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Sentinels of the Multiverse: Bunker

Incapacitated - Bunker helmet smashed in, multiple bullet holes in the helmet and chest, and smoke rising from the armor


Adhesive Foam Grenade (x3)
Environment cards cannot be played until the start of your next turn.
Art: Bunker shooting foam grenades to stop a falling statue from hitting people;
Flavor-text: Not all heavy weapons do massive damage. - Unattributed
Decommissioned Hardware (x3)
Select 1 Equipment card in your trash and put it into play.
Art: Three variations of the Bunker Armor shown;
Flavor-text: Many models of the personal armament exo-chassis were developed, but there has only ever been one Bunker. - Unattributed
External Combustion (x3)
Bunker deals himself 2 Fire Damage and deals each non-Hero Target 3 Fire Damage.
Art: Flames being released from the Bunker Armor;
Flavor-text: "Burn it up!" - Bunker, The Indestructible Bunker #68


Recharge Mode (x3)
When this card enters play, destroy all other Mode cards. You cannot play cards or use powers. You may draw an additional card during your draw phase. Reduce Damage dealt to Bunker by 1. At the start of your turn, you may destroy this card.
Art: Armor is exposed as it is recharing;
Flavor-text: Tachyon: "I've got a spare D-Cell!" -- Bunker: "I doubt that'll cut it.", Tachyon, Bunker, Freedom Five #410
Turret Mode (x3)
When this card enters play, destroy all other Mode cards. You cannot play or draw cards. You may use an additional power during your power phase. Increase Damage dealt by Bunker by 1. At the start of your turn, you may destroy this card.
Art: Bunker armored is attached to the ground as it is shooting tow massive guns from each arm;
Upgrade Mode (x3)
When this card enters play, destroy all other Mode cards. You may play an additional card during your play phase. You cannot use powers. At the start of your turn, you may destroy this card.
Art: Half of Bunker Armor shows schematics for attaching equipment to the armor;
Flavor-text: "It's all about the right tools for the job. And by tools, I mean guns." - Bunker, Freedom Five #290

Ongoing, Limited

Ammo Drop (x3)
Whenever a Villain card is destroyed, you may draw a card, even if a Mode card says you cannot.
Art: Cargo containers with ".50 CAL ROUNDS U.S. ARMY" written on it dropping from a parachute;
Flavor-text: "Awww, Just what I always wanted!" - Bunker, A Day in the Life:Bunker


Auxiliary Power Source (x3)
At the start of your turn, you may destroy this card to use an additional power this turn. Power: Draw 3 cards. Destroy this card.
Art: A large battery is attached to the Bunker Armor;
Flavor-text: "I'm gonna need more juice!" - Bunker, Freedom Five #410
Maintenance Unit (x3)
Power: Bunker regains 2 HP.
Art: Circuity on the Bunker Armor is being repaired;
Flavor-text: "Yeah, I could use a tune-up." - Bunker, Freedom Five #151

Equipment, Limited

Flak Cannon (x3)
Power: Bunker deals 1 Target 3 Projectile Damage.
Art: Bunker shooting Fright Train with the Flak Cannon;
Flavor-text: "Stand down before I'm forced to put you down!" - Bunker, Freedom Five #412
Gattling Gun (x2)
At the start of your turn, Bunker deals 1 Target 2 Projectile Damage. At the end of your turn, discard 1 card or destroy this card.
Art: Bullets flying as Bunker is shooting a Gatling Gun;
Flavor-text: "I provide my own suppressive fire." - Bunker, One Man Army #1
Grenade Launcher (x3)
Power: Bunker deals 1 Target 2 Projectile Damage. Bunker may deal a second Target 2 Projectile Damage. Bunker may deal a third Target 1 Projectile Damage.
Art: A building is in flames as Bunker is looking the other way with his shoulder mounted grenade launcher;
Flavor-text: "When the smoke cleared, all that was left was that giant army robot!" - Citizen Dare, Sunrise #16
Heavy Plating (x3)
Reduce Damage dealt to Bunker by 1.
Art: Bunker is being shot by Ambuscade;
Flavor-text: "Go ahead. Take your best shot." - Bunker, The Indestructible Bunker #29
Omni-Cannon (x2)
At the start of your turn, you may put up to 3 cards from your hand beneath this card.
Power: Destroy all cards beneath this card. Bunker deals 1 Target X Energy Damage, where X = 2 times the number of cards destroyed.
Art: Bunker charging up a blast from his Omni-Cannon;
Flavor-text: "Gotta remember to look away when he starts charging up that beam cannon." - Absolute Zero, Freedom Five Annual #5

