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Baron Blade

Decoy Impulsion Beam - The TerraLunar Impulsion Beam's Countdown cannot be stopped.

  • When Baron Blade flips to his second side, do not put the Villain Trash on top of the villain deck or shuffle the villain deck
  • At the start of the villain turn, if there are 15 or more cards in the villain trash, Baron Blade's TerraLunar Impulsion Beam activates, pulling the moon into the earth. Game Over.

Citizen Dawn

Solar Retribution -Citizen Dawn retaliates when her Citizens are defeated.

  • Whenever a Citizen card is destroyed, Citizen Dawn deals the hero target with the highest HP 3 fire damage.

Grand Warlord Voss

Hostile Take Over When Voss moves in the battle, he brings more resources.

  • Whenever Grand Warlord Voss flips, play the top card of the Villain deck.


Redundant Systems - Each component has its own damage threshold.

  • Dealing Omnitron 7 damage only destroys one Component card, heroes choice

The Chairman

Chemical Immortality -The Chairman and The Operative regain health at the start of their turn.

  • At the start of the villain turn, The Chairman and The Operative both regain (H) HP.


Carrion Wasteland - The wastelands ruined by The Matriarch’s fowl are pervasive.

  • Domain cards are Indestructible.

Plague Rat

Noxious Stench -Plague Rat’s presence poisons everything.

  • At the start of the villain turn, Plague Rat deals each non-villain target 1 toxic damage.


Strung-Out Maniac - Spite’s potential strength is limitless.

  • Spite can regain HP past his maximum HP


Eco-Titan- The earth, its forms, and her limbs are fully under her sway.

  • Akash’Bhuta is immune to Environment damage and Villain damage.


Demon Lord Apostate gains power from the passing of his minions.

  • Whenever a Demon card enters play, play the top card of the Villain deck.

The Ennead

Eternal Spellcraft - All of The Ennead act together.

  • Every Villain One-Shot has all three symbols as keywords: Enneadred.png Enneadgreen.png Enneadpurple.png


Chaos Dimension - You cannot prevent the summoning of GloomWeaver.

  • Villain Relics are Indestructible.

The Dreamer

Frail Child - Striking The Dreamer even once will destroy her.

  • Increase damage dealt to The Dreamer by 5.

Iron Legacy

Final Justice - Legacy’s powers cannot be suppressed.

  • At the start of the villain turn, shuffle the villain trash and reveal cards until an ongoing card is revealed. Put it into play. Put the rest of the cards back in the villain trash.


Burning Talisman - Holding the Talisman is painful for heroes.

  • At the start of each hero’s turn, if the Talisman is in their play area, it deals that hero character card (H) fire damage.

La Capitan

Timeless Crew - La Capitan always attacks with her crew behind her.

  • At the start of the game, reveal cards from the top of the villain deck until (H) Crew cards are revealed. Put those revealed Crew cards into play. Shuffle the villain deck.
  • Whenever La Capitan flips, move the Crew card with the highest HP from the Villain trash into play.


Endling Workmanship - Deadline’s devices cannot be destroyed.

  • Villain Device cards are indestructible.


Pervasive Horrors - His manifestations are not easily dismissed.

  • Reduce damage dealt to Manifestation cards by 2.

Kaargra Warfang

Illustrious Bloodsworn - The Bloodsworn Gladiators are known for their prowess.

  • Whenever a Gladiator card enters play, flip the top card of the title deck and put it under that Gladiator card with the Title text showing.


Ultimate Scion - Progeny’s Scion abilities can compound even further.

  • Scion cards do not destroy other Scion cards upon entering play until there are 5 or more Scion cards in play.


Trap Master - Ambuscade has set traps in advance, and lots of them.

  • At the start of the game, turn all Trap cards in Ambuscade’s deck face up.
  • Whenever a Trap card would be discarded, first the top card of the villain deck is played, then the Trap card is discarded.
  • Whenever the villain trash is shuffled into the villain deck, all Trap cards are turned face up.

Miss Information

Sloppy Saboteur - Miss Information is not being particularly subtle with her plan.

  • Whenever a Clue card enters play, play the top card of the villain deck.

Wager Master

All Fun and Pain - Wager Master’s games pain the minds of the heroes.

  • Whenever a villain card is flipped face down, each hero target deals itself 1 psychic damage.



  • Whenever a non-villain card is destroyed, it is put face-down in the villain area (unless it is already face-down in the villain play area).
  • Whenever a card is put face-down in the villain play area, Chokepoint regains 2 HP and deals each hero target 2 energy damage.

Mad Bomber Blade Promo

Nanobot Power Armor - While Blade enacts his plan, he still wears a power suit.

  • Reduce damage dealt to Baron Blade by 2.

Cosmic Omnitron

Cosmic Overdrive - Omnitron’s cosmic power greatly increases its capabilities.

  • Double the value of (H) in this game.

Spite: Agent of Gloom and Skinwalker GloomWeaver

Summoner and Overlord - Spite is working to summon a horrifying incarnation of GloomWeaver.

  • After Spite is defeated, he is immediately replaced by Skinwalker Gloomweaver without altering the environment or any of the heroes or hero cards. Heroes do not regain HP or draw cards between games. The game resumes at the Start of Gloomweaver's turn.

Heroic Infinitor

Drawn to the Edge

  • (Front side) At the start of the villain turn, the top card of Infinitor's deck is revealed. If it is a manifestation, it is put into play. If not, it is shuffled back into Infinitor's deck and each manifestation in play is restored to its maximum HP.
  • (Back side) Damage dealt by villain targets is irreducible and cannot be redirected.

Baron Blade (Vengeance)

Mastermind - Baron Blade has planned for all eventualities.

  • Baron Blade is immune to Villain damage.


Canny Thief - Ermine is hard to take down.

  • At the start of the game, put Subtle Diversion and Uncatchable into play.


Sturdy Tech - Friction’s gear cannot be disabled.

  • The Shock Dampeners card is indestructible.

Fright Train

All Aboard - Fright Train is the first villain you must face in this fight.

  • As long as Fright Train is a target, redirect all hero damage to Fright Train.


The Will of the People - Proletariat has steeled his mind.

  • Targets named Proletariat are immune to psychic damage.