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Fireside Chats

  • Chokepoint’s “the first time a hero card would be discarded” effect triggers cards discarded from hand or from the top of a deck.
  • If a target is destroyed by the damage from Empowered Self-Repair, then Chokepoint gains HP (even if the damage was redirected).
  • If Harvest the Mighty damage is redirected, you still select a card from the original target's play area.
  • Suppose there’s a card in play being destroyed that has an on-destroy effect (ex Apprentice Poisoner). If Chokepoint destroys that card, it will then be moved face-down to her play area. The effect of Apprentice Poisoner still happens.
  • Suppose a Construct and Sustained Influence are in play. Chokepoint destroys the construct, and three conflicting things try to happen. 1) the Construct tries to go to the Trash, 2) the Construct tries to come back into play due to Sustained Influence, and 3) Chokepoint tries to flip the Construct, because she’s a jerk. 1) is not going to happen, as everything else has priority over standard actions. 2) and 3) have equal priority, and one happening disallows the other, so the players choose one of the two. If it’s face down, it cannot be put into play, as it has lost its keyword. If it’s back in play, it shouldn’t be turned face down because it’s not destroyed.
  • With Advanced Chokepoint on her flipped side, it says “when a hero card would be discarded, move it face down to the villain play area instead.” If The Scholar chooses to discard a card to keep an elemental active at the start of his turn, and that card ends up going to Chokepoint’s play area, it still counts as a discard. The player still discarded the card, then the other thing happened. So Chokepoint still steals the card, but the player gets the positive effect.
  • Suppose Aggression Modulator is next to an environment target and Chokepoint destroys it with Stripped Resources. The Aggression Modulator stays in the environment play area next to nothing.
  • Flipping cards face down removes all cards next to/attached to/whatever because the face down card loses everything else but its type and should also lose such connections.
  • Suppose Shocking Animation goes next to an equipment card, then that equipment card is selected for Ireful Grasp. Shocking Animation can’t be connected to a face down card because nothing can be connected to a face down card. As a result, Shocking Animation would get destroyed, as per the last clause of its text, as a very similar action has occurred.
  • If a hero card is removed from the game by Unforgiving Wasteland, and Kinetic Looter is in play, the card is ignored because it’s no longer in the game.
  • When Shocking Animation and Imbued Vitality are both in play, the higher maximum HP is the target's max HP.
  • Suppose Shocking Animation goes next to an Ongoing card due to Caspit’s Playground, then Caspit's Playground leaves play. The effects of Shocking Animation no longer apply to the card, since it's no longer an equipment card. Shocking Animation just hangs out and looks sad.
  • Chokepoint Challenge Mode: If Volatile Parts and Chokepoint both attempt to react to the destruction of a Mechanical Golem, and Chokepoint is chosen to act first (thus flipping the card face-down), Volatile Parts still deals damage.
  • Chokepoint Challenge Mode: Suppose Termi-Nation Unity uses her power to destroy a Mechanical Golem and shuffle it into her deck. The card is shuffled into her deck instead of going to Chokepoint, similar to Prime Wardens Captain Cosmic's power.
  • Battlefield Experience causes KNYFE to draw 1 card and play 1 card even if Chokepoint steals it. It acts after it leaves play, as it needs to have been destroyed for the effect to trigger. As long as KNYFE is still around to do those things, she will get to do those things.
  • Suppose Chokepoint destroys a Crystalloid Behemoth using Stripped Resources. The players get to choose whether it goes to a hand or to Chokepoint.