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Blinding Blast
Action: Whenever this attack deals damage to a target, that target gains two Attack-1 tokens.

Flavor text: "Stay out of this, imbecile. Your very existence is laughable." - Citizen Dawn, Lucky Shot #14
Devastating Aurora [One-Shot]
Action: Incapacitate each enemy character in Radius 4. Push any character incapacitated this way three hexes. No scenario bonuses are awarded for these incapacitations.
Flavor text: "There's no stopping her when she gets like this. Not that she's ever not like this..." - Expatriette, Sentinel Sagas #51
Healing Light
Action: Citizen Dawn and each ally in Citizen Dawn's line of sight regains one health.
Flavor text: "The brilliance of the sun brings vitality to all... but some more than others." - Citizen Truth, Freedom Five #35
Luminous Leadership
Ongoing: Each ally in Citizen Dawn's line of sight adds one die to all their attack rolls.
Flavor text: "We will fight for the Dawn! We will kill for the Dawn! We will die for the Dawn." - Citizen Hammer, Freedom Five #32
Return With the Dawn
Ongoing: When this card enters play, select a Citizen from the supply and place it in an unoccupied hex adjacent to Citizen Dawn. That Citizen takes its turn immediately after your turn. If this card leaves play, so does that Citizen.
Flavor text: "Though you have fallen, you are still of use to me. Do not disappoint me again." - Citizen Dawn, Sentinel Sagas #51
Searing Lance
Action: When you make this attack, you may reroll one auto-miss.

Flavor text: "I am not known for making mistakes." - Citizen Dawn, Lucky Shot #15