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Environment: Champion Studios

Set: OblivAeon
Founded: May 2nd, 1948
Area served: Worldwide
Revenue: $900 Million
Number of employees: 1200

Sunny San Alonso has long been the place where movie magic is made! But what happens when it gets mixed with real magic? A series of villains have taken over the studios, and movie magic has been replaced by movie mayhem! The threats are so very real, and the actors - and the heroes - are all ingrave peril. Will the heroes play their part? Or will the movie turn out to be a bomb at the box office? A real bomb!

Craft Services Table (x1)
At the end of each Hero turn, discard the top card of the Environment deck. If the discarded card is not a Conflict, that Hero regains 2 HP. If the discarded card is a Conflict, deal that Hero 3 Toxic Damage and destroy this card.
Art: Unity staring at some suspicious-looking food laid out on a table while the Green Grosser peeks around the doorway;
Flavor text: "Pete!" hollered the technopath with growing concern in her voice. "You said you ate how many of these apples? We might need to go to a hospital... like, 15 minutes ago."
Deus Ex Machina (x1)
When this card enters play, destroy a Conflict. At the end of the Environment turn, the Villain target with the highest HP deals each non-Villain target 1 Energy Damage, then destroys this card.
Art: OblivAeon showing up to attack the studio grounds;
Flavor text: "Game off!" The stream of screaming game attendees clogged all the exits, but the heroes were already taking to the skies, knowing that they had to face OblivAeon.
Jump Scare (x2)
When this card enters play, reveal the top 3 cards of the Environment deck. Put any revealed Antagonists into play. Discard the other revealed cards. At the end of the Environment turn, each Hero character card deals itself 1 Psychic Damage. Then, shuffle this card and the Environment trash into the Environment deck.
Art: Ray Manta in his hockey mask and clawed glove getup bursting through a wooden wall to attack a surprised Tachyon;
Flavor text: "They're in the walls!" Unity yelled. "I am well aware, Devra! We need to get out of here before there are any more surprises!" Tachyon said, dodging her vicious attacker.
Magical MacGuffin (x1)
When this card enters play, move it to a Hero play area. Increase damage dealt to targets in this play area by 1. At the end of this Hero's turn, they may use a Power. If they do not, destroy this card.
Art: Equity in a loincloth staring worriedly at Guise the Barbarian holding up a strange glowing ring on a chain;
Flavor text: The ring glowed with a magical energy. "This is no mere prop. It is a gift!" Guise held the ring up, letting the light catch it. Equity knew who its true master was, though.
Props Department (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, reveal the top card of each Hero deck in turn order. If the revealed card is a One-Shot, play it but prevent any damage on that card. If the revealed card is not a One-Shot, discard it.
Art: Fanatic wielding a foam sword and Expatriette wielding a pair of Nerf guns;
Flavor text: The distinctive >THAPP< of a suction-cup striking a smooth surface was followed by a hushed silence as Mr. Fixer reached up to peel the dart off his forehead.


Death Ray [7] (x1)
At the end of the Environment turn, this card deals the Hero target with the lowest HP 3 Melee Damage. Whenever a deck is shuffled, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP 1 Lightning Damage.
Art: Ray Manta wearing a butcher's apron, hockey mask, and clawed gloves;
Flavor text: A wheeze sounded from behind the painted mask. "I cannot see inside all of you," the words came with a whine. "You could all secretly be robots. Let's find out."
The Zorrm [9] (x1)
The first time a Conflict is discarded each turn, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP 2 Projectile Damage. At the end of this Environment turn, this card deals the Hero target with the highest HP 4 Melee Damage.
Art: A reptillian warrior wearing a leather kilted tunic with belt;
Flavor text: "Careful, team!" Legacy said as he scanned the landscape. "It might seem a mindless monster, but it's actually highly intelligent. We don't want to fall into its traps!"


