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Villain: Citizen Dawn


Blinding Blast (x2)
Citizen Dawn deals each Hero Target 2 Energy Damage. Each player discards 2 cards.
Art: Silhouette of Citizen Dawn with her hand outstretched, bright light coming from her, Wraith and Tempest turning away.
Flavor text: "There was a burning flash, and by the time I could see again, Dawn was gone." - The Visionary, Sunrise #1
Devastating Aurora (x2)
Destroy all Hero Ongoing cards. Destroy all Equipment cards. Destroy all Environment cards.
Art: Citizen Dawn holding a fist in the air and multicolored light beams falling from the sky hitting Legacy and Fanatic.
Flavor text: "Cast off lesser things and embrace the light." - Citizen Dawn, Sunrise #11
Healing Light (x2)
Citizen Dawn regains 10 HP. Each Citizen other than Citizen Dawn has their HP restored to their maximum HP value.
Art: An injured Citizen lying on the ground, someone's hand held above him with a ball of light in the palm.
Flavor text: "Rejoice in the light of the glorious sun!" - Citizen Dawn, Sunrise #6


Channel The Eclipse (x2)
At the end of the Villain turn, Citizen Dawn deals herself 2 Cold Damage. At the start of the Villain turn, play the top card of the Villain deck.
Art: Silhouette of Citizen Dawn, with arms held out, in front of a solar eclipse.
Flavor text: "Will my powers kill me? Certainly, but they will surely kill you first!" - Citizen Dawn, Sunrise #14
Luminous Leadership (x2)
At the start of the Villain turn, each Citizen regains 1 HP.
Art: Dawn pointing forward with a number of flying individuals, in a Superman one fist forward type pose, going in the direction she is pointing.
Flavor text: "Dawn's ability to manipulate life forces has obvious combat implications." - Tachyon, Freedom Five #238
Return With The Dawn (x2)
At the end of the Villain turn, shuffle the Villain trash and reveal cards from the top until a Citizen is revealed. Put it into play. Put the other revealed cards back into the Villain trash.
Art: Silhouette of Citizen Dawn with green energy swirling around her and a number of zombie looking creatures, one of which has a broken Citizen Assault's halberd.
Flavor text: "Like the dawning sun, rise again and bring light to this darkened world!" - Citizen Dawn, Sunrise #15


