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  • "Stripped Resources" shows her first appearance as "Chokepoint" - breaking through a wall of the Omnitron-IV ruins just following the "birth" of Omnitron-U (Letters Page 9)


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To Other Works

  • Chokepoint’s superpower of communicating with/coercing metal is similar to the powers of Mitchell Hundred (aka “The Great Machine”), the protagonist of the 2004 comic series Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughn. Hundred can communicate with/manipulate machinery much like Chokepoint can. Additionally, Chokepoint’s ideologies call to mind those of the Great Machine's nemesis Jack Pherson, an eco-terrorist who could communicate with animals.
  • As a villain who gained her powers (or, in this case, an increase in power) from a device created by a different, extraterrestrial villain, Chokepoint draws comparisons to Black Hand, an enemy of the DC comics superhero Green Lantern. Black Hand wields an energy-siphoning device, one which he acquired from the alien Atrocitus after the latter dropped it in battle. Chokepoint increased her powers with the world-destroying energy crystal that was used and subsequently lost by Deadline.
  • With her pink and white hair, Chokepoint bears a strong physical resemblance to the Marvel villain-turned-heroine Songbird, although her powers of controlling metal are more evocative of X-Men nemesis Magneto.
  • The circuit-covered material engulfing Chokepoint's body on “Newfound Power” bears a resemblance to the connection suit often worn by Marvel’s Iron Man.
  • Chokepoint’s “Armored Animus” form, which is composed of equipment from multiple heroes, is evocative of the Marvel character Rogue. Rogue is a mutant with the ability to absorb traits from others, including superpowers, via skin-to-skin contact. There have been many instances where she has absorbed powers from many different superheroes, altering her appearance into a collective mish-mash of their physical traits.
  • "Harvest the Mighty" is visually similar to the climax of Marvel's "Age of Apocalypse" story line where Magneto rips Apocalypse in half. Luckily, Tyler himself is spared in this case.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page 20 - Choke/Chokepoint:
    • What's the extent of her ability to make "inventions" out of metal? Could she turn a pile of metal into a tank or would she have to use tank parts to do so? Could she make a computer or gun (which have non-metal components)? She doesn't really make devices/functioning equipment as much as glom together existing equipment. She kind of has the opposite power of Unity (she destroys stuff, Unity makes stuff). For an example, see the drill-thing she has on "Kinetic Looter" - that doesn't have working parts inside of it to turn the drill, she's just smashed together materials to get the right shape and can just make it rotate around her hand with her mind. She is not good at making things.
    • Her bio mentions a "star at the middle of the galaxy"; is this referring to OblivAeon or something else? That's a star that she thinks she can chain-react to take out a bunch of other stuff (this is the whole "eliminating weaknesses" motive at work).
    • She got additional powers from something that belonged to Deadline - is that item represented in his deck? When she's defeated, does she still have that item? Does Lifeline interact with her during the Multiverse era, how does he react to her using his gear? The Zenith Gauge, mentioned earlier, isn't represented by a card in his deck, but is visible in a lot of his art as he always has it (and gear that a character always has is not likely to be represented by a card because that means it could be taken away/destroyed/etc. - for example, Parse doesn't have a card to represent her bow; it's just assumed that she has it). She keeps it after she's defeated because it's now part of her. Lifeline doesn't encounter Chokepoint in the canonical timeline.
    • In previous episodes we know she winds up at Omnitron IV eventually, but given how she takes over metal, how was that not the end of Omnitron? More in the Termi-Nation section - while she does assimilate some of the tech there, she doesn't get it all as she has other stuff going on at the time (and it would take a long time to take it all - it's also harder for her to control things that have their own mind, see the problems she had with the Celestial Tribunal).
    • She has a halo around her head once she becomes Chokepoint - is this a reflection of how she sees herself or somehow related to OblivAeon (as his messenger?)? Also, how does she hear voices from metal? The shard of crystal (from the Zenith Gauge) isn't an OblivAeon Shard - it's technology that Deadline stole from the Enclave of the Endlings and the "halo" is another component of the same thing. She does kind of see herself as a savior type figure, but she's not actively going out of her way to look like an angel, nor is she in any way related to the OblivAeon events (one of the few characters not even touched by it since she's off in space at the time). She hears the voices of metal, but it's more just the way she is aware of her power's potential - it's not that the metal is calling out to be freed, it's that she can sense the metal nearby with an understanding that she could free it (i.e. turn it back into its base components), and this manifests to her senses as "hearing" it - as a call to action, to use her power.
    • Regarding Termi-Nation (implying that it's the trio of Bunker, AZ, and Unity pursuing Chokepoint), we don't have a lot of info - can you give us detail on their exploits? Why had Bunker and AZ invested in new suits? Turning this into the general Termi-Nation explanation:
      • After the Progeny event, which is one of the final big events prior to OblivAeon, the Southwest Sentinels are hanging out in Fort Adamant where they've been monitoring some weird spacetime events using the equipment there and have been forwarding that info off to the Freedom Five. While that's happening, the wall of their bunker explodes and Chokepoint floats in to wreck their day. This is the first appearance of Chokepoint and is the reveal that Choke didn't really die - the intervening events (coma, Zenith Gauge, etc.) is told in flashback after the Sentinels are defeated (which didn't take long).
