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  • Captain Cosmic was seen as far back as Argent Adept's deck. He is shown on a picture portraying (as the Flavor Text may indicate) the Prime Wardens, though his name only became known during Vengeance as one of the Vengeance Nemesis cards; Empyreon listed his name.
  • The Radioactivist is bound up by the "Sustained Influence" of Captain Cosmic.
  • "Destructive Response" demonstrates the deadly power of constructs as several Celestial Executioners from The Celestial Tribunal are impaled.
  • "Autonomous Blade" allows Captain Cosmic to go on the offensive versus Infinitor.
  • Galactra takes the brunt of a "Harsh Offense".
  • Rahazar is unprepared as Parse dives for cover behind a "Wounding Buffer".
  • Haka demolishes The Hippo with the help of an "Augmented Ally".
  • Empyreon finds out monologues can lead to a "Potent Disruption".
  • Citizen Assault and Citizen Sweat are on the delivery end of "Construct Cataclysm".
  • Setback is able to heal from the energy blasts of Revenant because of a "Vitality Conduit".
  • His Domino Mask is originally red to match his outfit and shown that way in deck. However, in the alternate artwork for the Hero character cards and the portraits in the video game it is black.


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To Other Works

  • Hugh Lowsley became Captain Cosmic after he was exposed to mysterious radiation emanating from a meteorite. This is a classic comic book/sci-fi trope that has been used so many times it borders on cliché.
  • As a domino mask-clad superhero with the power to fly through space and generate energy constructs, Captain Cosmic draws easy comparisons to the DC hero Green Lantern, specifically the Hal Jordan incarnation.
  • The energy which fuels Captain Cosmic's powers is yellow, while the energy of his archenemy, Infinitor, is green. This is a color scheme reversal of the heroic Green Lantern and his evil enemy Sinestro, the latter of whom wields the yellow light of fear.
  • The art of "Construct Cataclysm" portrays Captain Cosmic throwing a construct the size and shape of a double-decker bus at two villains. This is a reference to the first issue of the 2011 "New 52" //Justice League// reboot, which featured Green Lantern throwing a fire truck-construct at a parademon.