Citizen Anvil [7] (x1)
Reduce Damage dealt to Citizens by 1. At the end of the Villain turn, if Citizen Hammer is in the Villain trash, put him into play.
Art: Citizen Anvil holding hammer and shield with wings of light surrounded by flames.
Flavor text: " . . . " - Citizen Anvil, Sunrise #3
Citizen Assault [4] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target 1 Melee Damage. If Citizen Battery is in play, increase Damage dealt by Citizen Assault by 1.
Art: Citizen Assault holding a halberd standing in a crater. Waves of energy pulsing off him and a car, manhole cover and fire hydrant flying into the air.
Flavor text: "I fight for the Dawn, axe in hand. I fight for the Dawn, and for the north land." - Citizen Assault, Sunrise #3
Citizen Autumn [6] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, destroy all Ongoing cards controlled by the Hero with the lowest HP.
Art: Citizen Autumn leaning against a tree trunk.
Flavor text: "As autumn leaves must dying fade, your futile acts shall be unmade." - Citizen Autumn, Sunrise #8
Citizen Battery [7] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the highest HP 3 Energy Damage. If Citizen Assault is in play, increase Damage dealt by Citizen Battery by 2.
Art: Citizen Battery swinging a sword creating a wave of blue energy.
Flavor text: "This is to be your skill: to wage war until the haughty are brought low." - Citizen Dawn, Sunrise #3
Citizen Blood [5] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the Hero Target with the lowest HP 1 Melee Damage. If Citizen Sweat is in play, this card deals each Hero Target 1 Melee Damage. If Citizen Tears is in play, increase Damage dealt by Citizen Blood by 1.
Art: Citizen Blood with top hat and cane standing in front of a graveyard fence.
Flavor text: "Man walks down the street in a hat like that, you know he's not afraid of anything... " - Bunker, Sunrise #2
Citizen Dare [3] (x1)
Increase Damage dealt to Hero Targets by 1. When Citizen Truth enters play, this card deals each Hero Target 1 Irreducible Psychic Damage and destroys this card. Citizen Dare cannot be one of the Initial Citizens at the start of the game.
Art: Citizen Dare with energy originating from his hands swirling around him.
Flavor text: "I'm listening, but I'm also thinking about killing you." - Citizen Dare, Sunrise #12
Citizen Hammer [3] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target 3 Fire Damage.
Art: Citizen Hammer with fire in both his hands and flames surrounding him.
Flavor text: "Haha! Look at all this fire! Who made this mess?" - Citizen Hammer, Sunrise #3
Citizen Spring [6] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, each Citizen regains 1 HP.
Art: Citizen Spring with green energy going from one hand to the other
Flavor text: "Laughter springs in wind and rain, brings healing light and healing pain." - Citizen Spring, Sunrise #8
Citizen Summer [4] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals the 2 Heroes with the most cards in play 3 Fire Damage each.
Art: Citizen Summer with fire in her hand and flames around her.
Flavor text: "Summer withers hopes to fears and dries to salt the crystal tears." - Citizen Summer, Sunrise #8
Citizen Sweat [5] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, destroy 1 Hero Ongoing card. If Citizen Tears is in play, destroy all the Ongoing cards controlled by the same Hero. If Citizen Blood is in play, this card deals that Hero 1 Melee Damage for each Ongoing card destroyed by this card this turn.
Art: Citizen Sweat standing in front of a graveyard.
Flavor text: "Would you rather live in fear, or die with confidence?" - Citizen Sweat, Sunrise #2
Citizen Tears [5] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, each player discards 1 card. If Citizen Sweat is in play, each player discards 1 more card. If Citizen Blood is in play, this card deals each Hero Melee Damage equal to the number of cards discarded by their players this turn.
Art: Citizen Tears standing in front of a graveyard.
Flavor text: "To prey on the fear of others, you must first master your own." - Citizen Tears, Sunrise #2
Citizen Truth [7] (x1)
Villain targets other than Citizen Truth are immune to Damage. Reduce Damage dealt to Citizen Truth by 1. When Citizen Dare enters play, this card deals the Hero Target with the highest HP 3 Melee Damage and destroys this card.
Art: Citizen Truth with light armor hovering over the outside of his body.
Flavor text: "Order and discipline bend the will of the strongest man." - Citizen Truth, Sunrise #12
Citizen Winter [4] (x1)
At the end of the Villain turn, this card deals each Hero Target 2 Cold Damage.
Art: Citizen Winter standing between two snow cover trees.
Flavor text: "Cold that touch of winter's breath and cold the hand that touches death." - Citizen Winter, Sunrise #8

Citizen Tears Errata


Aliases: Dawn Cohen

Age: 48

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Blonde

Eye: Hazel/Gold when using her powers

Birthplace: Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Power Source: Cosmic
Occupation: Luminary, Leader of the Citizens of the Sun

First Appearance: Freedom Five #239

Group: The Citizens of the Sun

Nemesis: Expatriette



Sentinel Tactics: Citizen Dawn


A ctions
D efense
M ovement
H ealth


I nnate Powers

Ongoing Ability - Citizen Dawn has Mobility.
The Sun's Fury
Ongoing Ability - Whenever an ally in Citizen Dawn's line of sight is incapacitated, gain an Attack+1 token. If that ally is a Citizen, gain an additional Attack+1 token.
Citizen of the Sun
Ongoing Ability - Citizen Dawn counts as a Citizen.
Radiant Strike
Action Ability

Blinding Blast
Action: Whenever this attack deals damage to a target, that target gains two Attack-1 tokens.

