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Fireside Chats

  • Only one member of the Sentinels gains 2 HP or takes damage from Craft Services Table.
  • Only one member of the Sentinels takes damage from Deadly Choice.
  • If the player opts to deal damage to themselves via Deadly Choice, but the damage is reduced to 0, they still discard a card.
  • The selected character cards for Love Interest need to be active. If there is only one active hero character card, Love Interest does nothing. When one of the character cards becomes incapacitated, Love Interest stops doing anything because one of the selected heroes is no longer a target.
  • Love Interest takes effect only once a turn for either hero, it can’t activate twice.
  • If both heroes selected by Love Interest are active when the damage is initiated, then the damage incapacitates one, Love Interest still reacts (but has no further effect after that).
  • Stunt Double redirects the first damage that would be dealt to any one hero target on the turn, and then is done for that turn.
  • Craft Services Table still discards the top card of the environment deck at the end of an incapacitated hero turn.