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Villain: Bugbear


Exhausting Pursuit (x3)
Bugbear deals the non-villain target with the highest HP 3 melee damage. If that target has 10 or more HP, it deals itself 2 psychic damage.
Art: The Naturalist running through a forest with a shadow of Bugbear in the background;
Flavor text: "He's gaining on me. It doesn't matter what I do, I can't shake him." - The Naturalist, Rumble in the Jungle #4
Predator's Pattern (x2)
Reveal cards from the top of Bugbear's deck until an Ongoing card is revealed. Put it into play. Discard the other revealed cards. If no Ongoing cards are revealed this way, Bugbear deals the hero target with the highest HP 2 melee damage.
Art: Bugbear leaping at Mister Fixer from behind;
Flavor text: "I can smell you, beast. Ah, but you can smell me as well. Fair." - Mr. Fixer, Tome of the Bizarre #40
Stone's Sacrifice (x3)
Bugbear deals the villain target other than himself with the lowest HP 2 infernal damage. If Bugbear destroys a target this way, play the top two cards of Bugbear's deck.
Art: Bugbear absorbing energy from a Calypso;
Flavor text: "What, you think you are the first sacrifice I've tasted this day?" - Bugbear, Mystery Comics #467
Unpredictable Powers (x2)
Destroy one of Bugbear's ongoing cards. Bugbear regains 4 HP. Shuffle Bugbear's trash into his deck.
Art: A closeup of Bugbear's mouth with blood on it holding a stone in his left hand;
Flavor text: "No one knows about how I work. Shut up about what you don't know." - Bugbear, Tome of the Bizarre #39
Wounding Slash (x3)
Bugbear deals the non-villain target with the highest HP 4 melee damage. If that target is a hero character card, that hero's player discards 1 card.
Art: Bugbear slashing at Fanatic's wing and taking a chunk out of it;
Flavor text: "Augh! Purposeless beast! Your insolence knows no bounds." - Fanatic, Prime Wardens #45


Blood Scent (x1)
At the start of Bugbear's turn, Bugbear deals the target next to this card 3 melee damage unless one player discards 2 cards. Then, move this card to Bugbear's play area.
Art: Bugbear in warehouse sniffing a piece of fabric with Wraith on top of crates in the shadows;
Flavor text: "You're in serious trouble, little hero. I have your scent. You'll be mine soon enough." - Bugbear, Mystery Comics #467
Easy Prey (x1)
At the end of Bugbear's turn, destroy each environment target with 3 or fewer HP. Then, Bugbear regains HP equal to the number of targets destroyed this way.
Art: Bugbear in front of an open fire eating the leg of a dinosaur;
Flavor text: *MMPH* "Who knew dinosaurs were so tasty?" *CHORMP* *GRMPH* - Bugbear, Rumble in the Jungle #2
Feral Brawn (x2)
Increase damage dealt by Bugbear by 1. Reduce damage dealt to Bugbear by 1.
Art: Bugbear coming at the Dark Visionary;
Flavor text: "Oh, you're a strong one. Is that enough, though? You look pretty dull to me." - The Visionary, Mystery Comics #468


Ammit [10] (x1)
Art: At the end of Bugbear's turn, this card deals the hero target with the highest HP 3 melee damage. If Ra is active in this game, reduce all fire damage by 2.
Art: Ammit standing on a slab;
Flavor text: "If this path you so choose, your form will be bound to this plane, but your spirit will fade." - Ammit, Ra: Horus of the Two Horizons
Cueball [8] (x1)
At the end of Bugbear's turn, this card deals the hero target with the most cards in play 2 projectile damage. If Guise is active in this game, redirect damage dealt by environment targets to Guise.
Art: Cueball applying billiard chalk to his cue stick on the World's Largest Pool Table;
Flavor text: "The first person we see in this deserted wreck has a ball for a head? Perfect." - Guise, The Dark Carnival #3
Quetzalcoatl [12] (x1)
At the end of Bugbear's turn, this card deals the H-icon.png hero targets with the highest HP 2 infernal damage each. If any of the Sentinels are active in this game, damage dealt to hero targets is irreducible.
Art: Quetzalcoatl standing over the Idealist and Mainstay;
Flavor text: "I'm no expert, but that big guy with the lizard head doesn't seem like a doctor to me." - Mainstay, Southwest Sentinels #21
Mini Nemesis


Aliases: Moris Dugal

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 285lbs

Hair: Brown
Eye: Red

Birthplace: Argentina, South America

Power Source: Ancient Mystical Power

Nemesis: Nightmist


Meta: Bugbear

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To Other Works

  • The outfit and appearance of Bugbear resembles the villain Sabretooth from Marvel.
  • In addition to his appearance a lot of his cards allude to Bugbear sharing qualities with Sabretooth and Wolverine. He uses scents to track people and he can regenerate health regularly.


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Fireside Chats

  • If Bugbear plays Wounding Slash and no damage is dealt, the discard still occurs.

Comic Books: Bugbear

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Moris Dugal was working as hired muscle, protecting convoys of illicit substances as they made their way through Central America when his caravan was attached by a rival drug cartel. While fleeing, he sustained several gunshot wounds. He staggered into a huge, blocky pyramid deep in the jungle only to collapse in a pool of his own blood on an elaborately carved stone ledge. When he work, it was unclear how much time had passed. Hours? Days? The length of his hair indicated weeks, if not longer. He rolled over to find he had been laying on a glowing, blood red object. He pried the red gem out of the floor, then realized that there was no blood on the floor. There weren't even wounds in his body anymore. The gem radiated heat in his hand. He turned to toss it away, only to be stricken with incredible pain. Holding the bloodstone sight as his head swam, he understood on a primal level that this stone was his very life essence. And, much like himself, it HUNGERED. Now, Bugbear prowls the jungles. His insatiable hunger demands he find larger and larger prey. If he were to find a major population center, the toll would be horrendous.