."

To Other Works

  • Zhu Long is visually similar to the pulp villain Fu-Manchu, one of the characters to kick-start the "yellow peril" character stereotype. Such villains were common in low budget martial-arts films of the sixties and seventies, an era which Mr. Fixer strongly emulates.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page Episode 10:
      • Does he carry around these mechanics tools with him? Does anybody suggest he use more traditional weapons? Are the tool cards just placeholders for whatever martial-arts or improvised weaponry he winds up using? The tools aren't specific to his fighting style, they represent the idea that he's improvising with what's available. He's not using traditional weapons (Black Fist would have), but now he goes in unarmed and just makes use of whatever's available.
      • Why not start using the Black Fist name again? How does he feel about fighting alongside other heroes (before and after resurrection)? Modern writers changed the name - the Black Fist name is a product of a specific time and modern writers didn't want to dredge that back up. Beyond that, there's an outlook change between them - Black Fist was pretty ideological, Mister Fixer is more cynical (even the name is kind of ironic, he can't fix everything, but he tries to fix what he can). This is the first time he's really working with heroes as he was mostly a solo hero up until Dark Watch. He liked having allies on the occasions he worked with others before his death; after he's just angry about literally everything.
      • Does he have any wuxia/chi abilities or is his skill just 100% martial arts? His abilities are 150% martial arts, he's elevated his skill beyond what you would normally call "martial arts". Sure, you can call it "chi" or whatever, and you could say that he has superpowers, but the powers are in the form of "is so good at kung fu that he's able to do stuff that we kind of have to call super powers because what else are you going to call them". It's not "magic" that he can Grease Monkey Fist his punch into doing fire damage or something, it's just down to his martial arts training.
      • During the first fight with Expat he just disarms/blocks, no attacks - would he have taken that approach with anybody or did he see something special in her? Prior to his death, when being attacked by an unknown assailant he probably would have at least *started* with this approach, moving on to defeating (not killing) them if necessary. With Expat he could tell that there was something else going on and started asking the questions (which could have happened to other people too, but still a different reaction than random thugs would have gotten).
      • Is Mister Fixer's fighting prowess something he adapted his mechanic skills to? Prior martial arts training/extra powers other than that? Prior training, see previous discussion/answers. But they want to be specific on this, his only other "power" would be his ability to sense things around him with his aura. It's what makes him such a good mechanic too, but if he'd focused his life on being a mechanic he'd be light-years beyond his current mechanic-skill level.
      • The Organization is big in Rook City, why not more focus on the Wraith given her presence? Why is Fixer the Nemesis of both the Chairman and Operative? Operative has a personal connection with him and that history is the source of the animosity. A difference with the Wraith is a matter of focus - she's dealing with symptoms (individual crimes) while Fixer is going after the source (going after the Organization directly). She's an annoyance, but also has the rest of the Freedom Five to back her up if they take her out. He's just a guy operating on his own.
      • How many heroes know that he's blind? Most that he's worked with know because they have seen his eyes - the shadows are just a stylistic art choice. He still moves in a way that might give it away, but they can't really show that in card art. It's not a secret, but the guys liked not giving it away up front and giving clues over time.
      • Did he have a family or romantic relationships? "Slim" never had any romantic relationships, "Black Fist" had a ton. This is a result of the type of comics he was appearing in. Opening the school was a way for him to have surrogate children.
      • Does Fixer have any problems with Nightmist's magic in opposition to his martial arts thing? It's complicated due to the fact that he was never part of an official "team" until after his death, at which point he doesn't care. [Aside here about how Zhu Long's reanimation process is dealing with stuff older and darker than anything Nightmist is working with - Zhu Long "has forgotten more magic than Nightmist will ever know."]
      • [Another Arcanus Lupus limerick] Why is he Black Fist in the Enclave of the Endlings? The Enclave is a '60s event (and this is a flashback scene), thus the style, so that's why he's Black Fist. It's a rare crossover story where both he and Legacy appeared in the same story instead of Black Fist being in a separate "B" story in a Justice Comics issue.
      • Is it true that if he's shown not wearing his hat in the card game, that he's dead? Yes.
      • What happened to him in Freedom Six timeline, how did Unity get the hat? He was killed in that timeline. Prior to that, when Unity was injured and was dying, he helped her transfer her mind into the Unity bot. He didn't have the heart to tell it that wasn't really Unity and maintained their friendship. When he died, she kept the hat as a memento.
      • Who/what are the Rook City Renegades? It's the title of a comic series that is used as a source for the quotes on many cards. The book itself is an anthology series dealing with Rook City events, but isn't the name of a team. Well, not a hero or villain team - it's the local baseball team. They're all jerks. The Hippo used to play for them. Fixer's hat is actually for this team.
      • Any specific philosophy? His is largely informed by his master, Shuen Zhang. There's definitely some Buddhism in there, but it's beyond just that.
      • Is he the most skilled hand-to-hand combatant in the game? If not, where does he rank? Does this change after his death and resurrection? Who else could "go the distance" with him? Yes, the most skilled. Others may punch harder. Fanatic and Haka are both really good melee combatants, but Fixer is the most skilled/trained/precise. Part of it is if you're above a certain threshold in strength, skill starts to not matter quite as much. Operative can go the distance, Fanatic and Haka could but not because of their skill and more just the ability to take punishment, K.N.Y.F.E. is quite good but is more of a bar-room brawler type. It's hard to do one-to-one skill matchups - Expat is *very* skilled, but all of her training is in ranged combat (but even then, there's a question of how far away do they have to start from one another before that would give her a definitive edge).
      • The Scion Faultless "fixes" him during OblivAeon, what is he fixing here? As has been established earlier, Fixer has reason to be furious about - his body is broken/dead, his soul is stuck haunting his own corpse, etc. Faultless was able to restore him, he's actually alive again after this point.