Flavor text: "Stay out of this, imbecile. Your very existence is laughable." - Citizen Dawn, Lucky Shot #14
Devastating Aurora [One-Shot]
Action: Incapacitate each enemy character in Radius 4. Push any character incapacitated this way three hexes. No scenario bonuses are awarded for these incapacitations.
Flavor text: "There's no stopping her when she gets like this. Not that she's ever not like this..." - Expatriette, Sentinel Sagas #51
Healing Light
Action: Citizen Dawn and each ally in Citizen Dawn's line of sight regains one health.
Flavor text: "The brilliance of the sun brings vitality to all... but some more than others." - Citizen Truth, Freedom Five #35
Luminous Leadership
Ongoing: Each ally in Citizen Dawn's line of sight adds one die to all their attack rolls.
Flavor text: "We will fight for the Dawn! We will kill for the Dawn! We will die for the Dawn." - Citizen Hammer, Freedom Five #32
Return With the Dawn
Ongoing: When this card enters play, select a Citizen from the supply and place it in an unoccupied hex adjacent to Citizen Dawn. That Citizen takes its turn immediately after your turn. If this card leaves play, so does that Citizen.
Flavor text: "Though you have fallen, you are still of use to me. Do not disappoint me again." - Citizen Dawn, Sentinel Sagas #51
Searing Lance
Action: When you make this attack, you may reroll one auto-miss.

Flavor text: "I am not known for making mistakes." - Citizen Dawn, Lucky Shot #15

Meta: Citizen Dawn


Main Episode: Episode 5

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  • Card art for Citizen Anvil is based on Christopher (Confirmed, Origins 2013, and before).
  • The card art for Citizen Hammer is based on Adam (Confirmed, Origins 2013).
  • Citizen Anvil is also Christopher's Paladin from his World of Warcraft days - shield, hammer, and bright wings are very close to the Paladin spell, Avenging Wrath (Confirmed, Origins 2013).
  • Citizen Hammer is Adam's Mage from World of Warcraft - quite a bit of Fire could be a Mage spell (Confirmed, Origins 2013).
  • Citizen Anvil and Citizen Hammer are sequential cells (their card arts line up).
  • Citizen Sweat, Citizen Blood, and Citizen Tears are sequential cells (their card arts line up).


  • Expatriette is the daughter of Citizen Dawn and Citizen Pain. Expatriette's facial injuries are the result of Dawn's attempt to jump-start power manifestation in her daughter by blasting her in the face. Pain fought her over this action, which resulted in his death (Letters Page Episode 4).

To Other Works

  • Citizen Dawn could be considered inspired by Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants.
  • The Seasons can be derived from one set of Greek Horae (or the Hours) named after the four seasons Eiar (Spring), Theros (Summer), Phthinoporon (Autumn), and Cheimon (Winter) - daughters of Helios (god of the sun) and handmaidens of Hera. Depictions of the personifications of the seasons as young women is a common motif in art.
  • The flavor text on Citizen Blood's card is a reference to "The Message", the 12th episode of the show Firefly.