Bunkericon.png Complexitytwo.png

Aliases: Tyler Vance

Age: 28

Height: 5'8"/ 9'11"

Weight: 210lbs./1650lbs.
Hair: Brown

Eye: Green

Birthplace: Boulder City, Nevada

Power Source: Technology
Occupation: Adventurer, Soldier

First Appearance: Bunker Suit - Justice Comics #148, Tyler Vance - The Indestructible Bunker #1

Group: The United States Army

Group: The Freedom Four
Group: The Freedom Five

Group: The Freedom Six

Nemesis: Iron Legacy

Nemesis: Fright Train
Nemesis: Chokepoint



Starter Kit

Sentinel Tactics: Bunker


A ctions
D efense
M ovement
H ealth


I nnate Powers

Expert Tactician
Gain one Attack+1 Token. You and Each Ally gain one Defense+1 Token.
Flak Cannon

Artillery Mode
Ongoing: Bunker has Reach +3.
Ongoing: Whenever Bunker makes an attack, you may reroll one auto-miss die.
Flavor text: "What do you mean,'incoming missiles'? You're all the way across the city!" - Beacon, Virtuoso of the Void #23
Auxiliary Power Source
Ongoing: Surge: Bunker gains one Attack+1 token and one Aim token.
Flavor text: "Obviously, by harnessing relativistic muon decay, it funnels Helmholtz energy into ultra-low mass." - Tachyon, Stinson-Montgomery Labs #1
External Combustion

Area Attack
Origin 0, Radius 1
Flavor text: "Its rough on the armor, but I guarantee it's even worse for you!" - Bunker, Freedom Five #8
Grenade Launcher
Action: This attack does not require line of sight to the origin.

Vertex Area Attack
Origin 4,
Flavor text: "Yeah, stand right next to each other. Good tactics. Let's see how that works out for y'all." - Bunker, Sentinel Sagas #3
Omni-Cannon [One-Shot]
Attack+1 x4:

Flavor text: "Alright, team. You know the drill. Eye-protection on - heads down." - Bunker, Freedom Five Annual #1
Snapshot Micromissiles
Action: This attack has Reach +4.

Flavor text: "Heads up out there! I've got support locked on target and coming your way." - Bunker, The Supersonic Tachyon #9
Turret Mode
Ongoing: Actions +1
Ongoing: Bunker cannot Dodge, Move, or be moved.
Ongoing: You may activate any attacks in your deck, even those not in play.
Flavor text: [speech bubble full of BUDDA BUDDA]