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Fireside Chats

  • There is an exception to the order of operations ruling relating to reacting to damage being dealt. A card (or cards belonging to a hero/villain) that reacts to damage being dealt to it reacts before other cards do. The card dealing the damage and other interested cards happen afterwards and can be ordered by player choice.
    • Example: Suppose Mr. Fixer has Dual Crowbars and Bloody Knuckles in play. Omnitron has Adaptive Plating Subroutine but is not immune to anything yet. Mr. Fixer uses Strike to hit Omnitron for 3 melee damage. Omnitron's HP goes down by 3. Then, by this ruling, the text on Adaptive Plating Subroutine must react first and make Omnitron immune to melee damage. Then, the text on Dual Crowbars reacts and Mr. Fixer can deal damage to another target. Without this ruling, you could use Synaptic Interruption and careful ordering to hit Omnitron twice before it becomes immune to melee damage.
  • If Mr. Fixer plays Overdrive more than once on a turn, he still only gets to use “Strike” twice in total on that turn.
  • Mr. Fixer is an Isolated Hero and plays Grease Gun. When a non-hero target tries to deal damage to a hero target, and cannot, this does not count as “affecting another hero."
  • When Fixed Point is destroyed, it does not look into the past to determine if anything should be destroyed. For example, multiple Tool cards in play do not return to hand (until the next time a Tool card is played). The only thing that happens when Fixed Point is destroyed is that targets with <= 0 HP, and are no longer indestructible, are destroyed.
  • If Jack Handle activates from a dynamic amount of damage, the amount is fixed upon first attempting to deal damage. This can occur in situations with Impossible Quandary.


  • Driving Mantis only activates once per turn. What this means is that you only get one chance to say yes/no to redirecting damage to Mr. Fixer. For example, if Mr. Fixer will take 2 instances of damage in a turn, you cannot say NO to the first damage and YES to the second damage, as you have already missed your chance. Answering yes/no to the question uses it up. However, if you have a choice between Driving Mantis and Wrest The Mind, and you choose Wrest The Mind and redirect the damage, then Driving Mantis was never "asked" to be used, so it can still be used that turn.
  • If a temporary damage reduction is used to pass a redirection test (e.g. Driving Mantis), then it gets used up even though no damage would have been dealt to that target.


  • Jack Handle effectively cancels the original damage, and causes a new set of damage dealing instance to all non-hero targets with the original damage amount/type/irreducibility.
  • Suppose you play Catch a Ride and use Mr. Fixer, who has Jack Handle in play. Mr. Fixer hits everyone, and Sky-Scraper picks one of them to hit.
  • Dual Crowbars works somewhat like Isothermic Transducer. The final damage dealt from the first instance of damage forms the initial amount/type/irreducibility of the second instance of damage. That means you can benefit twice from damage increases.
  • Dual Crowbars applies both the irreducibility and “unredirectability” of the end result of the first damage to the starting point of the second damage.
  • For the second instance of damage, Dual Crowbars is only restricted from selecting the target that was the final result of the first instance of damage (after all redirects).
  • Hoist Chain stacks like Stun Bolt if Mr. Fixer damages the same target more than once.