      • Meanwhile, the Freedom Five are doing stuff - some are studying an OblivAeon shard. Unity has just wrapped up the Omnitron-U thing at Omnitron IV and Chokepoint shows up here as well, although Unity and Omnitron both just leave rather than try to take her on themselves. There was an editorial push to get everybody on the same page for the big thing they were going to be doing that involved Chokepoint.
      • Bunker and AZ are back at Freedom Tower monitoring the transmissions from Fort Adamant, but things have gone silent. Unity arrives at around this time and talks about Chokepoint showing up (although she leaves Omnitron behind). The three of them go to Fort Adamant, where Chokepoint is and the fight does not go well for these three most metal-dependent heroes. This is when "Harvest the Mighty" happens and we see the Bunker suit ripped in half. They escape and make it back to headquarters to regroup. The others are busy, so it's up to them to figure something out. Bunker and Unity work on building a Bunker suit made largely of ceramics. Absolute Zero extrapolates the techniques he'd been using to patch holes in his suit with ice to basically make a suit out of it (although still using the modules necessary to regulate temperatures normally).
      • Thus reequipped, they head back to Fort Adamant, but now it's seemingly abandoned. There are a bunch of big holes in the walls/buildings, but some of these lead into large underground facilities that were unknown to the heroes to this point (where some nefarious experiments had been going on). They head in, wind up separated for various reasons, and have to deal with automated systems but also with test subjects who have gotten loose - powered people who have been experimented on and augmented by the Ironclad Project (under the auspices of Dr. Demikahv). Bunker fights the Radioactivist who's more radioactive than before - now he has a large canister-like thing on his back that's storing the excess energy he's putting out that he can use for bigger blasts. Unity fights Char. Absolute Zero fights Highbrow - she's creepy; she has a giant brain and she has to stay in a special chair because of it (well, she had to stay in the chair until her brain was removed and put in a jar that hovers around her with a cable leading to her spine). She doesn't have any psychic powers or anything, she's just really really smart.
      • The Southwest Sentinels, back on their feet by this time, are fleeing from Chokepoint elsewhere in the underground base and stumble into a room with more OblivAeon shards. They grab the shards and promptly vanish (more on this in their episode). Chokepoint, at a loss for what happened to them, goes off to find other targets.
      • General Armstrong, the main military contact for the Freedom Five this whole time, is in some records room. He's been aware of a bunch of the stuff that's been going on, but isn't involved in anything sinister personally. He sees that somebody's trying to access the Bunker files and deletes it rather than letting it get out to whoever it is. The heroes hear him yelling his defiance to somebody regarding them, and then a gunshot, but they don't know what actually happens to him.
      • The heroes eventually confront Chokepoint and the resulting fight winds up disabling most of the base. Chokepoint loses and winds up in the holding cell mentioned earlier. The overall point of the story has been to establish that the government has been up to some shady things and paves the way for the Tactics timeline (where the heroes have separated from the government) and the RPG timeline (where they're still working cooperatively, but have distanced themselves a bit).
    • Bunker and AZ have their new approach to their equipment, but how does Unity adjust to fight Chokepoint? She doesn't maintain the bots as long. She'll make one, have it do a thing, then let it go as she can't count on them doing much without Chokepoint wrecking them anyway.
    • What does Chokepoint think about Unity (power similarities, hair-color copycat, etc.)? Unity doesn't like that Chokepoint hurts her friends, but likes her hair (although would never admit it). Chokepoint thinks Unity is an annoying child and is angered that she's putting metal into a form that's not its natural state.
    • What's the nature of the alien crystal that she absorbs? Is it sentient? Its nature is already covered, it's not autonomous/there's no will behind its operation.
    • How much is Chokepoint in control of herself or does the crystal manipulate her? She's already kind of unhinged and isn't so much being manipulated as she's now just aware of the worst possible targets for her to go after.
    • Seeing as we've found out a lot about characters' hair in these things, what's the deal with Evelyn's hair? Is she using metal to give it a particular look, are the pink tips related to her aura when she uses her power? Her hair is naturally black and she just dyes it this way, possibly as a backlash against the military upbringing she had.
    • In "Shocking Animation" we see Chokepoint doing something to Nightmist's amulet, what effect does this have on the relic (or could have on other relics)? Any relics made of metal could be interacted with. Fanatic's sword could be broken down (which would do little other than make Fanatic really mad), but others have wills of their own - the amulet is one such and caused a backlash, but doesn't grant any extra abilities to her.
    • Where did "Choke" and "Chokepoint" as names come from? A choke is a part of an engine that regulates air intake, and therefore the operation of that engine, and her name was chosen because of that connection. "Chokepoint" was a variation on the existing name, plus the Zenith Gauge letting her narrow her focus to points of weakness.