Sentinel Comics RPG: Bunker

Hero Name Alias
Bunker Captain Tyler Vance
Physical Attributes
Gender Male Age Mid to Late 20's Height 5'8"
Eyes Green Hair Brown Skin White
Build Athletic
Costume/Equipement Captain Vance frequently wheres his dress uniform when out of armor; in armor he wears fatigues. His ten-foot tall armored exo-chassis is silver and gold with a few glowing blue accents. He always carries his riot cannon.
Background Military Power Source Powered SUit
Archetype Modular: Armored Personality Decisive
Principle of Order
Principle of The Tactitian
During Roleplaying During Roleplaying
You believe in organization and concordance. You are constantly assessing the situation, making plans and backup plans, and then reassessing the situation.
Minor Twist Minor Twist
What element of disorder causes your plan to fall apart? What one variable did your plan not account for?
Major Twist Major Twist
How is your ordered existence ruined by chaos? What major threat is revealed that invalidates all your plans?
Modes Die Type Qualities Die Type
Operations Mode Close Combat (d6)
Out of Suit Mode Ranged Combat (d10)
Utility Mode Self-Discipline (d8)
Recharge Mode Veteran (d8)
Tactical Mode
Turret Mode
Status Dice Health Range
Green D8.png 28-22
Yellow D8.png 21-11
Red D8.png 10-1
Icon Name Type Game Text
  Armored PLating I Reduce physical damage by 1 while you are in the Green zone. 2 while in the Yellow zone, and 3 while in the Red Zone
(rpgBoost) Satellite-Based Mode Shift A Boos yourself using Power Suit. Then change modes.
(rpgOvercome) Principle of Order A Overcome a challenge where you can organize other people. Use your Max die. you and each of your allies gain a hero point.
(rpgOvercome) Principle of the Tactician A Overcome when you can flashback to preparing for this exact situation before the mission. Use your Max die. You and each of your allies gain a hero point.
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgAttack) Grenade Launcher A Attack up to three different targets using Power Suit. Apply your Max die to one, your Mid die to another, and your Min die to the third. If you roll doubles, take a minor twist or take damage equal to that die.
(rpgBoost) MagnaRail Upgrade A Boos yourself using Power Suit. Use your Min+Mid dice. That bonus is persistent and exclusive
  Satellite Recall A Destroy one bonus youi made. Change modes, then take an action in the new mode.
Icon Name Type Game Text
  Emergency REconfiguration R WHen you are hit with an attack, you may change to any mode. IF you do, take extra damage equal to the Min die or take a minor twist.
(rpgAttack) External Combustion A Attack multiple targets using Power Suit. Use your Max+Mid dice. Take irreducible damage equal to your Min die.
(rpgAttack) Omni-Blast A Attack using Riot Cannon, and at least one bonus. Use your Max+Mid+Min dice. Destroy all of your bonuses, adding each of them to this attack first.

Boost an ally using Power Suit

Out of Suit Mode

POWERS DIE TYPE Game Text / Description
Riot Cannon (d10) When Tyler Vance is not in the Bunker suit, use this mode. You cannot use any abilities other than the abilities from your principles. When he can use the suit again, change to Operations Mode
Intuition (d6)
Operations Mode

Power Suit (d10) Default Mode.
All actions are normal.
Riot Cannon (d10)
Intuition (d6)
Strength (d8)
Vitality (d6)
Utility Mode

Power Suit (d10) You cannot Attack or Hinder in this mode.
You can access to this ability:
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgBoost) Uplink Upgrade A Boost yourself using Power Suit. Create one bonus with your Max die and one bonus using your Mid die. These bonuses are persistent and exclusive.
Intuition (d6)
Strength (d10)
Vitality (d8)
Recharge Mode

Power Suit (d10) You cannot Attack or Hinder in this mode.
You can access to this ability:
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgDefend) (rpgRecover) Defensive Diagnostic A Defend using Vitality. Use your Max die. Recover Health equal to your Min die.
Vitality (d12)
Tactical Mode

Power Suit (d10) You cannot Attack or Defend while in this mode.
You can access to this ability:
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgHinder)(rpgOvercome) Sitrep: Resolved A Hinder or use one of your principles to Overcome using Riot Cannon. Use your Max+Min die.
Riot Cannon (d12)
Intuition (d8)
Vitality (d8)
Turret Mode

Power Suit (d10) You are fixed to the spot and cannot move or Boost while in this mode.
You can access to this ability:
Icon Name Type Game Text
(rpgAttack) BUDDABUDDA
i Whenever you Attack, either attack one target with Max+Min dice or Attack two different targets, one with your Max die and one with your Mid die.
Riot Cannon (d12)
Intuition (d6)

Meta: Bunker


Main Episode: Episode 8

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  • The card "Flak Cannon" features Bunker confronting Fright Train.
  • "Heavy Plating" shows Bunker defending from an attack by Ambuscade.


