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Fireside Chats

  • Bunker's second incapacitated ability is changed in the digital version to: "Select a Hero. Reduce the next Damage that would be dealt to that Hero by 2." It now works the same as The Wraith's innate power.
  • If GI Bunker uses his innate power on a target, and an Isolated Hero deals damage to that target, the damage is not made irreducible.
  • When Bunker has a Mode card, and Guise plays "Yeah, I'm That Guy", it executes the "When this Card enters play, Destroy all other Mode Cards." That destroys Bunker's Mode card, and therefore "Yeah, I'm That Guy" doesn't really end up copying it. This also happens with Mr. Fixer's Style cards.
  • You can choose to not do the second damage on Grenade Launcher (2 projectile) and still do the third damage (1 projectile).
  • Cards under other cards (like "Omni-Cannon") are considered in play (but have no text) unless the card on top says otherwise. For "Omni-Cannon" in particular, those cards are in play but they did not enter play (because of magic). When they get put under "Omni-Cannon", "when a card enters play" triggers do not apply. Cards under other cards count for the hero they belong to when considering "the hero with the most cards in play" because they still belong to the deck they came from. For example, if a Raptor Bot is under Savage Mana, the Raptor Bot is included in Unity's count of cards in play.
  • Suppose Savage Mana has a title (e.g. Imbued Vitality + Stonejaw). When Haka uses the power, the title is destroyed. The same thing can happen with "Omni-Cannon".
  • When Baron Blade flips, any MDPs in play are not destroyed, but simply leave play. So a card like Ammo Drop does not get to activate in response.
  • When Apostate's Tome of the Unknowable and Ammo Drop are both in play, Ammo Drop is still able to trigger the Tome's "play a card" effect when the Tome is destroyed. This is due to cards being in play during their own destruction.
  • Auxiliary Power Supply works like a "Destroy this card. If you do..." card, in that you must destroy the card to get the effect. The wording is updated to make that clear.
  • Termi-Nation Bunker’s first Incapacitated ability moves the whole deck at once, not card by card.

Spiff's Clarifications

  • "Savage Mana" + "Ammo Drop" (Bunker card)
    1. Does Bunker draw a card due to "Ammo Drop" when villain cards are placed beneath "Savage Mana"?
    2. Does Bunker draw a card due to "Ammo Drop" when a villain card beneath "Savage Mana" is destroyed to deal damage?
    3. The answer is "yes" on both counts. Villain cards are always villain cards (see above), so in this unusual case, a villain card can actually be destroyed twice, allowing Bunker to draw a card each time.
  • "Omni-Cannon"
    • Bunker's "Omni-Cannon" reads, "Destroy all Cards beneath this Card. Bunker deals 1 Target X Energy Damage, where X = 2 times the number of Cards destroyed." If there were 5 cards under it, and a +1 increase to damage was in play, the power would deal the target 11 damage. It would not receive the bonus to damage for each card beneath it.
    • What happens to the cards under "Omni-Cannon" if "Omni-Cannon" is destroyed or removed from play? Regardless of how "Omni-Cannon" is removed from play (destroyed, put back into the player's hand, Bunker is incapacitated, etc.) the cards under "Omni-Cannon" are moved to their proper trash piles. If "Omni-Cannon" is somehow put back into play later, the cards that used to be under it will not be moved back there.
  • "Grenade Launcher"
    • This card says, "Power: Bunker deals 1 Target 2 Projectile Damage. Bunker may deal a second Target 2 Projectile Damage. Bunker may deal a third Target 1 Projectile Damage." You may choose to not do the second instance of damage and still do the third instance of damage, but the first instance of damage (because it doesn't say "may") is not optional. (See Fireside Chats above.)
  • "Recharge Mode"
    • The first turn Bunker plays "Recharge Mode", he draws 2 cards. Every turn thereafter, Bunker will draw 3 cards since he will have neither played a card nor used a power during his turn.