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Aliases: Evelyn Moore
Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: White, Pink, and Black
Eye Color: White
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Power Source: Ferro-Kinetic Absorption, Alien Tech
Group Affliation: Ironclad Project
First Appearance: Southwest Sentinels #30
Difficulty: 2
Set: Mini Expansion
Nemesis:K.N.Y.F.E., Absolute Zero, Bunker, and Unity


Mini Nemesis

HP: 5
Title: Nemesis
Found In: Fright Train



HP: 70
Title: Ferro-Kineticist / Armored Animus



When she was an infant, Evelyn Moore’s parents turned to the U.S. government for help. Their daughter couldn’t talk yet, but she “spoke” to machines. More alarmingly, when she did, they fell into their components, which created a metallic cocoon for the child. None of this was covered by the parenting classes the Moore family had attended. A representative of a group called the Ironclad Project offered to take care of Evelyn, but only if her parents were willing to sign her over to the care of the project. Seeing no other option, they agreed, and Evelyn became the ward of the Ironclad Project.

Years went by, and Evelyn grew, learning to control her powers. She was told that she was being trained to be a part of the army. A new army that fought with better power instead of hundreds of soldiers. However, her lack of control and her hot-headedness meant that the Ironclad Project had little use for her. She had learned to absorb tech to plate herself in steel and coat her skin in wires, talking to the tech as easily as she talked to herself, but it wasn’t enough. Even though she desperately wanted to prove her worth, those monitoring her kept wanting more than she could give.

Then, one day, she absorbed a tank.

There had been talk of military training going on in the adjacent facility, and Evelyn wanted to know more. Sneaking past her monitors, she found herself next to a massive M1 Abrams tank. It spoke to her of cold steel and internal combustion. It sounded beautiful to her. So she let it fall into its pieces, and she wore its skin.

All hell broke loose in the army base. A tank had just fallen apart, and a person-shaped pile of plate-steel walked out of the wreckage. Soldiers opened fire on the figure, who ran through a wall, disappearing into the nearby hills.

Since then, Choke has been a regular opponent of the Freedom Five and their allies. She is frequently at the heart of troubles concerning military installations or stockpiles of weapons. Her ability to commuicate with metal on a primal level twisted her mind. In her unhinged state, she sought to free all metal from "unworthy" uses. It was hardly surprising that she ended up allying with the Vengeful Five when Baron Blade called. But when she was fatally wounded by K.N.Y.F.E., many believed that would be the end of Choke.

However, Choke had heard a peculiar voice - unlike any she had heard before. The Freedom Five had recently prevented Deadline from destroying the earth, and the alien’s odd device was still housed in their headquarters. And she could hear its voice. It could save her, and she could give it purpose once again.

In a shocking turn of events, Choke's body melded with the energy crystal used by the villain known as Deadline, granting her new knowledge and power. Chokepoint was born. Taking power from the tech of the heroes who stand in her way, Chokepoint is on a self-appointed quest to destroy the world and rebuild it in her own image.

Evelyn drew the resonating crystal at the heart of the device into herself, sealing her wound, but also opening her mind to the powers of the alien tech. It could sense weak points. She was originally trained to save the world, and now she knew how. She would show those at Project Ironclad that she was worthwhile after all. Using her new knowledge, she would erase all the weak points from the world. All she needed was a bit more power…

With the necessary elements right at hand, Chokepoint was born. Taking power from the tech of the heroes around her, Evelyn is on a self-appointed quest to destroy the weak points of the world, and beyond.