  • GI Bunker: This is an early version of the Bunker suit that fought alongside America's Greatest Legacy during WWII.
  • Freedom Six Bunker: Engine of War: This is Fright Train taking up the Bunker role in the Iron Legacy version of the future. He does not appear to do this in the normal or "fixed" timelines.
    • Bunker suit features:
      • All versions have projectile weapons.
      • Generally able to be "reconfigured on the fly" to emphasize different functions (might be a step too far to say that they're "modular" though.)
      • Self-repair functions.
      • WWII version is more what we think of as a "suit of armor" that a person wears and could attach things to whereas the versions Tyler uses are much bigger and are more like vehicles that you climb into and are just in the "chest" cavity, Freedom Six Bunker has taken one of these huge suits and has hollowed it out so that he can wear it like a suit of armor since Fright Train is so big to begin with.
      • "Omni-Cannon" is a staple of the platform, routes all of the suit's power into the shot, although the modern iterations are more powerful and more reliable than, say, the WWII version (although this isn't really something that's a feature of the game).
    • Other wearers of the Bunker suits: Corporal Vernon Carter wore what's now referred to as the "first" Bunker suit, but it was not referred to as such at the time (just with a Project Ironclad designation), Tyler Vance was the first to be called "Bunker". Steven Graves is wearing some different version in the Iron Legacy timeline. Tyler Vance was one of the first targets to be "put down" by Legacy once his plan to take over is put into action. Graves had had noble goals at first and had just gone down the wrong path - in the Iron Legacy timeline he'd found a way back and had redeemed himself, so Tachyon recruited him when she was putting together the team.
    • Other versions of Bunker that we see are still Vance, just different suits. The one we see in Freedom Four Annual #1 is his first "superhero" story and is also the first such alternate suit we see him wear.

To Other Works

  • As an American soldier who fights crime inside a heavily-armed robotic suit, Bunker is a clear analogue of the Marvel character War Machine.
  • The various Bunker-suits pictured on "Decommissioned Hardware" are homages to the various armors of Marvel's Iron Man.
  • Bunker bears a strong resemblance to the Space Marines of the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop gaming franchise.
  • Bunker's "Indestructible" moniker is likely a reference to "The Invincible Iron Man."
  • The art on Bunker: Engine of War's incapacitated side may be a reference to the cover of Iron Man #128, the culmination of the Demon in a Bottle storyline where Tony Stark confronts his darker side in the mirror.
  • Sentinels Tactics mentions the original suit is the YS-1300t. This could be a reference to the Millennium Falcon, a famous YT-1300 transport in the Star Wars universe.
  • The flavor text of "Turret Mode" is unique among all the currently printed Sentinels cards in that it literally fills the entire word balloon.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