Questions Answered on The Letters Page

  • Notes from Letters Page Episode 5
      • How does Dawn feel towards Expat as the latter's story goes on? Prior to Expat's escape: Embarrassed by her "normal" daughter. She doesn't have a motherly bone in her body. Saw her not so much as a daughter as an expectation of great potential.
      • After escape/murder of Citizen Gate: Traitor. Dead to her. Good riddance.
      • Around the initial Freedom Five/Megalopolis scenario: Annoyed, outwardly indifferent. Represents her "only failure".
      • After the defeat at Insula Primalis: Resentment. Not only a failure, but now also humiliation. "Sure you beat us, but you cheated."
      • After OblivAeon: Tricky. No more love, probably more respect. Still full of contempt. Very few redeeming qualities for Dawn, but less hate hate.
      • How does she feel about the non-lethal ammo? doesn't care.
      • About the relationship with Setback? doesn't care (if she even knows about it).
      • Does she care if Expat has a child? Probably not, unless it had powers in which case yes. Would probably feel need to take the kid.
      • Dawn weaker at night (or on planet with a different sun or something)? She gets power from any light.
      • Adam's upside-down Citizens logo is due to a production error.
      • Her opinions on Baron Blade? No powers, but he fits the M.O. of "better than other people," including stuff involving the various serums, so what's up? They're not allies. She was skeptical of his ability to do anything as a villain because "no powers" and he's obviously gonna get stopped. After he gets powers she approached him to let him become a Citizen, but he's not playing second fiddle (the "discussion" between them at around 39:40 is pretty funny). She expressed interest in getting the reversed serum from him to allow her to create more Citizens, but he's not letting other people get powered minions. Later they go ask for an MDP, let them take an old decommissioned one.
      • Thoughts on Legacy? Traitor. Doesn't understand why he protects non-powered people.
      • Thoughts about Tachyon or other people who gained powers later? Any powered person is good to go. Plenty of Citizens gained power later in life. Technology to give you the power doesn't count, though.
      • Do she and Ra ever have a "Sun-off"? See "Drawn to the Flame" in Ra's deck. She's powered by the sun and other light sources; he's the god of the sun and the sun's "chief export is fire and that's what he's into". She's doing stuff with light and energy, he's doing stuff with fire and burning
      • Any heroes powerful enough to shut down Dawn, one-on-one every time? None. Some have a chance: Legacy, Fanatic, Haka, "characters who are good at taking a beating" can "go toe-to-toe" but would have trouble taking her down. By the end of the SotM story, Expatriette has the skills - training and experience fighting powered people and specifically her mom. K.N.Y.F.E. gets shut down hard. Guise can probably "survive indefinitely" but he's not going to do anything to her but annoy her.
      • Resources to build the Citadel? Just carves the base out of the mountain with her power. Later she has access to other Citizens with utility-based powers. Card game Citizens are the fighters, but don't represent the full group by any means.
      • Any actors to play Dawn? "Absolutely Robin Wright - specifically citing House of Cards (there's an episode where she's wearing a high-necked red outfit - I don't know what episode that would be).
    • Questions about Citizens:
      • Do Citizens get along? Outside of their themed groups? Any that don't get along? Truth and Dare are brothers who don't get along (Dare hates Truth). Assault and Battery are buds. Seasons get along ok. Overall, basically a nation more than family.
      • Does Dawn have any favorites? Hammer and Anvil are her number 1 guys (and can count on their blind loyalty), but she doesn't really care about any more than others. They are a bit unnerving to the other Citizens to the extent of their devotion. Anvil is always watching and judging, Hammer more likely to lash out at infractions. (All joking aside about how awesome they are, they're terrible people).
      • How are the names chosen? Some pick their own. Some Dawn assigns. Some non-themed just pick something (Gate didn't have a partner), not likely to have a group until high-ranking. Titles are changeable - if Summer died there could be a new Summer assigned.
      • Is it ok to feel bad about harming Citizen Spring? She's nice, but kind of got an abused thing going on regarding the other Seasons.
      • How many citizens are there? We getting a full laundry-list in the RPG? Around 100 adults, some more children.
      • Are Truth and Dare different people (one coming into play destroys the other). Why did Absolution break? Truth and Dare don't get along, that's why one leaves when the other enters play. Truth's shield, under certain circumstances is 100% unbreakable. It's manifested as part of his will and you have to shake him to break his shield.
      • How do Citizens feel about being raised from the dead? Any limit? Two ways this happens in "Return with the Dawn" (SotM vs. Tactics). First is "puppetry" - she's directly animating them. Actual raising from the dead is not something she can normally do, leaves her out of commission for a long time - doesn't even want to do it often. The Citizens do not like it - it's never a pleasant experience in Sentinels when people come back from the dead (although Spite is into unpleasant experiences).
    • Questions about Pain:
      • Who is Expat's father? As already mentioned in Episode 4, Citizen Pain, killed by Dawn. Not still alive. Not involved in any major game story arcs (as he's mostly in the backstory stuff).
      • Was there a Citizen Gain? What's their deal? Pain and Gain were minor villains (using different names) in one issue of some comic (part of the recruitment wave mentioned earlier). Pain's name is Richard Pensley (I'm guessing the spelling), Gain's is Linda Pensley (his wife). Pain's power could activate/deactivate nerve endings in a target at range. Gain is a power amplifier - can boost other powered people (passive by being nearby, but she could also focus it).
      • What's the history of Dawn and Pain's relationship? Dawn impressed by Pain's power. Makes a proposition under the logic that their child would obviously be super powerful. Pain was not into this and Gain is super not into it. Dawn basically says it's not a request - Pain will be the father or you both die, so he agrees. Dawn furious at the lack of power in their offspring and it's obviously not her fault, so she kills Pain. Gain tries to kill Dawn by "blowing out her power" by amplifying it too much, which apparently has worked on others before. Dawn is not impressed and just kills Gain. This super-charge doesn't ever really go away, though. This is what allowed her to do the "merged with the power of the sun" thing.
      • Why stop at one child? Inwardly afraid that the failure is her fault. Currently has a scapegoat in Pain.
      • Dawn do anything special for Valentines day? No! They don't celebrate "normal" holidays. Founding of the Citadel is Dawn's Day, though. Christopher should write a Citizens of the Sun Anthem.
      • What's Dawn up to during OblivAeon event? Expat goes in solo and unarmed to ask for help (see Episode 4). Dawn is at first ready to shun her, similar to her initial isolation on Insula Primalis. She sends Expat off, but Dawn does show up during fight with the Scions. Pulls out a helpful "Devastating Aurora" type thing, then disappears after the final battle.


