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Baron Blade

Known Enemies
The Freedom Four
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As Baron Blade took over the manufacturing town of Mordengrad, he offered those who lived there a series of options. Working in the factories, fighting in his service, or leaving. Any who wished to stay must either work or fight. Those who fought would have to deal with the harsh realities of being a member of a mad scientist's special forces, but they would also be paid very well.

The Blade Battalion troops may only be loyal for the sake of avoiding discipline and enhancing their income, but they still fight the hardest and put their lives on the line when ordered to do so. Outfitted with body armor and energy weapons designed by the Baron himself and produced in their own factories, the Blade Battalion is a dangerous force with which to contend!

Baron Blade uses much equipment with the Blade Battalion

Mobile Defense Platform

For more information, see the environment. There are some rumors that Citizen Dawn has taken over several MDP's after the fall of Blade, and this is indicated in some of the artwork in the MDP Environment, showing citizens on the bridge.

Regression Serum -> Regression Darts -> Devitalization Field Generator

Baron Blade invented the Regression Serum to depower his nemesis. After reverse engineering the serum based on its effects on Legacy's Blood, he was able to develop a formula which reduced the vitality of any powered individual. Around when he assembled the Vengeful Five, Baron Blade infused projectiles with this new formula, using the dart-launcher to reduce his foes to trembling weaklings! However, the weapon produced mixed results, at best. Still, Blade saw many applications of the formula.

As part of his plot to infiltrate Megalopolis, the crazed inventor created a device for localized dispersal of the formula, allowing him to reduce the vitality of anyone in a certain area, much to the chagrin of the Freedom Five.

Terraluna Impulsion Beam -> Impulsion Beam -> Impulsion Turret

One of Baron Blade's most iconic plots was his nigh-successful doomsday device: The Terralunar impulsion beam.Through his massive gravity-inducing beam cannon failed to pull the moon into the earth, the technology was sound. It would have worked! Irritated by the lack of results and unwilling to give up on the Impulsion Device, Baron Blade redoubled his efforts. He designed a smaller version of the Impulsion Beam, installing them on his Mobile Defense Platform for tractor beam purposes as well as automated defenses.

So when it came time for Baron Blade's assault on Megalopolis, it seemed an obvious choice to bring automated turrets based in the impulsion beam design to provide better battlefield control.

Living Forcefield Generator

The Nanobots Baron Blade used for both personal protection and healing measures were one of his best inventions. Not nearly as destructive or flashy as the bulk of his work, the nanobots were easy to overlook, and over time the Baron's devices trended toward being large, ostentatious, and terror-inducing.

In his most recent dastardly plots, Baron Blade has reduced the bulk of his tech to a sleek gauntlet, and has begun reintroducing his more subtle inventions in an attempt to catch the heroes off-guard. However, his smallest invention has had a considerable size upgrade - instead of a nanobot field for personal protection, he now uses projection devices to protect entire clusters of his allies and tech.

Powered Auto Turret

Self-powered energy cannons have always been a mainstay of Baron Blade's offenses. Defending his factories, installed on his flying fortresses, and now deployed in the field. After the great succes of the Powered Remote Turrets installed on his Mobile Defense Platform, Baron Blade was inspired to make a field-worthy adaptable turret of similar design that he could have readily at hand in a wide variety of situations.

These highly versatile auto-turrets seem fairly straight-forward, but they are actually one of Baron Blade's most impressive innovations. they are fully-autonomous, providing their own power source, managing their own on-board targeting and telemetry, and even self installing when set on a flat surface. They pack quite a punch!.

Negation Bands

A device with the power to stop even Absolution's Might (See Vengeance Baron Blade Deck)

Saber Battle Suit