    • Questions * Notes from Letters Page 8::
      • Hobbies? Social life? Nope. His "hobby" would be the Bunker suit itself - think along the same lines as a guy who's always tinkering on his classic car in his off hours. In the card game timeline he's also still in the military and "on assignment" which precludes some social life stuff.
      • Where was the original suit developed (in-house military or by a contractor)? Any tech leak out for use by bad guys? The Ironclad Project dates back to the Civil War, continued development until it got to the level of person-scale armor (starting at around WWI). The original goal at WWII stage would have been to have lots of armored soldiers, but it wasn't economical. The modern Bunker suit was a qualified success, but requires an operator who's very tech savvy - could be the operator/engineer/mechanic and they couldn't get many people to fill that role. The suit was developed in-house by the Army, though. The Army could make more, but in the main card game timeline that doesn't happen. No instances of bad guys driving Bunker suits - Miss Information stole parts as sabotage, Omnitron's definitely taken some of the tech, Chokepoint's whole deal, etc., but those are all different from somebody getting into the suit and running amok with it.
      • How much do the soldiers wearing the suits know about Project Ironclad and what's the project's true purpose? The purpose is just what's been said already. The users don't really know much beyond the military history of the project, but there's not much that's classified beyond what they themselves are doing while using the suits. There's no secret nefarious goal here.
      • Different variants are different people, how are they different, why did you do it this way, any others like this? Much of this is already answered. Any other characters like this too? Legacy, kind of Unity or Omnitron. Ra and the Ennead kind of would work this way too, but doesn't play out within the card game timeline. Why did Adam and Christopher do this? They like making new characters as opposed to shuffling the hero names around as legacy characters.
      • How did the relationship with the Wraith get started? Started as just working together doing the hero thing, then the hanging out in the shop together like described earlier. They've been on actual "dates" too, though, although being out in public is a bit harder given their personalities. Dinner and a movie "at home" is better.
      • How many suits does Bunker have (and special underwater and space suits)? We see the underwater suit in the FFA #1. He essentially has "infinite suits" for story purposes due to his constant tinkering in the shop. The "suit museum" we see a few times (Bunker deck: "Decommissioned Hardware" and Freedom Tower "Vance's Maintenance Bay", foil Freedom Five Bunker's incap side) are mostly decommissioned designs. He's not making them from scratch himself, but having access to help from Tachyon and Unity gives him more flexibility when he's designing them. Other "active" suits include a stealth suit, a space suit (got up to one of Voss' ships at one point).
      • What's happening on the incapacitated art for regular and Freedom Six versions in the alternate art pack? Regular version alternate art isn't meant to represent any particular time event. Freedom Five shows the destruction of Freedom Tower during OblivAeon. Freedom Six shows Graves after Iron Legacy wrapped him up and put him on the tracks, he was then hit by the train (which derails the train, but doesn't kill him outright).
      • What's Bunker's favorite sandwich? He likes meatball subs. No food allowed in the suit, though.
      • Did Bunker form Termi-Nation? Why only Unity and AZ with him? Termi-Nation isn't a team, but a comic event dealing with the turn of the government against powered people. The shady stuff involving Fort Adamant. The major villain is Chokepoint (and Dr. Demakov) and those three heroes are major players in the event due to their reliance on technology and how that relates to Chokepoint.


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Fireside Chats

  • Bunker's second incapacitated ability is changed in the digital version to: "Select a Hero. Reduce the next Damage that would be dealt to that Hero by 2." It now works the same as The Wraith's innate power.
  • If GI Bunker uses his innate power on a target, and an Isolated Hero deals damage to that target, the damage is not made irreducible.
  • When Bunker has a Mode card, and Guise plays "Yeah, I'm That Guy", it executes the "When this Card enters play, Destroy all other Mode Cards." That destroys Bunker's Mode card, and therefore "Yeah, I'm That Guy" doesn't really end up copying it. This also happens with Mr. Fixer's Style cards.
  • You can choose to not do the second damage on Grenade Launcher (2 projectile) and still do the third damage (1 projectile).
  • Cards under other cards (like "Omni-Cannon") are considered in play (but have no text) unless the card on top says otherwise. For "Omni-Cannon" in particular, those cards are in play but they did not enter play (because of magic). When they get put under "Omni-Cannon", "when a card enters play" triggers do not apply. Cards under other cards count for the hero they belong to when considering "the hero with the most cards in play" because they still belong to the deck they came from. For example, if a Raptor Bot is under Savage Mana, the Raptor Bot is included in Unity's count of cards in play.
  • Suppose Savage Mana has a title (e.g. Imbued Vitality + Stonejaw). When Haka uses the power, the title is destroyed. The same thing can happen with "Omni-Cannon".
  • When Baron Blade flips, any MDPs in play are not destroyed, but simply leave play. So a card like Ammo Drop does not get to activate in response.
  • When Apostate's Tome of the Unknowable and Ammo Drop are both in play, Ammo Drop is still able to trigger the Tome's "play a card" effect when the Tome is destroyed. This is due to cards being in play during their own destruction.
  • Auxiliary Power Supply works like a "Destroy this card. If you do..." card, in that you must destroy the card to get the effect. The wording is updated to make that clear.
  • Termi-Nation Bunker’s first Incapacitated ability moves the whole deck at once, not card by card.