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Fireside Chats

  • Suppose NightMist, Amulet of the Elder Gods, and Citizens Tears and Blood are in play. If Citizen Tears deals damage to NightMist, that damage is increased by the cards NIghtMist discards to redirect the damage using the Amulet.
  • If The Sentinels have the most cards in play, Citizen Summer damages one of the Sentinels and one of the other heroes.

Spiff's Clarifications

Flipping Citizen Dawn

  • The front of Citizen Dawn’s character card has an ability that reads “at the start of the villain turn, if there are 5 or more Citizens in the villain trash, flip Citizen Dawn’s villain character cards. She may only flip this way once per game.” On the back of her character card is an ability that reads “at the start of the villain turn, if there are (H) - 1 or more Citizens in play, flip Citizen Dawn’s villain character card”. What happens if there are both 5 or more citizen cards in the villain trash and (H) - 1 or more citizens in play at the start of the villain turn? Citizen dawn will flip, then flip back immediately.

Citizen Dawn is a Citizen

  • Rules on Citizen Dawn’s back side state that at the start of her villain turn, if there are a certain number of citizens in play, you flip her villain cards. since Citizen Dawn has the “Citizen” keyword herself, she counts as a citizen for the purpose of this calculation. However, the situation in her setup rules at the beginning of the game are different. Citizen Dawn’s setup text says to reveal cards until a certain number of Citizens are revealed and then put them into play. Dawn’s character card is already in play and can’t be one of the Citizen cards revealed from the deck, so she doesn’t count as one of the Citizens for the purpose of this calculation.

Oversized card errata

  • Citizen Dawn’s oversized card is missing the keyword “Citizen”. Dawn is considered both a villain and a citizen, which is printed correctly on her normal-sized card.


Comic Books: Citizen Dawn

Small note: Items that are in bullets are from the Podcasts, so their form may not make sense, or feel like they are missing a part - its probably on another tab

Spoilers May Be Ahead - SCU and Miststorm Universe Tabs may contain spoilers for future products.