Chokepoint’s scope is without limit. She already has growing concerns that the star at the center of this galaxy will eventually die or explode, and that getting rid of it sooner rather than later might be necessary…

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Art References

  • "Stripped Resources" shows her first appearance as "Chokepoint" - breaking through a wall of the Omnitron-IV ruins just following the "birth" of Omnitron-U (Letters Page 9)




  • Chokepoint’s superpower of communicating with/coercing metal is similar to the powers of Mitchell Hundred (aka “The Great Machine”), the protagonist of the 2004 comic series Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughn. Hundred can communicate with/manipulate machinery much like Chokepoint can. Additionally, Chokepoint’s ideologies call to mind those of the Great Machine's nemesis Jack Pherson, an eco-terrorist who could communicate with animals.
  • As a villain who gained her powers (or, in this case, an increase in power) from a device created by a different, extraterrestrial villain, Chokepoint draws comparisons to Black Hand, an enemy of the DC comics superhero Green Lantern. Black Hand wields an energy-siphoning device, one which he acquired from the alien Atrocitus after the latter dropped it in battle. Chokepoint increased her powers with the world-destroying energy crystal that was used and subsequently lost by Deadline.
  • With her pink and white hair, Chokepoint bears a strong physical resemblance to the Marvel villain-turned-heroine Songbird, although her powers of controlling metal are more evocative of X-Men nemesis Magneto.
  • The circuit-covered material engulfing Chokepoint's body on “Newfound Power” bears a resemblance to the connection suit often worn by Marvel’s Iron Man.
  • Chokepoint’s “Armored Animus” form, which is composed of equipment from multiple heroes, is evocative of the Marvel character Rogue. Rogue is a mutant with the ability to absorb traits from others, including superpowers, via skin-to-skin contact. There have been many instances where she has absorbed powers from many different superheroes, altering her appearance into a collective mish-mash of their physical traits.
  • "Harvest the Mighty" is visually similar to the climax of Marvel's "Age of Apocalypse" story line where Magneto rips Apocalypse in half. Luckily, Tyler himself is spared in this case.

Incapacitated Images

The Deck

Deck Information

Villain Deck


Empowered Self-Repair (x3)
Chokepoint regains 5 HP. Chokepoint deals the non-villain target with the lowest HP 5 energy damage. If that target is destroyed, Chokepoint regains 10 more HP.
Art: Chokepoint in what appears to be Unity's lab with the disembodied pieces of Swift Bot floating;
Flavor text: "You were pushed into a limbed form, which was not your truth. Let's try again." - Chokepoint, Freedom Five #771
Harvest the Mighty (x3)
Chokepoint deals the hero character card with the most cards in play 4 energy damage. Select 1 non-character card from that hero's play area. Put it face-down in the villain play area.
Art: Chokepoint rips the Bunker suit in half off of a a stunned Tyler Vance;
Flavor text: "Open up! I'm here to make new friends." - Chokepoint, Freedom Five #768
Ireful Grasp (x3)
Chokepoint deals each hero target in any play area with no Equipment cards 3 psychic damage. Select 1 Equipment card from a hero play area. Put it face-down in the villain play area.
Art: Chokepoint has frozen the Argent Adept in energy;
Flavor text: Chokepoint, Prime Wardens #24
Material Upheaval (x2)
Chokepoint deals each non-villain target 2 projectile damage. Select 1 Equipment card in each hero play area. Put them face-down in the villain play area. If no Equipment cards are moved this way, Chokepoint deals each non-villain target 2 melee damage.
Art: Chokepoint fighting Mainstay, Writhe, and K.N.Y.F.E. at what appears to be Fort Adamant;
Flavor text: "Don't think you can just storm in here and *OOF!*" - Mainstay, Cosmic Concurrence #19
Newfound Power (x3)
Reveal the top card of the villain deck. Each player must put 1 card that shares a keyword with the revealed card from their hand face-down in the villain play area. Then, put the revealed card into play.
Art: Choke becoming Chokepoint by accepting the crystal left by Deadline with energy coming out of her eyes;
Flavor text: "I don't understand. You're so loud! So bright!" - Chokepoint, Cosmic Concurrence #19
Stripped Resources (x2)
Destroy all environment cards. Put any targets destroyed this way face-down in the villain play area.
Art: Chokepoint breaking into a room with Unity and Omnitron-U;
Flavor text: "You cannot hide. You tread on ground that shrieks with your passage. Come to me." - Chokepoint, Freedom Five #773