Spiff's Clarifications

  • "Savage Mana" + "Ammo Drop" (Bunker card)
    1. Does Bunker draw a card due to "Ammo Drop" when villain cards are placed beneath "Savage Mana"?
    2. Does Bunker draw a card due to "Ammo Drop" when a villain card beneath "Savage Mana" is destroyed to deal damage?
    3. The answer is "yes" on both counts. Villain cards are always villain cards (see above), so in this unusual case, a villain card can actually be destroyed twice, allowing Bunker to draw a card each time.
  • "Omni-Cannon"
    • Bunker's "Omni-Cannon" reads, "Destroy all Cards beneath this Card. Bunker deals 1 Target X Energy Damage, where X = 2 times the number of Cards destroyed." If there were 5 cards under it, and a +1 increase to damage was in play, the power would deal the target 11 damage. It would not receive the bonus to damage for each card beneath it.
    • What happens to the cards under "Omni-Cannon" if "Omni-Cannon" is destroyed or removed from play? Regardless of how "Omni-Cannon" is removed from play (destroyed, put back into the player's hand, Bunker is incapacitated, etc.) the cards under "Omni-Cannon" are moved to their proper trash piles. If "Omni-Cannon" is somehow put back into play later, the cards that used to be under it will not be moved back there.
  • "Grenade Launcher"
    • This card says, "Power: Bunker deals 1 Target 2 Projectile Damage. Bunker may deal a second Target 2 Projectile Damage. Bunker may deal a third Target 1 Projectile Damage." You may choose to not do the second instance of damage and still do the third instance of damage, but the first instance of damage (because it doesn't say "may") is not optional. (See Fireside Chats above.)
  • "Recharge Mode"
    • The first turn Bunker plays "Recharge Mode", he draws 2 cards. Every turn thereafter, Bunker will draw 3 cards since he will have neither played a card nor used a power during his turn.


Comic Books: Bunker

Small note: Items that are in bullets are from the Podcasts, so their form may not make sense, or feel like they are missing a part - its probably on another tab

Spoilers May Be Ahead - SCU and Miststorm Universe Tabs may contain spoilers for future products.

Bunker Enhanced Original Standard Front.png

From the Enhanced Edition Official Rulebook

During the Civil War, the Ironclad project produced the USS Monitor, a heavily armored ship that took part in a decisive naval battle against the CSS Virginia. Less than a century later, the ongoing Ironclad project produced another success: the Personal Armament Exo-Chassis YS-1200. The suit allowed one soldier to do the work of an entire squad and operated in an elite battalion during World War II. 50 years later, a new armored suit was developed: the Personal Armament Exo-Chassis YS-1300T. When the government began its Freedom Five initiative, Lt. Tyler Vance was selected to operate the Bunker suit for the first time as part of a non-army campaign. Thus, Bunker became the second member of the Freedom Five, joining Legacy in the fight against the villains who threatened the world.

From the Sentinels of the Multiverse Official Site

Tyler Vance spent the first 18 years of his life in the middle of a desert. Boulder City, Nevada was the town he called home, and his formative years were nothing short of, well, ordinary. He cut his teeth working as a mechanic in his father's dust-choked auto-shop, and he made extra cash repairing slot machines in local dive bars and diners. His limited spare time was filled with thoughts and dreams of getting out of that town. Most of his friends would probably never make it further than Vegas, but Tyler swore he would. As soon as he was old enough to join the Army, he headed to the nearest recruitment office and signed up.

However, fate has a cruel sense of humor. Tyler Vance left his home wanting to see the world at the same time as the United States went to war in the Middle East. Tyler's journey merely took him from one desert to another. Proving his mechanical aptitude early on, Tyler was quickly assigned to an armored division. Over the next few years, he rose through the ranks, and eventually he attained a position as a Lieutenant leading his own platoon.

During his eighth year of service, Lt. Vance was leading a mission through contested territory outside of Fallujah when his platoon was surrounded by a large enemy force. As they tried to gain a defensible position, a sandstorm caught them by surprise, damaging their communications equipment. Cornered with no way to radio for help, Vance managed to keep a cool head and guide his unit safely through the situation. The siege on his platoon lasted for 48 hours until the sandstorm subsided, enabling allied helicopters to locate them.

Despite the duration and complications of the siege, Vance's platoon was able to escape with zero friendly casualties and only three serious injuries. The Army brass referred to Lt. Vance's leadership in the situation as both "prodigious" and "exemplary", and the defensive positioning Vance had utilized was later added to the standard training regimen for all armored division personnel.

