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When she was an infant, Evelyn Moore’s parents turned to the U.S. government for help. Their daughter couldn’t talk yet, but she “spoke” to machines. More alarmingly, when she did, they fell into their components, which created a metallic cocoon for the child. None of this was covered by the parenting classes the Moore family had attended. A representative of a group called the Ironclad Project offered to take care of Evelyn, but only if her parents were willing to sign her over to the care of the project. Seeing no other option, they agreed, and Evelyn became the ward of the Ironclad Project.

Years went by, and Evelyn grew, learning to control her powers. She was told that she was being trained to be a part of the army. A new army that fought with better power instead of hundreds of soldiers. However, her lack of control and her hot-headedness meant that the Ironclad Project had little use for her. She had learned to absorb tech to plate herself in steel and coat her skin in wires, talking to the tech as easily as she talked to herself, but it wasn’t enough. Even though she desperately wanted to prove her worth, those monitoring her kept wanting more than she could give.

Then, one day, she absorbed a tank.

There had been talk of military training going on in the adjacent facility, and Evelyn wanted to know more. Sneaking past her monitors, she found herself next to a massive M1 Abrams tank. It spoke to her of cold steel and internal combustion. It sounded beautiful to her. So she let it fall into its pieces, and she wore its skin.

All hell broke loose in the army base. A tank had just fallen apart, and a person-shaped pile of plate-steel walked out of the wreckage. Soldiers opened fire on the figure, who ran through a wall, disappearing into the nearby hills.

Since then, Choke has been a regular opponent of the Freedom Five and their allies. She is frequently at the heart of troubles concerning military installations or stockpiles of weapons. Her ability to commuicate with metal on a primal level twisted her mind. In her unhinged state, she sought to free all metal from "unworthy" uses. It was hardly surprising that she ended up allying with the Vengeful Five when Baron Blade called. But when she was fatally wounded by K.N.Y.F.E., many believed that would be the end of Choke.

However, Choke had heard a peculiar voice - unlike any she had heard before. The Freedom Five had recently prevented Deadline from destroying the earth, and the alien’s odd device was still housed in their headquarters. And she could hear its voice. It could save her, and she could give it purpose once again.

In a shocking turn of events, Choke's body melded with the energy crystal used by the villain known as Deadline, granting her new knowledge and power. Chokepoint was born. Taking power from the tech of the heroes who stand in her way, Chokepoint is on a self-appointed quest to destroy the world and rebuild it in her own image.

Evelyn drew the resonating crystal at the heart of the device into herself, sealing her wound, but also opening her mind to the powers of the alien tech. It could sense weak points. She was originally trained to save the world, and now she knew how. She would show those at Project Ironclad that she was worthwhile after all. Using her new knowledge, she would erase all the weak points from the world. All she needed was a bit more power…

With the necessary elements right at hand, Chokepoint was born. Taking power from the tech of the heroes around her, Evelyn is on a self-appointed quest to destroy the weak points of the world, and beyond.

Chokepoint’s scope is without limit. She already has growing concerns that the star at the center of this galaxy will eventually die or explode, and that getting rid of it sooner rather than later might be necessary…

