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Artillery Mode
Ongoing: Bunker has Reach +3.
Ongoing: Whenever Bunker makes an attack, you may reroll one auto-miss die.
Flavor text: "What do you mean,'incoming missiles'? You're all the way across the city!" - Beacon, Virtuoso of the Void #23
Auxiliary Power Source
Ongoing: Surge: Bunker gains one Attack+1 token and one Aim token.
Flavor text: "Obviously, by harnessing relativistic muon decay, it funnels Helmholtz energy into ultra-low mass." - Tachyon, Stinson-Montgomery Labs #1
External Combustion

Area Attack
Origin 0, Radius 1
Flavor text: "Its rough on the armor, but I guarantee it's even worse for you!" - Bunker, Freedom Five #8
Grenade Launcher
Action: This attack does not require line of sight to the origin.

Vertex Area Attack
Origin 4,
Flavor text: "Yeah, stand right next to each other. Good tactics. Let's see how that works out for y'all." - Bunker, Sentinel Sagas #3
Omni-Cannon [One-Shot]
Attack+1 x4:

Flavor text: "Alright, team. You know the drill. Eye-protection on - heads down." - Bunker, Freedom Five Annual #1
Snapshot Micromissiles
Action: This attack has Reach +4.

Flavor text: "Heads up out there! I've got support locked on target and coming your way." - Bunker, The Supersonic Tachyon #9
Turret Mode
Ongoing: Actions +1
Ongoing: Bunker cannot Dodge, Move, or be moved.
Ongoing: You may activate any attacks in your deck, even those not in play.
Flavor text: [speech bubble full of BUDDA BUDDA]