  • When Dual Crowbars and Jack Handle are in play at the same time and Mr. Fixer deals damage, the following occurs. Mr. Fixer deals the damage to all non-hero targets (due to Jack Handle). Then once that is fully resolved, Dual Crowbars takes effect based on the damage dealt to the first target. That damage is dealt to all non-hero targets (due to Jack Handle).
  • When two Jack Handles are in play, nothing happens differently from one Jack Handle in play.
  • When two Dual Crowbars are in play, a third damage happens after the second (based on that damage dealt). The third damage is allowed to choose the target of the first damage, because it's a new Dual Crowbar effect.
  • If Guise plays Tool Box from his hand, it goes to Mr. Fixer's play area and Mr. Fixer draws the cards, not Guise.
  • Suppose Mr. Fixer would deal 1 damage to a target. Due to Jack Handle, Mr. Fixer deals the 1 damage to all non-hero targets, then Friendly Fire lets him deal 2 to Setback, which becomes 2 to all non-hero targets, and then stops. Setback does not get to add 2 tokens to his Unlucky Pool, as he was not damaged this way.
  • When there are two copies of Friendly Fire in play, they both can be activated (but not off each other's damage), which means Setback would get hit twice and get a total of 4 tokens. In the case of Jack Handle, this would generate two Jack Handle attacks, but zero tokens, as Setback was not hit.
  • Suppose Guise has Dual Crowbars and then uses I Can Do That Too on Sky-Scraper’s Huge card. After the first “round” of damage (to non-hero targets), Dual Crowbars causes Guise to deal as much damage as was dealt to the first non-hero target to one more target. Then, after the second “round” of damage (to hero targets), Dual Crowbars causes Guise to deal as much damage as was dealt to the first hero to one more target. (This is how Dual Crowbars interacts with Jack Handle)

Spiff's Clarifications

Bitter Strike counts as a Strike

  • The power on Mr. Fixer’s Dark Watch alternate version is called “Bitter Strike”. This power is considered a “Strike” for the purposes of his “Overdrive” card, which lets you use his “Strike” power twice when played. New Promo Heroes/Villains

Jack Handle

  • The first paragraph on this card reads “whenever mr. Fixer would deal damage to a target, he deals that much damage to all non-hero targets.” what does that actually mean? It means that instead of dealing the original damage, he deals that same amount and type of damage to all non-hero targets. Effectively, the original damage Mr. Fixer would have dealt gets prevented and is replaced by the damage to all non-hero targets. This may cause an interesting twist if Mr. Fixer has a card like Plague Rat’s “Infection” card on him, which reads in part “at the start of that hero’s turn, they deal themselves 1 irreducible toxic damage”. in this case, the 1 irreducible toxic damage he would do to himself get cancelled and is replaced by the same amount/type of damage to all non-hero targets. This not only makes Mr. Fixer immune to the damage he would normally cause himself when under the influence of an “Infection” card, but the damage he deals out to all non-hero targets is irreducible just like the original damage he would have dealt. Lastly, what exactly does “that much damage” mean? it means that whatever amount of damage was dealt after taking into account all modifiers is what is dealt to all non-hero cards, with no further modification. so, If Mr. Fixer would deal 1 damage plus 2 due to modifiers, 3 damage is how much is done to all non-hero targets, not the 3 plus another 2. Note that using “Jack Handle” isn’t a separate step in an attack for Mr. Fixer. it is an automatic effect which occurs with every attack.


