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Fireside Chats

  • Chrono-Ranger may choose the bounty card from the trash that gets put into play by "Ranger's Mark". The wording is updated to read "Select 1 Bounty Card from your trash and put it into play."
  • If "The Ultimate Target" is on a target, and that target deals damage such that it is destroyed after having dealt its damage (via reaction damage for example), Chrono-Ranger still gets to use a power.
  • "The Ultimate Target" is not destroyed if the target to which it is attached leaves play. It stays in the play area where the target was.
  • "No Executions" is not destroyed if the target leaves play by means other than destruction (e.g. "Into the Stratosphere").
  • "No Executions" prevents the card from being destroyed, so other effects that would happen when the card is destroyed do not occur.
  • When Chrono-Ranger: Best of Times applies Bounties to a target using his power, it does not duplicate the gain HP effect on Dead or Alive. It's not copying the card - just applying the Bounty effect to another target as well.
  • “No Executions” cannot be made to target a character card.
  • Suppose Imbued Vitality is in play and you play No Executions next to a villain ongoing card. Then, Imbued Vitality is destroyed, making that villain ongoing card no longer a target. No Executions stays there. If the villain ongoing card is destroyed, the bounty does not take effect. No Executions triggers when a target is destroyed, so it just hangs out and is sad.

Spiff's Clarifications

  • Playing bounties without a legal target
    • If there are no legal targets in play to attach a bounty card to, the bounty card may still be played, but the bounty will go directly to the trash and isn’t considered to have been destroyed to get there. [1]
  • "The Ultimate Target"
    • Unlike the rest of Chrono-Ranger's Bounty Cards, "The Ultimate Target" doesn't have a line saying that when the target the bounty is on leaves play, you should destroy the bounty card. This is not a misprint. "The Ultimate Target" will stay in play attached to no target once its original target is destroyed. It should be treated like any other ongoing card and still counts as a bounty for cards like the "Masadah".