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Art References

  • Forum goer arenson9 and his spouse are the basis for The Deputy and The Broker.



  • The Chairman is secretly Graham Pike, the mysterious CEO of Pike Industrial Complex
  • The Chairman is very much the conceptual opposite of Baron Blade. Where Blade is a flamboyant super-genius that uses grandiose sci-fi tech to achieve his goals, the Chairman is a subtle planner who strikes from the shadows through real-world means. The dichotomy of the two characters is further revealed in the flavor text of "Hired Gun."
  • The shadow on the back of his character card is 'Someone Unobtrusive' Christopher on the Forums
  • The Chairman deck is supposed to symbolize the endless slough against fighting Organized Crime as no matter how much you take out Thugs new ones keep coming back Letter Page Episode 2


  • As a corrupt businessman and master of the underworld, the Chairman is very similar to the Marvel character Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. As an immortal who rejuvinates himself in a mysterious liquid, he is also similar to the Batman villain Ras Al'Ghul.
  • The scene pictured on the Operative's "Active" side is evocative of the climax of the film Scarface. Her "Incapacitated" side is styled after the art of Frank Miller.