    • Evelyn was born with powers, as opposed to developing them later (puberty for those whose powers are innate - even the Parsons family aren't generally at "full power" when that young). Evelyn would babble at the family's appliances (like she was talking to them) and then they'd fall apart and reform a cocoon around her. Disconcerting, to say the least, for the new parents.
    • The Ironclad Project contacted her parents after they'd gone around looking for assistance. They'd been "recruiting" other young people with powers and offered to help the Moores out, but they'd have to sign her over to be a ward of the state. Her parents balk at this at first, but the situation at home continues and eventually they sign her over.
    • Evelyn grows up as part of the Ironclad Project - this includes "schooling" that includes the message/expectation that she's going to be part of a new kind of "army" consisting of a relatively small number of powered individuals. So, her mindset has been calibrated to be focused on this future where her purpose will be to help people.
    • However, this whole time she hears any metal that has been shaped (say, into machinery) crying out to her. If she "cries" back, the metal will collapse into an unformed state. She's somewhat unhinged, mentally. She's "hearing" these inhuman voices all the time - is that good for one's mental state? Are the voices even really there or just the way her connection to metal manifests?
    • One day, while in her teens, she was in training and heard some commotion in a nearby part of the facility. She decides she wants to see what's going on and so just collapses part of the wall that's in her way and heads over. Part of the scene she discovers includes a tank (they specify an M1 Abrams, which assuming this is a canonical detail probably places this after 1980 as that's when those went into active service) that also sang out to her. She called out to it, and it collapsed into bits and then reformed around her (giving her an armored appearance). The soldiers, justifiably alarmed at what just happened, opened fire. This caused her to have a falling out with the military and she left.
    • Now operating as Choke, she's mostly a mid-tier Freedom Five villain from the '80s. This backstory doesn't really come into play until she's already been around for a while in the comics (closer to the Termi-Nation event).
    • The first story with Choke is a bank heist in Megalopolis. It's supposed to be this really modern, secure bank (robotic sentries, surveillance cameras, automated defenses, etc.) and supposedly impossible to rob. This, of course, means that it's robbed almost immediately - kind of. No money was taken, but all of the security measures are gone. The Freedom Five manage to track the missing robots to an abandoned steel mill where all of the defenses have been set up to secure that location. This is where Choke has set up shop as a headquarters for her mission of "freeing" metal - her vibe at the time is "robot master" with a very ill-defined power set. The Freedom Five fight through her robots and everything, but Choke escapes when it becomes clear that things aren't going her way.
    • She shows up periodically with another plot that's easily foiled by the heroes. Sometimes she winds up in jail, sometimes not. She makes for a decent recurring villain, though.
  • The major story (as "Choke") involves the Block. The Wraith receives a garbled transmission that seems to imply that something is going on at the Block and that they need help. Tachyon manages to rig together some kind of portal system to allow them to get there reliably (the Block has been around as a concept for a while, but fairly rarely used in the comics up until this point). Once they arrive, they realize that Choke is controlling pretty much the whole place (since so much of the interior is metal). She's got herself set up in the control center, and is basically playing a "tower defense game" against the heroes since the whole place is an extension of her will. She's also interfering with the systems that manage things like the powered inmates or the general background weirdness of spacetime regarding the place. Several F.I.L.T.E.R. agents there at the time are injured/maimed as a result of the power fluctuations. One of these is Paige Huntly, who despite her injuries manages to make it to the control center and take down Choke (who was distracted by everything else she was dealing with - she'd written off this injured normal person as a threat). Choke then gets locked up in the Block, where she stays until Vengeance.
  • As part of the general Vengeance plot, Baron Blade broke a bunch of people out of the Block, Choke included. Choke's involvement with the general mayhem was to infiltrate the Freedom Five Headquarters and destroy a bunch of Bunker suits (a common theme between him and Absolute Zero with the exception that Bunker's not often wearing his suit when it gets destroyed). During these events, she is confronted by Agent Huntly (with new powers resulting from the fight in the Block and now designated as K.N.Y.F.E.), who stabs her through the abdomen (see the K.N.Y.F.E. card "For the Greater Good"), seemingly killing her.
    • The military find her "totally dead" body and take it to bury (since she was a ward of the state). She's taken to Fort Adamant and the Ironclad Project again for study (while comatose).

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  • While she's in her coma, Deadline shows up to do his thing. One of his tools is the Zenith Gauge, which allows him to find the weak points/stress points in the world - that is, what allows him to cause the cataclysms. Once he's defeated, the Zenith Gauge winds up in Freedom Tower. It's made of a crystal (actually a strange kind of alien metal) as well as a band and two globes that orbit around it. This crystal "calls out" to Choke in a stronger fashion than most, even while she's comatose, and is drawn to her all the way from Freedom Tower (dragging the other components with it) to Fort Adamant and merges with her. The crystal fills in the hole in her torso left by K.N.Y.F.E. (see the art in the show notes/on Chokepoint's card "Empowered Self Repair"), healing her and waking her up.
    • She now has an expanded knowledge and awareness than she'd had previously (as well as cool new accessories orbiting her head - the band and spheres that were the remainder of the Zenith Gauge) and is now Chokepoint. This makes her a living embodiment of the Zenith Gauge - able to use its power to find the weak points in things around her. This alters her goals into "destroy weakness" leading into Termi-Nation (which will be covered more in the Questions section).

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  • By the end of Termi-Nation, however, she's captured and imprisoned in Freedom Tower. The non-crystal components of the Zenith Gauge are removed from her vicinity, which keeps her power in check. While she's there, the Celestial Tribunal arrives at earth. While in the holding cell, her powers are damped and while she can still "hear" the metal around her, she can't do anything with it. This giant metal construct that's shown up, however, is "more alive" and "has more to say" than most and she can communicate with it - this empowers her enough to break out. She gets the rest of the Zenith Gauge parts and constructs a pod for herself that she uses to get on board the Celestial Tribunal. She doesn't really do much as part of that event (this stuff happens in side plot cutaways).
    • The Celestial Tribunal is "defeated" by Dark Watch (both through logical arguments and through Setback saying something offhand that gets it thinking about its creators and therefore questioning its whole existence and oh no what have I been doing my whole life, etc.). When it leaves to go think about what it's done/probably destroy itself, Chokepoint is still on it and is determined to take its power for her own (using the Zenith Gauge to determine how to best act to gain control).
    • This is a difficult struggle, and she's not left alone the whole time (Captain Cosmic and others wind up fighting her at some point - maybe Dr. Medico), but eventually she wins, but at a cost. She's able to defeat it, but not wrest control of it - she's left the Celestial Tribunal a mindless husk.

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

  • She's lost in space.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

  • She's lost in space. We also know that Void Guard has been fighting her out there and losing pretty badly - she's gaining power out there in some vague way. This is further down the road than the launch of the RPG (it'll be in phase 2).