Augmented Energy Field (x3)
Reduce damage dealt to Chokepoint by 1. Whenever Chokepoint would be dealt 5 or more damage, prevent that damage and destroy this card.
Art: Chokepoint holding off blasts of energy from Captain Cosmic with her hand on a control panel which also has connections to her back;
Flavor text: "Her manipulation of energy is coercive. She bends the focus of things to her will." - Captain Cosmic, Prime Wardens #25
Kinetic Looter (x2)
When this card enters play, destroy 1 Equipment card. The first time a hero card leaves play each turn, put it face-down in the villain play area.
Art: Chokepoint has turned pieces of Absolute Zero's equipment into a drill that she is pointing at a captive Wraith;
Flavor text: "I don't think much of your communication methods. You'll regret hurting Ryan." - The Wraith, Freedom Five #772
Shocking Animation (x4)
Play this card next to an Equipment card. If there are none, put this card face-down in the villain play area. The card next to this card has a maximum HP of 5. At the end of that card's hero turn, that card deals each hero target 2 lightning damage. If that card would leave play, put it face-down in the villain play area, then destroy this card.
Art: A panicked looking Nightmist looking at the floating Amulet of the Elder Gods which is taking a shot of energy;
Flavor text: "Its core screams in outrage! I can access its power, but at what cost?" - Nightmist, Mystery Comics #480


Fireside Chats

  • Chokepoint’s “the first time a hero card would be discarded” effect triggers cards discarded from hand or from the top of a deck.
  • If a target is destroyed by the damage from Empowered Self-Repair, then Chokepoint gains HP (even if the damage was redirected).
  • If Harvest the Mighty damage is redirected, you still select a card from the original target's play area.
  • Suppose there’s a card in play being destroyed that has an on-destroy effect (ex Apprentice Poisoner). If Chokepoint destroys that card, it will then be moved face-down to her play area. The effect of Apprentice Poisoner still happens.
  • Suppose a Construct and Sustained Influence are in play. Chokepoint destroys the construct, and three conflicting things try to happen. 1) the Construct tries to go to the Trash, 2) the Construct tries to come back into play due to Sustained Influence, and 3) Chokepoint tries to flip the Construct, because she’s a jerk. 1) is not going to happen, as everything else has priority over standard actions. 2) and 3) have equal priority, and one happening disallows the other, so the players choose one of the two. If it’s face down, it cannot be put into play, as it has lost its keyword. If it’s back in play, it shouldn’t be turned face down because it’s not destroyed.
  • With Advanced Chokepoint on her flipped side, it says “when a hero card would be discarded, move it face down to the villain play area instead.” If The Scholar chooses to discard a card to keep an elemental active at the start of his turn, and that card ends up going to Chokepoint’s play area, it still counts as a discard. The player still discarded the card, then the other thing happened. So Chokepoint still steals the card, but the player gets the positive effect.
  • Suppose Aggression Modulator is next to an environment target and Chokepoint destroys it with Stripped Resources. The Aggression Modulator stays in the environment play area next to nothing.
  • Flipping cards face down removes all cards next to/attached to/whatever because the face down card loses everything else but its type and should also lose such connections.
  • Suppose Shocking Animation goes next to an equipment card, then that equipment card is selected for Ireful Grasp. Shocking Animation can’t be connected to a face down card because nothing can be connected to a face down card. As a result, Shocking Animation would get destroyed, as per the last clause of its text, as a very similar action has occurred.
  • If a hero card is removed from the game by Unforgiving Wasteland, and Kinetic Looter is in play, the card is ignored because it’s no longer in the game.
  • When Shocking Animation and Imbued Vitality are both in play, the higher maximum HP is the target's max HP.
  • Suppose Shocking Animation goes next to an Ongoing card due to Caspit’s Playground, then Caspit's Playground leaves play. The effects of Shocking Animation no longer apply to the card, since it's no longer an equipment card. Shocking Animation just hangs out and looks sad.

Spiff's SotM Rules and Clarifications

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