  • This card reads, “you may use Mr. Fixer’s ‘strike’ power twice this turn”. if some effect allows Mr. Fixer to play this card when it’s not his turn, you’ll still do what the card says, and Mr. Fixer would get to use “Strike” twice when the card is played, even if it’s not Fixer’s turn. What if “Overdrive” is played and mr. fixer has a power besides “Strike” that he’d like to activate that turn as well? It depends on the timing: if Fixer uses “Strike” first, he’s used his “Strike” power for the turn and can’t activate it again. However, if he activates a different power first, he could still activate “Strike” twice also because that’s what “Overdrive” says to do, use “Strike” twice. Fixer's Overdrive and extra powers


Comic Books: Mr. Fixer

Small note: Items that are in bullets are from the Podcasts, so their form may not make sense, or feel like they are missing a part - its probably on another tab

Spoilers May Be Ahead - SCU and Miststorm Universe Tabs may contain spoilers for future products.

Mr. Fixer Original Standard Front.png

The old mechanic that runs “Slim’s Auto Shop” only answers to “Slim”. There was a time when he went by “H. R. Walker” - everyone just called him “H.R.” back then. But those were simpler times. H.R. used to run a martial arts school for kids, most of whom never paid for their classes, but about 25 years ago, a group of his students were killed for standing up for themselves, gunned down by drug dealers for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It wasn't even mentioned in the papers. No one cared. H.R. closed down the school the next day, telling students, “The only way to stay safe is to not fight back.”

Now, Slim just runs his auto shop, and everyone in the neighborhood knows it’s the best place to get your car fixed. Slim doesn't use the fancy diagnostic computer like the big shops, but he always gets the cars running better than before, and doesn't charge much at all. Few people even remember that H.R. ever existed, much less the martial arts school.

However, the pushers and dealers are expanding their territory, and there’s been a rash of criminal activity on Slim’s block. He maintains a policy of “Don’t fight back. Give them what they want.” But his shop assistant, Charlie, has been getting pushed around lately by some unsavory thugs, and “Don’t fight back” won’t protect him for long…

