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Fireside Chats

  • The wording of Potent Disruption is changed to clarify that a Construct must be destroyed for the damage to be dealt. The new wording is: "Destroy 1 Construct Card. If you do, Captain Cosmic deals 1 Target Energy Damage equal to the HP of the destroyed Construct Card plus 1."
  • Captain Cosmic decides the target of the damage dealt by "Autonomous Blade".
  • The text of Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic's innate power has changed; the word "instead" is removed. This is intended to change the behavior of the power. Those cards are now destroyed, triggering any destruction effects.
  • Suppose a Construct and "Sustained Influence" are in play. Chokepoint destroys the Construct, and three conflicting things try to happen. 1) the Construct tries to go to the Trash, 2) the Construct tries to come back into play due to Sustained Influence, and 3) Chokepoint tries to flip the Construct, because she's a jerk. 1) is not going to happen, as everything else has priority over standard actions. 2) and 3) have equal priority, and one happening disallows the other, so the players choose one of the two. If it's face down, it cannot be put into play, as it has lost its keyword. If it's back in play, it shouldn't be turned face down because it's not destroyed.
  • If a Construct card is next to a target and that target leaves play, the Construct card just sits in that target's play area. In the case of a hero becoming incapacitated, the Construct stays put, just hanging out. In the case of a hero being removed from the game, the hero play area is still there, but the Construct is now lonely. If there is a chain of "next to" Constructs and one in the middle is destroyed, the chain is broken, but they all hang out in play where they are.
  • If there are two "Sustained Influence" cards out, and a Construct card is destroyed, you can only destroy one of them to put the card back into play.
  • Suppose "Dynamic Siphon" is on a card, and it is dealt some damage and is destroyed, but "Sustained Influence" brings it back into play. It no longer allows a power usage for the card it is now next to, or was next to. Same goes for "Vitality Conduit". When destroyed, constructs get amnesia.
  • Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic’s innate power can no longer be "stacked". You may only draw or play a card if you shuffle the destroyed construct into your deck.
  • The interpretation of Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic's innate power has changed. When Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic has his power activated, then a Construct is destroyed and the player decides not to move the card to his deck, he may not either play or draw a card. The official wording is not changed, but the behavior is clarified as follows: Until the start of your next turn, whenever a Construct is destroyed, [and you haven’t shuffled it into your deck already], you may shuffle it into your deck and [if you do], either draw or play a card.
  • Suppose Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic used his power, and "Sustained Influence" is in play. When a Construct is destroyed, both his innate power and "Sustained Influence" are interested in where the Construct ends up. Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic must choose one or the other, not both. If he decides to shuffle it back into his deck and then draw or play a card, he does not still get to put the Construct back into play via "Sustained Influence". If he decides to put it back into play via Sustained Influence, he may not shuffle it back into his deck.
  • Xtreme Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic's power also works the same way (constructs deal damage even if he cannot).
  • When Captain Cosmic: Requital flips, the cards under him do not count as a "deck" for the purposes of other card text. His flip side text is updated to read: "Before removing your cards from the game, shuffle all Constructs and put them under your character card."
  • Constructs under Captain Cosmic: Requital are not considered to be "in play." They cannot be otherwise destroyed or removed from the game by other cards. They are face down, under the character card. When they are being moved they flip face up before you choose the location to send the card. You are not permitted to peek at the order.
  • When Captain Cosmic: Requital moves constructs to play areas, they have to follow the same rules as when they enter play. Plus, it needs to be a different play area (e.g. not from one Sentinel to another). If there's nowhere a construct could go, you cannot move it.
  • When Captain Cosmic: Requital flips, the constructs in play leave play (for the purposes of targets leaving play for bounties, Twist the Ether, etc).
  • Suppose Xtreme Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic uses his innate power to deal damage to a target, and then the damage from one of his constructs destroys it. Or suppose Captain Cosmic: Requital uses his innate power and the damage from one of his constructs is redirected and destroys a target. This would earn him the Title: The Living Weapon.
  • If Xtreme Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic or Captain Cosmic: Requital has Title: The Living Weapon, it increases the damage dealt by his constructs as part of his power. Hasty Augmentation increases the damage dealt by his constructs as part of his power.
  • If damage from Xtreme Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic's power is redirected from target A to target B, the constructs attack target B (similar to other cards that have "that target" text).