Citizen Dawn Original Enhanced Front.png

By the time she was in her teens, Dawn Cohen knew she wasn't like the other girls. Specifically, she could pull energy from any natural light source, making herself stronger in sunlight and allowing her to warp and control the Aurora Borealis as it glowed over her home. Her displays of power brought her much attention, but after being poked at and prodded by countless "normal" people, she'd had enough. Testing the limits of her powers, she found she could do almost anything she imagined. Flight, energy blasts, the ability to destroy or to repair using the sun's energy was all at her fingertips. The more she used her powers, the stronger they became, and the more quickly they responded to her whims.

She lost all patience for the "normals", eschewing their company for solitude, and spent decades combing the globe for a place of her own. She set up a home on the savage island which she named: Insula Primalis. Located in the frigid arctic circle, the island was heated by an active volcano, covered in lush jungles and spiky obsidian fields, and populated by all sorts of prehistoric flora and fauna. Giant, man-eating plants. Strange, skittering insects which defied all modern logic. Even dinosaurs - megabeasts that only survived to this modern age due to the unique climate of the island. She deemed this inhospitable land a place where she could be left alone. And yet, solitude was not in Dawn's future.

She was approached by other powerful individuals who had heard of the power of Dawn and thought her potentially a great leader. At first, she resisted, turning away all that sought her, but their words did get through, and she began to consider. She was the most powerful individual in all the world, and what did she do with that power? Why was she forced to hide away from the world, just because she was stronger? She put out word, sending her message through the world by putting her thoughts into the radio waves and launching information through the satellites overhead. The Citizens of the Sun, those stronger than their “fellow man” need no longer hide. Citizen Dawn called all such Citizens to her side. Together, they would sear the impure darkness from the world, and no longer be considered weak or strange. Instead, they would be as gods among men, and as equals only to each other.