  • Started off in Sentinel Comics in the '60s as Black Fist, a "blaxploitation" character - he's caricatured to the pop-culture expectations of the time (compare to things like *Shaft*). The guys are well aware of the optics of this looking back on it now, but chose to include a history of the character as comics of the time would have represented things. He's got the total stereotypical look going - big afro hairdo, bell bottom pants, sunglasses that he always wears, etc.
    • Black Fist was a secondary character, filling out the back pages of things like Justice Comics. He was thrown in as a one-off character, but people liked him, so they kept him around. By the '70s he'd gotten his own stories - fighting drug dealers and urban decay, etc. He predates "Rook City" as a specific, canonical location. "Fighting crime with kung fu".
    • As the '70s progress and the books get more "hero-y" he starts to be more focused on being a "kung fu guy" and his opponents start being more things like sorcerers or ninjas. Zhu Long becomes a thing in this time as a recurring villain - "sorcerer king" who leads the ninjas, etc. Vampires also seem to show up a bunch here for some reason.
    • There's not a lot of "notable" stories from this period. Zhu Long winds up being important in retrospect, but the comics stories themselves, not so much.
    • One exception is a fight with some vampires. They were attempting to set up a Court of Blood in Rook City. He's winning (because he knows kung fu and has nun-chucks). They take out the lights, assuming that because they can see in the dark that they'll have an advantage. Turns out that Black Fist can fight just fine in the dark. He eventually manages to channel some of his kung fu awesomeness into a strike with Radiant energy and blasts the vampires to dust. This fight reveals that 1) his kung fu is that strong (and beyond "just punching"), and 2) that he's blind.
    • As the blaxploitation era winds down, he kind of just fades away. There's no event or anything, writers just stop using him.
    • Fast-forward to the '90s. The Operative shows up as The Chairman's right hand. Up to this point, the Chairman and the Organization had been kind of just representing the background corruption and "normal" street crime (thugs, muggers, etc.). The Operative was a specific, aggressive instigator of events, though, which was a change. This starts to reintroduce some of the martial arts themes that *had* been present in the Black Fist books.
    • Expatriette is hired indirectly by the Operative to kill this old auto mechanic guy (See Episode 4) who stymies her ability to harm him, asks her a bunch of cryptic questions involving self-reflection, and sends her on her way. Long-time comics readers could realize that this guy used to be Black Fist, but much later in life now, but it wasn't spelled out anywhere. This guy is known as Slim Walker. He owns the shop, but has an assistant, Charlie, who helps with customers for the most part since Slim isn't the best with people.
    • The store policy for "how to exist in Rook City" is to not put up a fight when a robbery happens. Once, after the more aggressive Organization starts moving on the area, however, Charlie gets the shakedown from some enforcers while Slim is out. Charlie not putting up a fight makes them suspicious that he's holding out on them in some way and they wind up shooting him and leaving him to bleed out.
    • Slim discovers the body, blames himself for trying to keep things running and not just telling Charlie to get out of town long ago. He decides that "not fighting back's not working."
    • One-shot comic issue comes out that gives the backstory of one Harold Robert Walker. Born blind in Rook City. He doesn't remember his parents, he's barely surviving on the streets as a kid. He's found by Shuen Zhang, a martial arts master who takes him in. The master has been on an endless worldwide pilgrimage to places of great suffering as part of his own philosophy to try to alleviate suffering. Shuen Zhang sees Harry's suffering, but also his strength and great inner peace and so asks Harry to come with him to be taken care of, but also training.
    • This training starts with turning his "inner eye" in on himself, understanding who he himself is and through that understanding he understands the world around him. They describe it as him projecting his aura out and that aura interacting with the world around him is what allows him to perceive the world without his eyes. It's not a matter of his other senses being superhuman, just that he has this extra ability to perceive the auras of people and things around him.
    • Harry travels with Shuen Zhang for around 15 years, traveling around the world and easing suffering. Eventually, when he's in his 20s he decides that he needs to return to Rook City as he has a connection to it and recognizes that there's a lot of suffering to be mitigated there. Master Zhang is fine with this and lets him go. Harry returns to Rook City as Black Fist.
    • As he ages, he's realizing that his work as Black Fist isn't really doing the trick. Sure, he's stopping *that* individual bad thing from happening, but he comes to the conclusion that if he's really going to make a lasting difference, he needs to elevate the people themselves. He opens a dojo and offers free classes to orphans. His school is a safe haven; he doesn't put up with shakedowns by criminals.
    • This doesn't go so well with his students, however. A group of them reject, but try to be reasonable with some drug dealers and get mowed down by gunfire for their trouble. This makes Walker question his whole approach to life, tells his remaining students to not resist or fight back, but to just keep their heads down. He then closes the school.
    • He had started working on cars as a hobby (machines are less complicated than people) and so he wound up opening his shop under the name "Slim".
    • That worked for a few decades, but then after Charlie's death, he's once again done taking a passive role.
    • Enter "Mister Fixer" (in Sentinel Comics and the *SotM* card game), waging a one-man war against the Organization and the corruption of Rook City, dismantling the Chairman's hold on it piece by piece. He's mostly showing up as a guest character in Mystery Comics or other books if they're in Rook City, so he winds up actually working with a lot of heroes.
    • In this process, he runs into the Operative several times - she had been a student of his back in the day and so knew that he *would* be a problem down the line, which is why she'd put out the preemptive hit with Expatriette. He recognizes her and is able to neutralize her any time they run into one another since he's simply the superior martial artist - he doesn't try to harm her, but he wants her to give up working for the Organization since she's "part of the problem" as it stands. Eventually, the Chairman takes steps to give her an edge (tune in next week!).
    • Following whatever shenanigans he arranges, the Operative and Mister Fixer wind up having a brawl on the roof of the Pike Industries building (Chairman is present, observing, but also present so Fixer can't just ignore him as a possible combatant). The Operative has just enough of an edge here to defeat him (see the card "Undivided Attention" for the death of Mister Fixer).
Mr. Fixer Dark Watch Standard Front.png

Variant: Originally released during the 2013 Holiday Season

The hero team known as Dark Watch has gone through a lot. They were originally formed by Expatriette, Setback, and NightMist who were seeking to uncover the truth behind the events of the death of their friend, Mister Fixer. So, it was a bit of a rough start that the first major threat to Dark Watch was a mystically revived Mister Fixer! They managed to survive and even helped him reconnect his mind and body, so Mister Fixer became the fourth member of Dark Watch, fighting alongside those who risked everything to save him.

What they found, however, was not exactly what they were looking for. They learned of the death of Mr. Fixer at the hand of his old pupil, The Operative, but his corpse had been sent to the fabled Temple of Zhu Long. The three heroes fought their way to that temple, only to be forced to face in combat the very subject of their search. A resurrected Mr. Fixer who knew not the faces or voices of his former allies fought them at the command of the mystical Zhu Long. In the course of the battle, NightMist managed to reconnect Mr. Fixer’s mind to his body, and the four escaped the temple together.

