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Captain Cosmic Hero Deck

Incapacitated - Captain Cosmic is slumped over in the palm of a giant hand. Captain Cosmic is entirely gold and has a wave of golden smoke coming off him.


Conservation of Energy (x2)
Destroy any number of construct cards. You may either draw X cards or play X cards, where X = the number of construct cards destroyed this way plus 1.
Art: Captain Cosmic drawing golden energy to himself;
Flavor-text: "Let's try this again. But, you know, different this time." - Captain Cosmic, Thorathian War One-Shot
Construct Cataclysm(x2)
Destroy all construct cards. Captain Cosmic either deals 1 target X irreducible energy damage, or deals up to X targets 3 energy damage each, where X = the number of construct cards destroyed this way.
Art: A massive bus barreling into two foes directed by Captain Cosmic;
Flavor-text: "Incoming! Er, heads down, team..." - Captain Cosmic, Freedom Five #599
Harsh Offense (x3)
Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Captain Cosmic deals 1 target X energy damage, where X = the number of construct cards revealed this way times 2. Discard all cards revealed this way.
Art: Captain Cosmic surrounding Galacta with his golden cosmic energy;
Flavor-text: "You bring the worst out in me. I shall return the favor." - Captain Cosmic, Prime Wardens #21
Potent Disruption (x3)
Destroy 1 construct card. Captain Cosmic deals 1 target energy damage equal to the HP of the destroyed construct card plus 1.
Art: Empyreon is being hit by Captain Cosmic with an Energy Bracer construct. It is shattering as it hits Empyreon;
Flavor-text: "You foolish Earthlings! You will fall before the might of EEYYEAYAEERRGHH!!" - Empyreon, Cosmic Concurrence #15


Sustained Influence (x3)
Whenever a construct card is destroyed, you may destroy this card to put that construct back into play.
Art: Radioactivist wrapped in golden chains;
Flavor-text: "Destroying pure energy is about as difficult as it sounds, actually." - Captain Cosmic, Freedom Five #382

Ongoing, Limited

Destructive Response (x2)
The first time a construct card is destroyed each turn, Captain Cosmic may deal up to 3 targets 1 energy damage each.
Art: Captain Cosmic in front of green men as shattered golden pieces of a construct hit them;
Flavor-text: "Certainly are a lot of you...Well, come and get me." - Captain Cosmic, Freedom Five #472
Unflagging Animation (x2)
At the end of your turn, Captain Cosmic deals himself 1 irreducible psychic damage. At the start of your turn, you may move 1 construct card from your trash into play. Then, you may destroy this card.
Art: Captain Cosmic has generated constructs of Legacy, Sky-Scraper, Tachyon, Bunker and Expat;
Flavor-text: "My friends? Oh, I suspect they will be here soon enough. These will have to do for now." - Captain Cosmic, Conflux #4


Augmented Ally [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a hero character card. At the start of that hero's turn, their player may discard a card. If they do, they may use a power immediately.
Art: PW Haka fighting with a golden copy of himself;
Flavor-text: "I am used to fighting with you, my friend, but not with me as well!" - Haka, Prime Wardens #30
Autonomous Blade [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a hero target.The first time that target deals damage each turn, this card deals 1 target 2 energy damage.
Art: Captain Cosmic engaged with Infinitor in space with a golden blade attacking Infinitor on its own;
Flavor-text: Stand and fight or give up now! You cannot escape justice." - Captain Cosmic, Conflux #2
Cosmic Weapon [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a hero character card. That hero gains the following power:
Power: This hero deals 1 target 3 energy damage.
Art: PW Fanatic wielding a golden blade;
Flavor-text: "This temporary blade will last longer than the foes we face!" - Fanatic, Prime Wardens #41
Dynamic Syphon [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a hero character card. Whenever this card is dealt damage, that hero may use a power.
Art: PW Argent Adept playing a tune surrounded by golden notes;
Flavor-text: "A duet? We will play the anthems of the heavens!" - Argent Adept, Prime Wardens #39
Energy Bracers [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a hero character card. Reduce damage dealt to that hero character card by 1.
Art: PW Tempest holding a golden shield;
Flavor-text: "I will not fight for their homeworld, but I will fight for the good of the galaxy." - Tempest, Thorathian War One-Shot
Vitality Conduit [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a target. After each time this card is dealt damage, that target regains 2 hp.
Art: Setback fighting Revenant with a golden chest protector;
Flavor-text: "You should really make better friends. Friends are the best." - Setback, Justice Comics #437
Wounding Buffer [4] (x3)
Play this card next to a hero character card.The first time that hero character card is dealt damage by a target each turn, this card deals the source of that damage 2 energy damage.
Art': Parse fighting with a foe as golden barbs are coming out;
Flavor-text: "YOUCH! Glad you got the worse of it, you blue dummy." - Parse, Cosmic Concurrence #14

Construct, Limited

Cosmic Crest (x2)
Captain Cosmic and all construct cards are immune to energy damage.
Power: Up to 3 contructs cards regain 2 hp each.
Art: Captain Cosmic wearing knightly looking golden armor;
Flavor-text: "Who put me in charge? No one. But someone must stand for the world." - Captain Cosmic, Conflux #6