  • Dawn grew up in Manitoba. Very pale, but never got sunburned. Very stand-offish, was "the weird kid" and didn't have many childhood friends. Hung out in the library a lot ("books are better than people"). Read lots of non-fiction, but not exclusively.
    • Other kids wanted to prank her in the library (jump out to scare her, knock her books over - kids aren't good at quality pranks). When they startle her, she explodes with the energy she's been unconsciously absorbing her whole life - killing all of the other kids and taking out a chunk of the library building.
    • Psych evaluation following the mysterious death of her classmates, etc: she wasn't "reliving" the event, but seemed more broken up over the loss of the books than the death of other people. Winds up sent to a mental ward for further evaluation. While she's there, some group of researchers had heard about her situation and come to collect her from the psych ward - cover story given to her parents that she died after falling into a coma.
    • She's now just a test subject, undergoing experiments to test the limits of her powers rather than being treated like the mid-teens kid that she is; kept in a dark sleeping tube most of the time, putting her under sun lamps during testing. After weeks of this and overhearing plans to move her to a more intense facility she decides to escape. She discovers that she can actively draw power from the lamps rather than relying on just passive absorption of radiant energy around her. Powering up lets her blast a hole in the ceiling and fly away, into the Canadian wilderness and farther north.
    • During this flight, after leaving the main landmass behind she finds Insula Primalis. Lots of interesting stuff, but no people (which she sees as a good thing). She carves her home into the side of the volcano with her power.
    • When other people show up to explore the island, she drives them off. She rarely has to kill people, but her presence develops a reputation. The rumors draw other powered people who go there specifically to meet her. She drives them away at first too, but she eventually softens on her isolation stance as she hears their stories that mirror her own, eventually changing to active recruiting. Along with this comes a change from mere isolationism to plans for domination and they start attacks on the outside world.
    • Initial attacks either to protect or free powered individuals until they have sufficient numbers to make more direct actions. Early minor comics appearances/teasers in last pages of another book, breaking out "villains" that had just been defeated by heroes.
  • First main comics appearance: crashes a Megalopolis city council meeting while other Citizens are wrecking the town (possibly non-canonical Citizens mentioned as examples of low-powered Citizens: Citizen Moist, Citizens Peanut, Butter, and Jelly roughing up some meter maids). She demands $5,000,000 in gold bricks with the threat of killing a council member every 30 minutes that her demands aren't met. She winds up killing 2 members (off-panel or otherwise bloodlessly, in the day of the CCA) before the trucks arrive. The Heroes are all busy dealing with the chaos being caused by the other Citizens. Once the gold arrives, she gives a short lecture/villain monologue about how she's got powers and if they, the city council, had powers they could have done something to stop her. She then kills the remaining members of the council, blows up the trucks full of gold, and she and the Citizens head back to Insula Primalis.
    • Follow up comics story is the retaliatory strike against them. This is the event where Dawn's game-mechanics flip-side occurs and the initial hero encounters with the various hazards of the Insula Primalis Environment. Heroes are getting the upper hand, defeating Citizens, etc. and this is when she opens herself up as a conduit for the energy of the sun (also mentioned that she already seems "powered up" since her last appearance - hint that they'll discuss later). The fight moves up to the volcano's caldera - fight with other Citizens continue, but she's just hanging out over the lava, absorbing more energy from it and continuing to blast the heroes. Her drawing power from the volcano destabilizes it, eventually causing the eruption. Heroes retreat/escape, assuming that nobody left could have survived.
    • Expatriette's first appearance in comics is around this time, but it's not known at first that she's related to Dawn. Art note that Expat's shirt is the inverse of the Citizens emblem and some people thought this was significant ("Was she one of them?), but was mostly conjecture ("Surely they're all dead").
  • Citizens of the Sun gone for a while, sudden reappearance attacking Megalopolis in force. Not there to make a statement like last time, but to raze the place to the ground and plant the flag on the rubble. Dawn is taken down, eventually, by a Mind Spike from Visionary. That's the turning point in the fight, demoralizing the Citizens ("What's to keep the bald chick from brain-lasering all of us?") as well as removing any buff that Dawn had provided. Retreat to Insula Primalis.
  • Next major action is the fight when Expatriette leads the fight back to Insula Primalis (see Episode 4), but that was after another gap in time. Anvil and Hammer (the coolest, charmingest, handsomset, awesomest Citizens around) escaped - Anvil has a long-distance teleport ability (slow, not Nightcrawler-style flipping around). The decision was made to split the Citizens up rather than keep them all in one huge, ultra-maximum-security place. Hammer and Anvil break Dawn out and, eventually, they set up shop in a Mobile Defense Platform. Dawn mostly stays there with H&A going on more breakout schemes or other "strike team" actions (this is their role in their VotM incarnation).

Legacy Wants to Remind You!

This information is from the Miststorm Universe, one of two branching timelines. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Tactics (and expansions). Prime War (and expansions)

Citizen Dawn has never been known to be brash. She bides her time, gathers her forces, and only strikes when provoked… or prepared. And she has been preparing for some time.

Now that a new source of power has found its way to our world, the Citizens of the Sun are much more active than before. Rather than keeping to their island fortress on Insula Primalis, they have been striking out, hunting down more power, and constantly harrowing the heroes who attempt to stand in their way.

What could Citizen Dawn be planning? Surely she has some goal in mind, but her actions only leave devastation in their wake. Someone must halt or at least slow her acquisition of power… before it is too late!

  • Dawn is back and doing stuff right at the beginning as a "primary antagonist" but has been gone for years prior. When she and Citizens show up they're collecting OblivAeon shards. Only has power to raise Pain from the dead because of both the Gain power boost and the OblivAeon shards giving her an additional boost. Now she's consolidating power in her own person rather than in a large army.
Tachyon Speeds By to Remind You!

This information is from the Sentinel Comics Universe, one of two branching universes. Products in this timeline are: Sentinel Comics RPG.

  • RPG: Suspiciously absent. She's not going to appear in either the core rules or the villain compendium. "Probably some reason for that." Some Citizens might be tooling around, but not as Citizens any more.

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