Now, Mr. Fixer fights as part of Dark Watch. There is much unknown about how he returned, and his body seems to be healthier and stronger than before, but he still experiences great, undying rage. He is a harsher combatant than ever before, and the other members of Dark Watch keep their eyes on Mr. Fixer, both concerned for his safety as well as their own.

  • Expatriette had a particular fondness for him, and visited his grave frequently. About a year after his death she finds it empty - somebody has stolen the body. Dark Watch is pretty much instigated by this event: Expat calls up Setback for support and they get Nightmist involved to help track him down with magic - this points them to, what turns out to be, the Temple of Zhu Long, bringing back an old Black Fist enemy who hadn't really been around much in the Mister Fixer era other than the fact that he was an ally of the Chairman and supplied some power here and there (more next week).
    • At the Temple, Zhu Long comes out to greet them when they arrive and invites them in. [Insert rambling bit about the viscosity and taste of the weird red liquid in the resurrection pits here] Mister Fixer emerges from the pit with his new look, and attacks the heroes. Zhu Long laughs and ducks out of the room. The heroes don't want to hurt him, but it's not like they'd really be able to because he's just that skilled and isn't showing any of that inner peace garbage that he'd always been so big on. Expat and Setback do pretty much all they can just to hold him off long enough for Nightmist to do her thing to sever whatever magical weirdness is going on. They get him to the point where he knows who he is and who they are again, much to Zhu Long's annoyance, but Nightmist manages to get them out of there quick.
    • Dark Watch stories happen here - Urban or Magical threats (Gloomweaver mentioned), Expat and Setback are "at their best" at this time, Nightmist is still getting better, but Mister Fixer is not himself. "Brutal, angry and bitter." He's younger/more vital (but by no means "young" again), but much more violent and lacking his inner peace. The person with the most calm and experience on the team is actually Expatriette, which might tell you something about the way the team operates. Mister Fixer *would* be the heart and soul of the team if it was the old him, but that guy is gone and it kind of falls to Setback to fill that role. More in the Dark Watch episode.

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  • During Vengeance, they're fighting a bunch of Proletariats and it's mentioned that Mister Fixer is doing things like taking their hammers away and smashing their chests in, that kind of thing. During that fight, though, the assassin Heartbreaker shows up to attack him (this isn't the first time, Equity and other less important assassins or super-powered thugs had shown up occasionally for the same purpose - to remove him from the field). Heartbreaker manages to get the drop on him, however, due to the distraction of the existing fight - Heartbreaker drives a blade through his chest, whispers a greeting from the Chairman to him, and leaves. The Chairman remembers how close Mister Fixer got to taking down the whole Organization and has been trying ever since he came back from the dead to negate that threat.
    • He's not dead yet, though. The rest of the DW team still had their hands full with Proletariat and couldn't offer immediate aid, but he stands up anyway and helps them win the fight. He definitely *should* be dead, but he isn't. Nightmist determines that whatever Zhu Long did to restore a body is still active. It's a two step process - restore the body itself (think "healthy zombie") and then a separate step to actually grab the spirit of the person and put it back in the body. Since the body isn't actually really alive again, he can't really die. This is a kind of revenge by Zhu Long, putting his foe into this state of unlife, unconnected to the world and deprived of the final peace of the grave. This explains the source of bitterness.

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  • His anger after being revived was calmed after the Dark Watch team was able to defeat the Scion Faultless

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It is not fair to say that Mister Fixer is wise beyond his years, as his strength and vigor belie his (briefly interrupted) century of life. Gone is the undying rage which filled his existence upon his reanimation. No longer a martial arts instructor nor an auto mechanic, "Slim" Walker has become much more serene about his continued existence. Now, he hopes to protect as many people as possible with what time he has left.

  • Back in Dark Watch, using tool/weapons. Kind of the "Best case scenario" Mister Fixer in which he's still an active combatant - he's got more of the Black Fist outlook than he had in earlier Mister Fixer appearances.
  • RPG - Now he's fulfilling the heart and soul of the team role of Dark Watch - remember that Dark Watch is bigger than just the original heroes now and he's more of a mentor figure and teaching new heroes at Back Alley Dojo.