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Fireside Chats

  • When a card enters play, the following order of things occurs.
    • Ongoing effects on the card become applicable.
    • Cards that react to other cards entering play now act.
    • One-time effects on the card happen.
    • A well-known example of this is Informant. Suppose Informant and Combat Stance are in play and Legacy plays Inspiring Presence.
      • Damage dealt by hero targets is now increased by 1.
      • Informant causes The Chairman to play a card. Suppose it’s Undivided Attention, damaging The Wraith. Combat Stance reacts and its damage is increased by 1 due to Inspiring Presence.
      • All hero targets regain 1 HP.
  • The Chairman is the source of the retaliatory damage on his “Chairman Pike” side.
  • The Chairman cannot deal damage if he has been destroyed. Non-existent targets cannot deal damage.
  • The Operative’s text is adjusted to say “When The Operative would be destroyed, her character card flips instead.” This clarifies that she behaves like Baron Blade, and Sucker Punch does not lead to shenanigans.
  • The Chairman Challenge Mode: The challenge mode text works even if one or the other of the character cards are in the trash. In the video game, the text is separated so each of them has their own text on their cards.

Spiff's Clarifications

The Operative clarifications

  • The Operative’s character card does not include the keyword “villain”, so she’s just a character card and not a villain character card. Also, because she has a hero’s icon on her card, she follows the nemesis rules; in her case, she will do 1 additional damage to Mr. Fixer and will take 1 additional damage from him.

What happens if you defeat the chairman before you flip the Operative?

  • Play continues as normal until you have defeated the Operative as well. the game does not immediately end if the Chairman is defeated before the Operative is. Also, as noted in Haka’s clarifications, if the Chairman is defeated by Haka while Haka has “Savage Mana” in play, and the Operative is in play, the Chairman’s villain character is put under “Savage Mana” like any card Haka destroys.