When Tyler arrived back in the States, he was awarded for his valor with the Army's Distinguished Service Cross. After the ceremony, he was approached by General Joshua Armstrong, who offered him a chance to further serve his country by participating in the Freedom Five Initiative. While operating outside the official Army chain of command, the position would provide Vance with a unique opportunity; he would operate the Personal Armament Exo-Chassis YS-1300T suit, an automated battle suit capable of wielding the firepower of a full battalion. Vance accepted General Armstrong's offer and became the first mechanized officer in the US Army. As the second member of the Freedom Five, Tyler "Bunker" Vance now acts as Legacy's right hand man and the strategic brains behind most of the Freedom Five's mission planning.

  • Notes from Letters Page 8:
    • Tyler is from Boulder City, Nevada. His father was a mechanic. He joined up with the Army to see the world.
    • The first time Tyler shows up in the Bunker suit during a war was during Desert Storm. Within Sentinels Comics, the character of "Bunker" originated as a World War II hero, but that was Vernon Carter, G.I. Bunker. Bunker served as a insert character for soldiers - reading the comics about a soldier character while they themselves were on deployment These were military stories in the solo Bunker books, not "superhero" stories.
    • Bunker gets pulled into "superheroics" when Legacy starts pulling together what becomes the Freedom Five, but it takes a while for the solo military book to wind down. His military background does transition over, somewhat: mercenaries he'd fought in The Indestructible Bunker show up later as F.I.L.T.E.R. operatives (the Arsonator and Mega-Gunner from Sgt. Steel's deck are described as being in this category, presumably some of the others too), one of his rival squad mates gets recruited by Baron Blade for the Vengeance arc, etc. The supporting cast wasn't just jettisoned with the transition to super-hero.
    • Main supporting cast member for Bunker was his sister Katie who served the purpose of exposition; a lot of the storytelling conceit was in the form of excerpts from letters back and forth between them that would be overlaid on the action.
    • Second major relationship in his life is with the Wraith. They spend a lot of time together "in the shop" at FF HQ (she's working on inventions, he's working on the suit). Both are tacticians with an interest in being prepared and just grew together gradually over time, but only really became a "couple" by around the end of the card game timeline.

Variant: Originally revealed September 2013 after the Vengeance expansion was delayed.

Corporal Carter was a good soldier. He followed his orders and got work done. He was good with guns and tech, so he was given a lot of responsibilities. However, regardless of how hard he worked, he was never so much as in line for promotions beyond "Corporal". So, when he was approached by the Ironclad Project and offered a chance to work as a specialized "Mechanized Corporal", he figured it was the best chance he was going to get.

Mechanized Corporal Carter was the first operator of a "Bunker" suit in real combat situations. And he found his way into plenty of real combat situations! The suit went through many changes and revisions as it took damage, and Carter got better and better at pushing the capabilities of his armor to the limits. He could even go head to head with tanks, earning him the nickname "Panzer-Buster".

In an operation, working with Captain Paul "Legacy" Parsons, Carter was air-dropped into the center of the German "Adlerhorst" fortress. He was the diversion, and his stalwart attack on the complex under heavy fire allowed Legacy's team to get in, get the heavily guarded intel, and get out without sustaining any casualties. Legacy's objective was completed successfully - Carter was just getting started. He worked his way through the Führer's headquarters, forced to tear damaged pieces of his armor off in order to continue moving, as the broken parts would lock up. His progress, while heroic, was eventually halted by the sheer number of soldiers who stood in his way.

Mechanized Corporal Carter was awarded both the World War II Victory Medal and the Medal of Honor posthumously, and is considered to be the greatest soldier to ever work with the Ironclad Project.