Bottom of the 9th (x1)
At the start of the Environment turn, play the top card of each Hero deck in turn order. If H-icon.png Hero One-Shots are played this turn, each player draws 5 cards, then destroy this card. Otherwise, add 1 token to this card. When you add a 3rd token to this card, you're out. Game over. You lose.
Art: A baseball field where Kaargra is readying to pitch a ball to Setback in a baseball uniform as the batter;
Flavor text: "Heeeyyyyy batter batter hee--" Guise stopped jeering abruptly as a gun barrel pressed against his back. Expatriette growled, "Shut up. You're supposed to be on our team."
Car Chase Scene (x1)
All Melee Damage is converted to Projectile Damage. Whenever a target is reduced to 2 or fewer HP, destroy it.
Art: Heartbreaker chasing Stuntman across the rooftops of cars speeding down a street;
Flavor text: "This maniac is unwilling to just fight! He has to make it a whole flashy production!" The hooded assassin griped as he judged his jump from one speeding car to the next.
Deadly Choice (x1)
At the start of each Hero turn, that Hero may deal themselves 1 Psychic Damage to discard the top card of their deck. If a One-Shot is discarded this way, destroy this card. At the start of the Environment turn, deal each target H-icon.png Fire Damage and H-icon.png Projectile Damage. Then, destroy this card.
Art: Chrono-Ranger trying to defuse a Revo-Corp bomb by cutting wires;
Flavor text: "This jus' ain't quite right." "What is it, Jim?" What do you see?" Tachyon said through his earpiece. "Well, thing is, they're all red wires. And there's a whole heap of 'em."
Love Interest (x1)
When this card enters play, select two Hero Character cards. The first time either of those Heroes would be dealt damage by a non-Hero target each turn, reduce that damage by 2. If damage is still dealt, the other Hero deals itself 3 Psychic Damage.
Art: The Wraith and Bunker out of their mask and suit, staring at each other moony-eyed while Wager Master poses as a cherub in the background;
Flavor text: "I never knew you felt the same way, Tyler." The Wraith brushed her mask aside, falling into the arms of her teammate. "Of course you did, Maia. You always knew."
Potential Pratfalls (x1)
Whenever a target enters play, prevent all damage dealt by that target until the start of the Environment turn. Reduce Melee Damage by 1.
Art: Harpy looking into a room that's entirely empty except for a floor covered in banana peels;
Flavor text: "Lilian! What's in that room? More evil, right?" The Harpy just looked into the vast, mostly empty space. "You know, of all the things here, this is the least concerning."

Heroic Actor

Stunt Double [8] (x2)
The first time any Hero target would be dealt damage by a Villain target each turn, you may redirect that damage to this card. If this card is reduced to 0 or fewer HP, each player discards 2 cards.
Art: A stunt double for Legacy confronting Scion Voss;
Flavor text: "Halt, evil-doer!" The actor bravely stared down the turned-Scion until an assistant director yelled, "Daniels, you're needed in makeup! Leave that rubber suit alone!"

Meta: Champion Studios

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Fireside Chats

  • Only one member of the Sentinels gains 2 HP or takes damage from Craft Services Table.
  • Only one member of the Sentinels takes damage from Deadly Choice.
  • If the player opts to deal damage to themselves via Deadly Choice, but the damage is reduced to 0, they still discard a card.
  • The selected character cards for Love Interest need to be active. If there is only one active hero character card, Love Interest does nothing. When one of the character cards becomes incapacitated, Love Interest stops doing anything because one of the selected heroes is no longer a target.
  • Love Interest takes effect only once a turn for either hero, it can’t activate twice.
  • If both heroes selected by Love Interest are active when the damage is initiated, then the damage incapacitates one, Love Interest still reacts (but has no further effect after that).
  • Stunt Double redirects the first damage that would be dealt to any one hero target on the turn, and then is done for that turn.
  • Craft Services Table still discards the top card of the environment deck at the end of an incapacitated hero turn.