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Art References

  • Forum goer arenson9 and his spouse are the basis for The Deputy and The Broker.



  • The Chairman is secretly Graham Pike, the mysterious CEO of Pike Industrial Complex
  • The Chairman is very much the conceptual opposite of Baron Blade. Where Blade is a flamboyant super-genius that uses grandiose sci-fi tech to achieve his goals, the Chairman is a subtle planner who strikes from the shadows through real-world means. The dichotomy of the two characters is further revealed in the flavor text of "Hired Gun."
  • The shadow on the back of his character card is 'Someone Unobtrusive' Christopher on the Forums
  • The Chairman deck is supposed to symbolize the endless slough against fighting Organized Crime as no matter how much you take out Thugs new ones keep coming back


  • As a corrupt businessman and master of the underworld, the Chairman is very similar to the Marvel character Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. As an immortal who rejuvinates himself in a mysterious liquid, he is also similar to the Batman villain Ras Al'Ghul.
  • The scene pictured on the Operative's "Active" side is evocative of the climax of the film Scarface. Her "Incapacitated" side is styled after the art of Frank Miller.