Bunker has been involved in most Freedom Five conflicts, but doesn't really have a rogues gallery of his own (a result of his main pre-team book was military in nature). Fright Train was a mercenary who got augmented by Revo-Corp and recruited to the Vengeance Five specifically to be a foil to Bunker (due to the shared backstory) and was the first such "Super Villain" for him as an individual (this was also happening at around the time that his solo comic was winding down). Choke also first shows up at this point and she winds up stealing a bunch of Bunker suit parts and blows up other suits in the Freedom Five Headquarters (Choke is later apparently "killed" by K.N.Y.F.E. per her card "For the Greater Good"), but shows up later as Chokepoint in the Termi-Nation story.

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When Lt. Tyler Vance was approached about Fort Adamant by the Freedom Five sidekick/intern Devra Caspit, he was surprised. Why would Unity be asking questions about his old Army base assignment? Turns out, that's where a more newly formed team of heroes had been training. Oddly, Bunker had not heard anything from the base, and now, he was unable to make contact with anyone there. Expressing his concerns to Unity and Absolute Zero, the three of them quickly decided to pay Fort Adamant a visit. There, they were handily defeated by a familiar and yet different foe, who now went by the name Chokepoint.

Regrouping at their headquarters, the three heroes developed new tech and tricks to take down this new threat. Vance and Caspit worked together to develop a new version of the Bunker suit, this one based on ceramic construction and avoiding metal components as much as possible. Chokepoint could communicate with metal on a level that made any metal a liability in combat against her. Wearing his fully modular and adaptive ceramic Bunker suit, Vance is ready to take on Chokepoint, with the help of his allies.

Termi-Nation arc involves a lot of Bunker stuff as Chokepoint was being held at Fort Adamant by General Armstrong, who was in charge of the Ironclad project, but also turned out to be involved in a lot of shady stuff (there will be a Termi-Nation podcast). It results in the new, modular, mostly ceramic Bunker suit being built, though. The modular technology also plays into Omnitron V's ability to transform as much as it does in Tactics.

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Variant: Originally revealed during the OblivAeon Kickstarter as the $1 Million stretch reward.

First Appearance: Freedom Five #800

The Freedom Five stand together against the onslaught of OblivAeon and its Scions. They were seemingly defeated early on in the OblivAeon conflict, but they reappeared in Megaopolis to bring the fight to OblivAeon itself.

Lt. Tyler Vance has been pulled in multiple directions lately. The U.S. Military was revealed to be capturing and training/reprogramming super-powered individuals AND stocking items of great power. Lt. Vance's duty to his superior officers was running in direct conflict with his duty to his team. But the arrival of OblivAeon made everything much clearer.

Ultimately, the petty squabbles of those seeking to gain power cannot win over the needs of the innocent, let alone the needs of all existence. Bunker knows his duty is to protect those who cannot protect themselves, so that is what he does. After all, he's a member of the Freedom Five.

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Variant: Originally revealed during Shattered Timelines Kickstarter as the $40k stretch reward.

Alternate Future from main timeline; Iron Legacy Variant

Character is a hero version of the villain Fright Train

The future in which Iron Legacy ruled the planet brought out the worst in many, but the best in a few. After the death of his former commanding officer and rival, Stephen Graves became a defender of the people. He protected a small neighborhood of people from roving gangs, and word of his valor reached Tachyon. She recovered an experimental Bunker suit that was barely functional, and retrofitted it to work as armor for the massive combatant formerly known as Fright Train. He agreed to work with this newly formed team, knowing that his actions could mean the difference between life and death for countless defenseless people.

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

Dr. Stinson and former-Lt. Vance worked together to build a new Bunker suit - this one no longer benefiting from military R&D and ordnance, but still something that would allow Tyler Vance to bring his tactical genius to bear on the battlefield. And, of course, it would also provide an impressive amount of firepower. Though still a massive metal suit, this new Bunker was smaller and more efficient than previous versions and could be launched considerable distances from Freedom Tower.

Due to the strain between heroes and government, the Freedom Five break off from government sponsorship. Bunker has to resign his military status to stay with the team. Probably the hardest decision of any member in this transition (although the Wraith going public is up there too and Legacy no longer being associated with the government is tricky too). He does get a helicopter, though.

Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

RPG: still has suits and whatnot, but he's now more like a "super hero drill sergeant" - in charge of combat training in the battlefield awareness and planning sense.

Villain: Fright Train

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