Citizens Hack, Slash, and Burn/Minor

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Citizen Slash.png

Name: Citizen Slash
HP: 6
Title: Nemesis
Found in: Baron Blade

Nemesis: Expatirette

When the pharmaceutical corporationebegan blood infusion trials, Jude Locklear and Alastair Daniels were among the volunteers. However, the trial went poorly. Test subjects all reported terrible pains in their hands. The subjects were recalled for new blood infusions. Jude and Alastair refused, having learned they could alleviate the pain by impact. The harder they hit, the less their fists hurt. They worked out their pains first on punching bags, then on brick walls. Eventually Jude's hands split apart to reveal thick metal blades, and psychic knives grew from the backs of Alastair's fists. Over time jude learned to revert his blades to hand and Alastair could dismiss the knives, but for both the urge to slice and cut was insatiable. Citizen Dawn makes good use of these urges, and named the two Citizen Hack and Citizen Slash.


Name: Citizen Hack